The Inner Sanctuary

As time marches on and chaos continues to unfold in the varying systems of your world, we call upon you to look within. Know that your security lies not outside of you, but within the sanctuary of the heart. Within the center of your being lies a sacred space which is outside the realm of your third dimensional physical reality. The peace and security that you seek can be found within this space. Take time to visit this internal dwelling through the imaginings of your mind and know that it is indeed real. This is your inner safe house, your place of calm amidst every storm.

It is of the utmost importance now to enter this space and merge more fully with your higher self. Learn to commune and communicate with this aspect of your being that sees and knows what you at present may not. Seek clarity through this relationship, for it is through the eyes of your expanded self that you can see more clearly what lies before you. Learn to speak the language of your expansive spirit and know that these modes of communication are unique to you. Perhaps spirit speaks to you through songs or melodies. Perhaps signs and symbols draw your attention. Know that such signs may appear in your outer world or on the screen of your inner vision.

You may receive physical sensations that through time have become familiar, nudging you to pay attention, to become more conscious and aware in the moment. Perhaps you hear an internal voice or whisperings on the wind. Perhaps you receive messages from the elemental world; the nature spirits who are more attuned to Mother Earth and the happenings upon her. We urge you to ask for guidance and clarity, then be still and listen. Take time to go within and allow your body, sacred heart and spirit to speak to you.

These are challenging times for planet Earth. Many of her people are in despair. Many of her people live in fear and uncertainly. But you are not to be among them, for your very purpose in these times is to stand as a beacon of strength and clarity. You are asked to call upon the strength from within that comes from knowing who you are and whose you are as you forge the trails ahead. All of your life experiences in this world and the next have brought you to this now moment. We ask you to stand in your truth as never before. Do not cave in to the fears of a world gone mad. Cultivate the safety that lies within. Become the way shower you were meant to be.

Remember that you create the reality in which you live through the vibrations that you send forth in each moment. We ask you, "What are you sending forth into the ethers?" Know that it will be returned to you. We ask you to send love; to emit the frequencies of compassion and understanding as duality plays out its final game. We ask you not to be moved to outrage of thoughts of revenge as the manipulations on the planet and her peoples are brought to light. For all aspects of light and dark have purpose and meaning. That is the way of it. But this game has come to an end. Fear for one's survival and the giving away of personal power is at an end. It is time to take back your power. For you are magnificent beings of light; wise and powerful beyond measure. You have forgotten who you are. But it is time to remember. In the remembering you will gaze upon yourself and others in awe and you will wonder how this could have remained hidden from you for so long. But that is the way of it as well.

Before your birth into physicality you agreed to lose sight of your true self and your connection to Source. You were aware that you could not come in and bust a system of which you were not a part. So you were born into limitation with very little remembrance of your divine origins. Once you were fully constrained within the human design and had taken on the brainwashing of the cultural authorities, your task was to awaken from the illusion and remember your Self, and divine purpose. You struggled to open your weary eyes and stretch your wings from underneath the weight of your dense and all but paralyzed bodies. But you are doing that now, and doing so with grace and beauty as we knew you would. As you awaken from this dream others will take notice and see that it is indeed possible. As you break through the chains of fear and limitation others will follow in your stead.

It is time to bring heaven and earth together once again. You are the living bridges that allow this to occur. Return to the Inner Sanctuary for guidance and support. Feel the embrace of love that awaits you there. Feel the assuredness that all is well. Know that you carry within you all that you will ever need as you move through these transformational times. Open to the wisdom and clarity of your higher self. Return to your sacred center in those moments when the external world would draw you into dramas of fear. Your task is to stay clear, to stand strong and hold to the foundations of love which rise now from beneath the chaos.

We stand in truth with you. We are proud of you. Your task in this time calls for you to gather your courage and strength and stand as a beacon of light so that others may know the truth as well. We love and honor you our friends and companions in the light.

Ask,be still and know!



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Cathy Olsen

Cathy is an Ordained Minister of Healing, Hands on Healing Practitioner and Certified 5-Path Hypnotherapist. She is also a graduate of Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy Program.  Cathy is a conscious channel and intuitive. 

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