Imagination Is More Important Than…

When I was a little girl walking home from school, I used to play a game with the Universe.  No one else was around, just me and the Powers that Be, so I would use my imagination to decide what kind of car was going to come around the corner next.

I was amazed at my ability to create a red four door, a brown station wagon or a green truck.  Somehow I had this magical ability to create whatever kind of car came into my mind, just before it would appear around the bend.

Then I would contemplate and ask The Universe if I created it, or did I have the ability to knowwhat kind of car was going to come around the corner next.  Either option seemed too impossible to my mind, yet I continued to play the game, amazed how I knew what car was coming, or I seemed to have the ability to manifest whatever I thought about.

I am still playing that same game with The Universe. I still wonder how much I know in advance, and how much am I creating.

I have worked with individuals to help them change their thoughts, and thus change their life. We  consider what they do want, instead of what they seem to keep creating.  As it has been said over and over again, change your thoughts, change your life.

And I have seen positive thinkers continue to ponder over repetitive and challenging themes in their lives.  Sometimes the game keeps going one way, even though we have moved our thoughts in a new direction.

Sometimes I was sure it would be an orange Mustang coming around the corner, and instead I would get a Mayflower moving van.  And I wondered how I could be wrong…I was sure the Mustang was coming next.  So why did something else show up?

I haven’t figured it all out just yet.  But I am still in the game.

Sometimes I know, and sometimes I create.

The imagination and intuition live in the same part of the brain, so while we can know things before they happen, we can also create things to happen.

Mostly I am imagining the best outcome possible.  Sometimes I get that, sometimes I don’t. But I keep doing the best I can to imagine the best image possible coming around that bend in the road.

We are all helping to make this world what it will be.  We need to use our imagination in a positive way.

See how much good you can create.  Imagine the best.

Since I was that little girl, I constantly heard people telling me, “It’s just your imagination.”  With every vision, dream and knowing, those close to me felt it was just that, just my imaginative mind.

Then events would come to pass as I had seen them in my imagination.

Eventually the orange Mustang appears.

So as I think about what they used to say to me, about it being ‘just’ my imagination,  I can now say maybe they were right. Maybe it just is my imagination.

Boy, what an imagination it is!

Creating Love and Light Daily,
Cat RunningElk



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