The Divine Feminine – No Woman Left Behind

Back in 2008 the Grandmothers came to me and asked me to teach the Divine Feminine.

These powerful maternal ancestor spirits were asking me to teach something I thought I knew nothing about. I pictured women running around with scarves, belly dancing and in general a lot of goddess worship that I did not practice.

I argued a little with the Grandmother Spirits. Then they asked me to take the shawl.

Not knowing what that meant spiritually, I went to my closet, took out one of my many shawls which up to then only decorated my closet, and I put it on.

And I felt a shift.

Throughout the day I felt more feminine, wearing that shawl.

And in time I came to understand more of what they wanted me to learn. For me being soft and gentle, quiet and shy, is my nature. But in my life, my career, my ministry I was using a lot of masculine energies to get things done. I thought I had to be BIG to be powerful.

Suddenly I realized I wasn’t being authentic. I wasn’t embracing or expressing the Divine Feminine in me.

In wearing that shawl I came home. I began to remember all the things that are true for me. I remembered the things that I love, that are authentic and real and important for my joy and happiness.

In wearing the shawl I am reminded of what has always been important for women throughout time. We are the caretakers, the healers, the wise women, and the heart of all communities. We are here to remember all that we have always been.

As women we are always doing so much for so many. And we must have a community of support behind us to lean on once in a while. This is where The Divine Feminine is very important to me.

I continue to listen to the wisdom of the Grandmothers, and I continue to teach The Divine Feminine, to help women everywhere remember.

And now I am inviting you to join me, or to invite the important woman in your life to be a part of a community of women. In my Divine Feminine Classes you will have the opportunity to come home, to find your own authentic self, and to be a woman who can create positive change in the world.

The women who feel called to work with me come from all different kinds of backgrounds. Some of them do love to belly dance, some of them go to church on Sundays, some of them do ceremony in a field on the full moon, some of them work in offices and others do healing work in their homes. All of them learn to love and honor themselves and their path first, and then they find it is much easier to accept the paths of others.

My calling is to connect Sisters around the globe. I am here to help the women heal, so they can turn around and give their healing to their families and their communities.

Women have been given special gifts of intuition, compassion, beauty, and the ability to love unconditionally. The Divine Feminine is in everyone, but those who came in the female form have the opportunity to fully embrace these gifts and share them with others each day.

And so, my calling is to help all remember their Divinity.

For my Sisters, I am asking you to remember your Divine Feminine.

I hope you will join me, and your sisters who are waiting to connect.

We all need to open up to our Divine Feminine Energies.


In love,

Cat RunningElk


Blu 15th October 2014 8:51 am

Beautiful...thank you!

lauriealice 15th October 2014 9:03 am

Thank you for this article. I have felt very much lately that women need each other to weed through some of the experiences they've suffered as I see so many unable to heal even with the meds given by conventional medicine. I believe this is much more common than anyone thought and its time to find our strength in numbers. We can change the future for our families if we stay centered in Truth, realize our God-given potential and our POWER!! heehee


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