It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

Know that you have now embarked on a journey that leads you to new lands of experience. The Solstice energies provided the impetus to propel you forward into new dimensions of time and space. Know that the place you find yourself this day is in a realm far different from the one you experienced only yesterday. For it is indeed a new dawn and a new day. There has been much jockeying of energies in the last 24 hours of your time. Much has recently shifted in your inner and outer environments although it may go unnoticed by many. We ask you to access the feeling levels of your being and become aware of these shifts from within. The external world may look and seem more chaotic that ever before, but it is a sign of this new day. Through chaos, the energies rise and resettle in expanding patterns creating sturdy foundations upon which to build the structures of the new world. Know from within your inner being that this is so.

These energies continue to merge and converge forming new configurations within your physical being as well. And as such, all that is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming is released through the cells of your body and through the emotional channels of your larger body systems. This process of letting go can create symptoms of detoxification and emotional turmoil, but know that this purging creates space to house the new levels of light and knowledge that are now upon you. Imagine yourself standing on solid ground one moment and feelings the rumblings of an earthquake beneath you in the next moment. Know that you are able to maintain equilibrium in these shifting times by accessing and connecting to the core of your Divine Essence. There is nothing external that can provide you with as much support and balance during these times as intentionally aligning with the GodSource within. Strengthen that connection in the days to come and it will serve you well.

Know that the new day is upon you now as never before. This is the moment you have been waiting for. This is why you lined up to be birthed on the planet at this time. Know that you have been preparing for eons for times such as these. We ask you now to stand strong in your divine knowingness. We ask you to practice self love and acceptance in all that you do. Love yourself for who you have been and for who you are becoming. Know that all of your past experience has placed you in this Now moment and it has all been perfect. As the new day unfolds choose how you will be present in it. Ask yourself: “Who do I wish to be and how do I wish to express my unique essence in these transformational times?”

These are challenging and yet wondrous times on planet Earth. Know that you are not alone as you traverse this new territory. Call on the assistance of your Galactic Family of Light who stands with you in this realm and the next as you step into the future that is now before you. Know that our love for you is without measure and assistance is only ever a breath away.



Rhiannon 23rd June 2009 1:45 pm

Complete and perfect. Thank-you, Cathy Olsen, for posting the simplicity in a time of upheaval...changing, shifting foundations; it's about time!


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Cathy is an Ordained Minister of Healing, Hands on Healing Practitioner and Certified 5-Path Hypnotherapist. She is also a graduate of Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy Program.  Cathy is a conscious channel and intuitive. 

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