Are we there yet?

Frequency Bursts and Visions of Paradise

The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. There has been a sudden and quite apparent shift in the energy of the earth. You don't need to be an astrologer, astronomer, or even psychic to know that these last few weeks, between the eclipse window of December 31, 2009 and January 15, 2010, multiplied by the Mercury retrograde from Dec.26, 2009 - Jan. 15, 2010, have been quite a roller coaster ride. Having an asteroid near flyby, and more intensified solar flares, didn't do much to lighten up the situation either. According to the USGS, there have been seven major earthquakes since the beginning of the year: In the Solomon Islands, the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California, surprisingly even in Oklahoma, and the massive one in Haiti just this week. There has also been some pretty impressive volcano activity.

I am not sharing all this with you to frighten you. I am sharing this, because we need to remember that the earth is constantly shifting and evolving . . . just as we are. The only thing that is constant in life is change. We are all ONE with all life; just like the new movie Avatar so beautifully portrayed. Because we are so connected to each other, we feel everything that is going on in the world whether we understand this concept or not. We are all God's children. We are all part of God's life force. What happens to one, happens to all. The closer we get to the shift of the ages, the more we will manifest exactly what we believe about ourselves, what we hold in our hearts, and what we think we deserve. The planet and the shift of the ages is intimately connected to the law of attraction and the collective consciousness that humanity holds.

Because of the collective oneness, there have been some very interesting symptoms in ones that are empathic and sensitive as well as among the healers and light workers of the world. We have been feeling weepy and emotional for no apparent reason. Many people have been reporting feeling slightly nauseous, having a knot in the stomach and having a feeling of heaviness around the heart area. Many people have been having unexplained panic attacks, even in the middle of the night, and having trouble focusing. The energy has been feeling fractured like it is breaking apart. Many have been feeling a great sense of feeling stuck, frozen and unable to move, even exhausted. It outwardly appears that our motivation is on hold for a time. Many of us have gone back into our safe little cocoon. It is like were holding our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. I realize that this wave of symptoms is beginning to clear already.

The Star Elders say these sudden bursts in heightened frequencies are the cause of a yet another quick leap in evolution. They say there will be many more of these bursts, but they will be spaced in such a way that we can assimilate and evolve along with them. It will take some work on our part to allow the changes, and to stay positive while going through them. When these heightened frequencies arrive, the collective consciousness, all the way down to individual intent, the "law of attraction", becomes quite amplified. Whatever one person, one community, one state, one country, or one planet's core beliefs are, these intends will begin to manifest even quicker than before. Our divine plan, that we came here to fulfill, is happening quicker . . . though it may not be the one we might have envisioned. It reminds me of what John Lennon said . . . "Life happens while you're making plans." Life keeps happening even though we are screaming for break.

Just like the tsunami in Asia in 2004, Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, and the recent the catastrophic events in Haiti, this rise in frequency has fractured the armor around our hearts and has cracked us open even further to a greater level of love and compassion. It also cracks us open to a greater level of possibility. This fracturing breaks away the old paradigms that do not serve the collective whole, and our divine destiny. We are like the caterpillar which has transformed inside a cocoon, and we are now wrestling to break ourselves free. We feel we are like little chicks pecking our way out of the hard shell of an egg. But when you are inside that egg, you have no idea how thick that shell is. We might get tired thinking that paradise is so far away, when in fact, it is just a thin veil between the world were in, and the one we are about to enter.

I am being shown by the Star Elders, and entire legions of Light Beings and Ascended Masters, that we are NOT as stuck as we feel. We are actually hard at work in the inner realms. Many of us have already projected a part of ourselves out in the future where we are anchoring into the new world. We don't know if we are awake or dreaming at times. This world is feeling less and less real. The only exception to this would be in the sacred sites of the world which are becoming more present and tangible, because we are beginning to match the energy that they have been holding for eons. The movie "Avatar" furthered a collective realization of the ability to bridge ourselves between worlds.

