She’s Right Behind You – The Deer Blessing

It was a Sunday afternoon and I needed some quiet time in nature.  The best and closest place I could find was a school playground.

I gave in to the shade of a tree, sat down and closed my eyes.

Only a block away traffic roared and all around me people were busy with Sunday yard work.

I did my best to ignore the distractions and sat with my eyes closed until I found peace and love returning to me.  Then I opened my eyes and loved what was right in front of me.

The ants on the ground were busy.  As busy as the city around me.  My peace and love washed gratitude over their little ant bodies.

I felt a loving presence with me.  I continued to look from the cement right in front of me, to the playground beyond.  I saw men mowing and did my best to feel gratitude for them as well.

The presence felt stronger, so I looked up a little more and saw more people.  I was about to send love and gratitude to them as well, but they were staring at me, and I began to feel uncomfortable.

I shifted my eyes back to the ants quickly afraid to lose my peace.

I waited a few minutes and tried again, to look up at the humans.

As I did they stared back, and this time they pointed fingers in my direction.

The peace was being replaced with annoyance.  Did they really find it strange to see a woman sitting quietly under a tree?  Did they find my cross-legged position with eyes closed out of place in their  neighborhood?

I stood up and avoided eye contact with the many neighbors now on their front porches and in their driveways, staring, judging and pointing in my direction.

And yet a loving presence stayed with me, even in my uneasiness.

Feeling like an unwelcome stranger I  began walking away.  The eyes continued to follow me.

Then someone drove up very slowly next to me.  They rolled down their window and called to me.

“Hey!” they said in a loud whisper, “Did you know there was a deer following you?”

I turned around full circle, but no one was there.

“Oh, it ran off when I pulled up.”

I gave a puzzled expression.

“Yeah, it’s been behind you quite awhile.  I came outside my house and saw it.  When you started to walk, it was right behind you, just inches away.  It looked like it was trying to get your attention.  It kept coming closer, stretching its neck like it was going to reach out and touch you.”

I thanked them and asked if they saw which way it went.  They pointed around the other side of the school.

I hurried around to the other side of the playground and looked up and down the field.   But the deer wasn’t there.

I said a prayer to the deer, “This time I will keep my eyes open.  This time I will see you.  If you will please show yourself to me again…”

Then I felt the presence.  I turned around and saw the Deer standing at the top of the field, next to the school building.  It stood regally looking directly at me.

As I felt the love wash over me again, I asked the Deer if it would please come back, and touch me.

And it did.  It came running to me, down the hill, darting around trees and bushes.

I held my breath as it was getting closer and it came right up to me, brushed against my clothing, and then it ran on.

Around the corner it went, and I ran after it, but it was gone.

The deer disappeared, the people went back to their yard work, and I walked home, feeling blessed.

It’s easy to miss a miracle.

It’s easy to miss out on the blessings trying to reach us.

Sometimes we have our heads down, and we don’t realize what is possible.  We get caught in our routine and we do not even realize the Universe has answers to our prayers.

We have to look up, look around and have our eyes open to see them and an open heart to receive them.

Maybe you aren’t expecting any blessings to come to you today.

But I am.

Today I hope you will see the blessings that are following you.  Open your eyes.  Look up from the things that are challenging you and feel the love that is always available.

Stand still and let your blessings come to you…let them touch you and bless you, and know I am sending my love and blessings your way today, too.

With eyes open,
In Love,


msclarkee 9th September 2014 9:20 am

Thank you for sharing this... Absolutely wonderful!
Blessings to you :)

Pat Bowen 9th September 2014 10:11 am

This is just so beautiful and touching. I love nature and it is where I find my greatest healing and solace. Thank you for having this experience to share with us.

Brenda Hoffman 9th September 2014 10:40 am

What a wonderful piece...and reminder. Thank you!
Blessings, Sparkles and Love,

cyndy 9th September 2014 11:25 am

I love experiences like this.
I can't resist. This is from
Poised to follow my guiding spirits.

Gentleness and Innocence

Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness
to touch the hearts and minds of
wounded beings who are in our lives.

Don't push towards change in others,
rather gently nudge them in right direction
with the love that comes from a Deer totem.

When a Deer totem shows up in your life,
a new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened.
There is going to be a gentle lure of new adventures.
There will be an opportunity to express the gentle love
that will open new doors for you.

FresnoHye 9th September 2014 3:01 pm

Thank You for the Joy! In Truth, The Joyful Cry! Since Having This Blissful Peace In My Heart, When I Hear Messages Such As Yours, There Is No Wonder Why. Thank You.


April Dawn 9th September 2014 6:07 pm

What a beautiful experience you shared. I felt the love and presence wash threw me it brought tears of love to my eyes. Thank You. <3


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