You Have Arrived

You have entered a new dimensional space within the recent days of your time. The energies of May propelled you like never before into the new reality which is upon you. All that is not in alignment with your essence self is dissolving like so many particles of water behind a ship traversing at high speeds. Know that this is so. Trust that you dwell now in new territory. This is the territory of the expanded heart. This is the plane of existence where the essence of love will create miracles of manifestation in your lives.

Do not doubt your ability to create the life that your dreams would dictate. This is your time. Trust and know that the foundations of the new earth are in place and ready for the new structures which you will collectively build together. These structures will now merge and converge with the Cities of Light which have been prepared for you as you take on your roles in the new world. As beings continue to enter the higher dimensions, the vibrational realignments will become a vortex of creative energy drawing people together for collective purpose. Soul families will meet and greet each other once again as dimensions merge and the grand reunion ensues. This is the cause of great rejoicing in the higher realms.

We say to you, "Job well done." You have come through tremendous adversity as you journeyed through the shadowlands. Your light precedes you as now you have become that which you have searched for externally through time. You are the wayshowers; those who have paved the way for others to follow in your stead. Your courage, your determination and your love of Creator has brought you to the precipice of your new reality. The way has been made clear by your commitment to love and knowledge. We hold you in high esteem and would honor you for your service.

Know that this is indeed your time. So we would ask you, "What is it you wish to create in these new times? How do you wish to express your unique spiritual essence in this new place?" We await your creations and the joy that will now accompany them. For it is through joy that the new world will take shape before you. Creation in these realms comes through heart-centered knowing and aligning with Divine Will. This is the place of true co-creation as you take on the tasks of bringing into form all that has been held from you in times past. "What is your heart's greatest desire in this moment? How would it look and feel to you to be present in your creation?" Feel this fully and trust that all will come to fruition. See the smile on your face, feel the joy in your heart as you walk the path of Divine Inspiration. Know that as you wish it, it will be so. No longer doubt your ability to create what you desire. For the veils of limitation and confusion cannot follow you here.

All has been prepared for you. You, yourself have been preparing for this moment for eons of time. And the time is now. Trust that it is so. Trust that the Divine Plan is alive and well. Trust that all wisdom and understanding are available to you now and will guide your forward motion. Intend to align with your path and purpose and watch as miracles unfold.

We are ever with you, and as dimensions merge we will once again meet you face to face with tears of remembrance and joy overflowing!


Rhiannon 7th June 2009 9:14 am

Thank-you, Cathy, for the confirmation of energies we all have been feeling and the great news that we can emerge from the Shadowlands! It is new territory! At last! :smitten:

Rainbow Warrior 7th June 2009 2:48 pm

Although new I am so ready for this change to come.
It will be so great to share so many faces of joy as we mover upward in the new territory.


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