Are you Prepared for 2008?!

I wanted to pause and take a moment to thank everyone that supported me, Center of the Sun, and my partner Raphael this year. It has been a great year that has offered us wonderful abundance in all areas. I want to wish you all a HAPPY HOLY DAY and that the celebrations you create are heartfelt, healing, and great preparation for the wonderful times ahead of us. But I have to say that I am not singing the sentiment of "Auld Lang Syne" by saying goodbye to 2007. It was a heavy one. I am also thrilled to see that it is going out with a whimper, instead of an un-welcomed bang. But after all we've been through this year, a whimper is all 2007 has got left in it. It is so nice and deeply comforting to say goodbye to that "ol' nine" year. It has certainly been a year of completing, letting go, and facing the last threads of old issues.

December has been quite intense. It certainly has felt like a pressure cooker. I wasn't surprised as each cycle of time that we pay attention to builds like a capacitor at the end of that cycle. On December 11th, Jupiter conjuncted Pluto on the Galactic Center. I have to admit that I don't know much about Western astrology. But what I do know is that Pluto doesn't get along very well with my Scorpio. This followed quickly with a powerful day on December 19th which was 8 BATZ in the Kiche Maya Calendars. This day is a rebooting of the sacred calendar. Quickly following is solstice on December 22nd with a full moon quickly following.

In 2007 I struggled with maintaining a positive attitude. I know a lot of you out there did the same. Last evening I could feel the last of the energy of 2007 peak. I found myself outside of my house in my medicine circle building a small ceremonial fire. I found myself being called to let go of all things that had not served me in this lifetime and toss them into the fire. It felt like this solstice was the last of our dealing with old issues and programs. I hope that what I'm feeling comes to pass and that 2008 will be much easier and a lot more exciting. But now I know things are starting to look up. First the feeling was subtle but now it is quite loud. I can see a bright horizon in our future. I am sure that if I am feeling this, then you are to. I am sharing this because I believe that when we are positive we can and do create paradise.

Numerology tells us that the year 2008 is a 1 year . . . a year of new beginnings. Already 2008 is becoming a year that is proving to be very exciting with many new adventures in store for us. On top of returning to my heart's home base Palenque, Mexico, and the Peruvian Andes, we will also be visiting my old physical home of 12 years, Mt. Shasta. This year we add new adventures to our lives by adding Egypt and Greece to our travel schedule. When I thought about it, I realized that every past life memory I have had were in all of these places. I know traveling to each one in this year is really important for me. I know a lot more of the puzzle pieces will be collected this year and put into place.

The Star Elders said, a couple years back, that enough good people were working with the light that we pushed the envelope of our evolution by four years. Their prediction that they made 10,000 years ago about 2012 has shifted. As I write this, we are only a few days from entering into 2008. I am so glad I can't imagine what we could create in this year. I know great spirit can always outdo me if I give it room to create through me. So I am greeting 2008 with great anticipation. I hope you are too. So . . . Raphael and I send you a heart felt HAPPY HOLY DAY along with all our love and heart,

Aluna Joy and Raphael


netdragon 4th February 2008 4:28 pm

2008 was supposed to be like this... No surprises (at least in the short term). 2012 is still 2012 but if this year goes well, then we may be able to rest more between now and then. After a time of building (for the collective), there should be another resting/healing period leading up to 2012 followed (after the quick passing of years or decades in linear time) by another building period for the collective. The more we rest now (collectively), the less we'll need to rest later. We've been doing well so far this decade in saving our energy.

There is one major thing that is supposed to happen this year that are critical and if they don't, we could actually fall behind: Ending of western-caused wars. By 2009, we should be in the process of completing the winding down of wars that began in 2008.

Things are so high-vibrational, I would liken trying to follow the ups and downs of our progress over the next year to a day trader trying to judge whether a stock will go up or down based on their target and where it was in the last hour. Just enjoy the ride and focus on doing what you like.

netdragon 4th February 2008 4:31 pm

Clarification on end of the second paragraph: we should be in the process of completing the winding down of wars -- a process that WILL begin in 2008.