This recent frequency burst has created a great need for the outer 3-D self to have more quiet time, and why we have been retreating into safe havens. This heightened energy is actually divine, unconditional love from the Great Creator of all that is. The stronger the energy becomes, the more we will have to let go of our walls, our masks, and our illusions. These limiting egos will be reduced to dust only to reveal massive realization of how grand and brilliant, and indescribably huge we truly are. Our walls and our masks have kept us small, limited, and an ineffective regarding manifesting our divine destiny on Earth.

I never thought I would say this, but I am going to have to give credit to Hollywood. I have always felt that the mass media, however unconsciously, has worked to keep us in fear and asleep. They have portrayed horrible visions of the future. They have created these films because we asked for them. After all, we bought the theater tickets didn't we? But since the worldwide success of the new movie "Avatar", the masses now have a glorious, beautiful, new vision of how a new world could be. It has placed in the collective consciousness that we are all intimately connected with all life, and that all life is God.

"Avatar" has also given paradise seekers of the world, a glorious vision to hold onto. Now we can collectively begin to create paradise, because a vision of paradise has now been firmly placed in the collective consciousness of this world. This vision is not just in a few of us visionaries anymore. It is now held in the hearts of thousands upon thousands of people who now crave a world of harmony. It is in this intense craving that we attract … manifest …that which we crave. So it is easy to come to the conclusion that if Hollywood is beginning to create movies depicting idealistic visions of a future paradise, and we are out there buying the theater tickets, (many times in multiples) we can deduce that we are getting much closer to creating paradise on Earth. We can also arrive at the conclusion that anything less than paradise will have to be given a major overhaul. The grand renovation of our world can become a reality, because we have a clearer collective vision of paradise. It is a big job, no doubt. But if each person did one little thing to help make the world a better place, we would change the world in a heartbeat. thump …. thump… thump. Are we there yet?

From a hopelessly eternal idealist - and just another paradisian
Aluna Joy


Rain65 20th January 2010 5:04 am

I like your take on the energy shifts we are going thru.
I have been watching chakras for a number of years and every time i have found a shift in peoples chakras there has been a planetary influence behind it. This latest shift is on a scale i have never seen before and i believe its the collective influence of the key planets that is causing such a major shift.
I have to confess to a discomfort with the term ascention as i personally believe we are evolving daily and if i went along with the ascention idea i'd feel i would miss so much of the here and now. A lot of people who are showing the symptoms described in ascention have had issues in the relevant chakras for years and the physical problems have become very real. So many have expressed to me that their issue is just a passing symptom of their ascention and feel no need to address the physical symptom. For some it does seem to be just old stuck energy coming up to be released but for many there is a danger of ignoring a physical issue that will have a detrimental affect should they not seek medical help.

Ron Laswell 20th January 2010 10:40 pm

No, Aluna, I don't think that you - or the other respondents are being "overly idealistic". Visionary? Yes. Able to look at what might be because you know it would be more beneficial for the masses? Yes. I have been this way for my whole life (61 years), and I still hold onto these visions of a greater future. I do find it amazing that the things being discussed are things I've been trying to explain to others for at least the past 40 years. Where I live in Central Wisconsin, all I see are people complaining about how their lives are crumbling and breaking apart, but they don't seem to be able to make the leap to a different frame of perceptual awareness. Those who are able to willfully perceive a new reality are few and far between. Not surprisingly, I do get a lot of people wondering how I can be so positive and maintain a sense of humor about it all. Open your hearts...feel...breathe...laugh...somedays I can feel my wings as actual buds on my shoulders. Truly amazing.

csavage 25th January 2010 9:29 pm

Thank you so much for this posting - I have been feeling only half here and you have explained why. I share your optimismistic idealism. I have been with three different groups I belong to in the last week and each group is focusing on creating ways to serve the greater community, with great new ideas and collaboration and finding a new way to work together being talked about. My heart is so happy to be here!