Awake and arise

Awake and arise! For the time has come to be that which you have been created to be; the Human Angels that walk amongst humanity to aid in the transformation that is now upon you. You have agreed to be on the planet at this specific point in time; in this Now Moment, to fulfill the tasks that you have taken on as part of the Divine Plan. It is now becoming increasingly evident to those in the physical world that which you have known in your hearts for eons, that change is upon all. And as the old outmoded structures and ways of being are dismantled you are here to help usher in that which is to come, the new reality that is taking shape even now as the old falls away.

You are a Wayshower; a Bridge Builder. It is your task to be an agent of change and to show that there is another way. It is your task to be the steady oak that weathers the storm, the one who models peace in times of chaos, the one who shines their light so that others can see more clearly the path ahead. You as a planet and as a people have come to the place where transformation is imminent. Have no fear in this, for just as the leaves of autumn fall to make way for regeneration and new growth, so too do structures of limitation internally and externally shift to make way for expansion and growth.

It is time to trust in your own inner knowing. It is time to trust that there are multitudes of beings in this world and the next who are passionate about helping you to release all that no longer serves you, allowing you to move forward on the ascension path unencumbered by the weights of the past or the concerns for the future. Seek to live in the present moment where all that you need is available to you in the moment. Trust in your guidance, your light and your ability to bring all that you are into the changing landscape as it unfolds before you.

You are not now and never were small, limited or incapable. You are grand beings of Light whose time has come to shine. Know that we are ever with you as the Divine Plan continues to unfold. You are deeply and eternally loved and supported.



Anne333 12th May 2010 2:58 pm

Yes!!!!!!! :smitten:


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Cathy is an Ordained Minister of Healing, Hands on Healing Practitioner and Certified 5-Path Hypnotherapist. She is also a graduate of Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy Program.  Cathy is a conscious channel and intuitive. 

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