Lions Gate Channeling 8-8-16

Human potential is heightened at this time as the Lions Gate aligns Earth, Sirius and the Galactic Center.  Direct access to “home” is made available in this now moment.  Philanthropic desires will arise within the hearts of humanity moving them toward “service to others” orientation in a new way.  The hearts of humanity will be opened anew to receive the flood of photonic light now entering the atmosphere on your planet.  The desire for peace among nations and freedom for all people will become the mantra spoken on the lips of the people.

Cosmic light filaments will meet the photonic light filaments within the bodies of the awakened ones and create explosions of consciousness whereby the eyes of the sleepers shall be opened.  New ways of being and doing shall stem from such expansion and the Earth Elementals themselves shall rise up in celebration of this new day.  As streams of cosmic light rain down upon the Earth they shall merge with the waters of the Earth creating a tidal wave of love never before seen on your planet.

The Crystal Kingdoms shall be activated as they receive the light of the photonic waves creating an explosion of light connecting the nodal points on the crystalline grid and reactivating the sacred places on the planet heralding the return of the Christ Consciousness to all realms and kingdoms.  There shall be no going back to the old ways, old thought patterns, and old behaviors as this activation occurs within the hearts of humanity. This is the point of no return.  And you as the awakened ones; the grid workers, the gatekeepers, the spiritual warriors shall be relieved of your posts as the newly awakened step forth with a new level of passion and purpose.

Pre-birth agreements shall become conscious to those rising from their slumber and they shall step forward with strength, power and conviction to take their places as new anchors of the light. There shall burst forth from these ones innovative ideas, intuitive intelligence and knowledge as they lend their expertise and light to the co-creation of a world until now only dreamed of.  A renaissance of creative expression and beauty shall move the masses forward as hearts become ignited with passion and purpose once again.

Celebrate all that has been accomplished.  Know that you have made the difference by adding your light to the light of a thousand suns.  You have made the difference by sharing your gifts and your love to further the great awakening and the birth of Gaia and her peoples which will deliver them into an expansive dimensional space where the dream becomes the reality.  Rejoice and be glad.  We rejoice with you.  Our love for you is without measure!

Blessings to you on this most auspicious day.


mdepasquale 13th August 2016 2:57 pm

Cathy, your message was perfect! It is just GREAT ! to see each soul waking up / being empowered to being who they are. You are right, there is no turning back. We are evolving very quickly & I LOVE ! it. We are all One !! LOVE LOVE LOVE ! MaryAnn


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Cathy is an Ordained Minister of Healing, Hands on Healing Practitioner and Certified 5-Path Hypnotherapist. She is also a graduate of Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy Program.  Cathy is a conscious channel and intuitive. 

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