What are we to do in such a time as this?

In regard to the recent earthquake in Haiti and the chaos that is unfolding in our world I asked this question of The Family of Light.

What are we to do in such a time as this?

Here is their response:

You are to hone your skills as a being of light whereby you live within the state of knowing that surrounds your mental field. You must move beyond the mind and the limitations of the mental realm and open to the higher states of being where wisdom is always available to you in each new moment.

Do not despair as these times unfold. For you have been preparing for times such as these for a millennia. Do not lose your trust and faith in the Divine Plan just as it is coming to fruition. Trust and surrender we ask of you. Your higher self knows what you at times do not. Trust that all is in alignment and all the events which play out before you now are for the good of all. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the dramas of the 3D world. You know from your innermost being that the dismantling of the old provides the path for the creation of the new. Your people as a collective have yearned for the changes that are now upon you. All have made their choices in the higher realms and will take up their rightful places as circumstances continue to unfold.

Become the detached observer as drama ensues on your planet. Know that all is necessary, all has been contracted, and all choices have been made from the level of soul. Those who have chosen to leave the planet at this time whether through dramatic circumstance or slipping into the realms of death do so from a place of choice. So do not get caught up in modes of sympathy, sadness or angst as events unfold. Stand firm in your knowing and bless those souls for their assistance and part in the transformation of these times.

The planet herself is shifting and releasing and we are aiding her in this in ways that will cause the least chaos to the masses. But know that her birthing is upon her and cannot be stopped until the birth of the new planetary being is complete. Those of you who would accompany her into the new realms are those who have been preparing for this by attending to their own emotional clearing and release. What is accomplished on the planetary or collective levels must first be accomplished on the personal level. As you clear yourselves of karma, disease, limitation and emotional blockages you help pave the way for such cleansing and healing on the collective level.

Know that all is well. Take time to dwell in the inner sanctum of your heartspace and there find the comfort, assuredness and wisdom that you need to keep you centered, grounded and sure in these coming times. Your light, your love and your wisdom will be greatly needed as those around you are shaken into awakening and begin to ask the questions that you have been asking for a long time. You can aid these ones from a place of strength having weathered your own inner storms and upheaval. You are prepared. You have all the assistance you will ever need. Do not fear. Do not be in despair. Do not remain in the sadness, but rejoice because the first rays of the new dawn appear before you shedding light on the wonders that are to come. We are ever with you. We love and rejoice with you. Our hearts are full as we witness your courage, your conviction and the deep love you have for the Creator as you have volunteered to be here for this moment in time!

You have our love. Call on us. We are here for you!!


johneblums 15th January 2010 9:51 am

The G-ra-el-m of the Living Star "li-VE-STA-ry" gave me a vision of an angelic being as a hooded monk in a perlescent white vesta-ment walking among the people lying on the ground in the Port au Prince with an 'o-li-ve' branch in his hand. His energies carried the name "I Am the Truth :the Roze (GE-ROS-EL-AM).

A visionary message thru my LI-LI-AN VE-STA angelic partner of Li-fe and Li-ght.

missvindigo 15th January 2010 12:32 pm

Powerful message. :)

Thank you!!

k 15th January 2010 1:29 pm

In the darkness of despair one comes to have faith that the Creator is merciful always. As Jennifer asked in one of her recent posts...."do you see clearly?". So much of what we percieve is filtered through our own veil of misconception. "Change your perception and you change the world". When we understand this concept we realize the great responsibility we have in creating a better world with pure thoughts, emotions and intentions.

Magickalmagoo 15th January 2010 3:41 pm

Thank you, that resonates and is very reassuring. I believe it to be true. :smitten:

sprague 17th January 2010 8:08 pm

Thank you beautiful lady , love to u & all


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