A Parable For Our Times

Once upon a time there was a young falcon named Frederick who lived among those of his kind in the ‘Forest of Falconry’. Now Fredrick was known to be quite a reserved bird for someone his age. He didn’t like the idea of squawking about like some of the others young birds that flocked close to home. In fact, truth be told, Frederick was quite insecure around his fellow birdlings. You see Fredrick had lost his parents to a wayward wind early on in his life, just a short time after his hatching. And so, poor little Fredrick had been ‘winging it’, ever since, as there had been no one within his wooded home to teach him the ways of bird-dom. Consequently, Fredrick never felt as good, as strong, or as courageous as the other birds in the forest.

As the time came for all young falcons to test their wings, Fredrick felt more alone than ever. He watched as mother and father birds began to encourage their little ones to venture from the safety of their nests. The elders nudged the young ones, from their home branches watched with pride as they spread their new-found wings in flight. The older and more experienced among them guided and guarded the young ones should they meet with danger or adversity in their testing.

Fredrick watched longingly as one young bird after the other stepped off into freedom and soared into the atmosphere. He began to wonder if he would ever those heights of experience without someone to guide him. Who would be there to coax him toward the open skies, precipitating his own flight toward freedom?

After watching the others from his lone perch, Fredrick began to feel downright discouraged. He soon realized that he would have to venture out on his own if he ever hoped to accomplish this rite of passage for himself. And so he perched on the edge of his nest and prepared to launch himself into eternity. “Do or die”, he mouthed into the air before him. Fredrick squeezed his little falcon eyes shut, gathered his courage, and stepped off into open space.

As luck would have it, Fredrick’s innate bird sense kicked in as he clumsily spread his wings and for flight. He spun, and dove and tipped and twirled until he suddenly landed with a thud on the uneven ground beneath him. But Fredrick was determined not to be done in. And so over and over he dove again from his lofty perch, trying to create the same graceful patterns of flight that the other young falcons were enjoying. He noticed how the others flew with delicate balance and beauty upheld by the windstreams and air currents in their midst. But try as he might, Frederick continued to spiral and sputter and twist and tangle, clumsily dodging the trees around him until eventually landed bruised and beaten on the ground far from his home. He became disheartened at his plight and the apparent lack of grace which seemed to surround him like a rain cloud set to burst.

He let out a frustrated ‘squawk’ and slumped down, beak in wing, wondering to himself “Why can’t I be like everyone else in bird-dom? Why am I so slow and clumsy and out of control? What’s wrong with me anyway?” Fredrick knew that his lack of skill was not for lack of trying. Never the less he felt lost, alone and different from the others. And so he sat in resignation all the day through until the sun finally set behind the clouds. Cold and disheveled, he eventually picked himself up, brushed off his little wings and steeled himself for the long walk home. For he knew that standing on his own two feet was the only way he could be assured to reach his home again, without the maze of dizzying flights and tough landings that had encompassed his day.

When he finally reached home, hungry and tired from his exasperating adventure, he climbed into his nest alone and tired, covered himself with leaves and mosses and set about getting a good night sleep. Fredrick soon drifted off to sleep, where his weary mind began to dream and what a dream he did dream. In his slumberous wanderings, Fredrick dreamed that he was once again attempting free flight with the usual amount of frustration and discouragement, when all at once he was overshadowed by the wings of the most beautiful falcon his eyes had ever seen. This great and majestic bird approached Fredrick ever closer, circling and diving until landing on the ground at his feet.

“Hello there”, the great bird addressed Fredrick. “What seems to be the problem?”

“I am a failure as a falcon” squeaked Fredrick. “I am a disappointment to my kind. For I cannot soar and move and land gracefully as the others do. I am nothing but a clumsy feathery, sputtering mess.”

“Nonsense”, said the great bird. “I have been watching your attempts at freedom and I believe I have the answer to your flight dilemma.”

“Oh, please, pleaded Fredrick, with hope I his heart, tell me what it is I can do to become a falcon that holds his head up with pride.”

“It seems, young Fredrick that you have attempted to fly at half capacity. I have noticed that your wings are stiff and only slightly open. You see Fredrick, in order to fly in complete freedom, you need to use the full capacity of who you are. Let me demonstrate for you.”

The great falcon unfurled his majestic wings and lifted off from the ground as Fredrick looked on with wide eyed amazement. The bird began to soar gracefully and effortlessly before him. He made flight look effortless and joyful. Fredrick gazed at the broad wingspan and free flight of this most beautiful of birds, until the great being landed just as gracefully before him on the ground at Fredrick’s feet.

“You see, young friend, replied the great majestic bird, until you open fully to life and bird-dom you cannot hope to experience the grace and freedom which is your birthright. You must trust as you allow yourself to open to full capacity, that the winds that surround you will support your flight. For you, Fredrick were created for flight. You are a being of flight and you have within you all the tools you will ever need to soar into the heavens trusting that the universe will support you in all your life’s travels.”

A grand smile then began to move across Fredrick’s feathery little face. For he could feel in his young heart that this great bird spoke the truth. He now felt encouraged and supported as never before. Fredrick knew that from that moment on that his life would never be the same. The great bird addressed him once again, “And so young Fredrick, be free. Soar to new heights with the grace inherent in your nature. Allow yourself to open fully to life and love and freedom. Only then will you come to know what it truly means to be a falcon. Know too, dear one that you are never alone as you traverse the skies above you. For there are many of us watching and waiting for you to accept your true place within the ‘Forest of Falconry’ and beyond.”

Grace and freedom to you!!

Excerpted from "The Call To Awakening - Messages from The Cosmos"


Rob 26th March 2009 6:33 pm

I almost wept while reading this.

Nada 26th March 2009 10:46 pm



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