Dreaming The Shift

Way back, when I was still living in Mt. Shasta, I had a powerful dream that has never left me. The dream was so surreal . . . and familiar . . . and odd that I never thought to share it until now. Let's face it. It is hard for us visionaries out in the world. We are either labeled psychos or geniuses. But at the risk of either title, it has come time to share this dream now, because I am seeing clues in our world that this dream was not some random strange dream; but a prophetic one.

I awoke in the dream right in the middle of the grand shift of the ages. It was a bit chaotic, but also there was a weird and familiar order about it all. It felt a bit frantic, but also the air was permeated by a great excitement as well. The atmosphere had a purple tint to it that was breathtaking. There was a huge light beam coming out of the tip of Mt. Shasta.

I stopped and looked around to take it all in, and what I saw was amazing. Everyone was scrambling around in somewhat of an orderly way. I saw many of my friends going here and there. They knew exactly where to go and what to do even though we had never planned this, or had done this before.

I saw light ships . . . everywhere! I will not call them UFO's, because they were identified. Everyone thought this was quite normal as well. I saw a few Sasquatch looking beings walking around, but they were not wild beasts; but intelligent beings. Even odder is that they did not seem out of place either. There were many other animals that had long been extinct as well as new ones that we know nothing about; like small dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and odd birds in the sky.

There were also strange sounds or tones in the air coming from everywhere. Some people were called to these sounds. Each person matched the outer tones with their heart tones. The air ships were glowing with different colors and other people were drawn to these ships by their inner heart color. There were other people yet gathering in different buildings that had huge stones or crystals that they circled around. Each person acted as if there had been a dress rehearsal. Even though there was a bit of chaos, there was a beautiful order about it all.

I could see the dimensions blending together; the past with the present and the future. Anything that had been lost in other times or places was returning to the center point where we all were. I thought to myself, as I watched this spectacle of controlled pandemonium, "Could it be that anything that was lost in the past could be re-born in this new age?"; Lost loved ones, lost health and youth, lost abundance, even lost species, etc…. It was appearing that this was possible, and maybe this is why great losses have always felt so unnatural or surreal to us. Maybe loss, lack and limitation IS unnatural to us.

I share this with you, because now I am seeing tiny clues appearing that this dream may have been about our future. Find the clues yourself . . . Google it . . . Strange sounds in the air . . . Dinosaur, Sasquatch and Mammoth sightings; light beams coming out of Mt. Bachelor, Chichen Itza and the Bosnian pyramid of the sun. If these things are faked, it does not matter, because it means that others are displaying an unconscious reaction to a prophecy that lays latent deep inside, or why would they concoct it in the first place? BUT . . . If these clues are real, then the manifestation of the dream's prophecy is closer then we can imagine.

Then, this morning, the Star Elders shared this with me . . .

Once an egg as has cracked, it cannot be returned to its original form. It is at this point that the egg is forever transformed and destined to become scrambled eggs. Once the light of truth has made itself know to the unconsciousness, the old collective mind set can never return to its original form no matter how hard it tries to do so. It is forever altered by that light.

The light is the crack in the egg. The egg is the barriers between our dimensions, and YOU are the light that is opening the portals for that light to forever change the unconsciousness in this dimension. A dent has been made . . . the portals have been opened. The ripples in the pond are reaching out further than you can imagine. Each little dent, crack, and ripple that you initiate grows . . . Not because you want it to . . . , but because it is the truth, and truth and light adjusts everything. This transformation is now upon your world, and it is growing in a multiplying rate of speed. You can feel this now. So the light is growing in a multiplying rate of speed inside of us as well. You are feeling like you are exploding in an unstoppable brilliant star. You all are lightening up the entire universe. Now it is only a matter of time before all that was lost will return.

Our bodies are giving us clues as well. As these dimensions merge back into ONE, like a stack of pancakes, we will start feeling differently, and sometime the symptoms are uncomfortable.

When you sit and meditate, you may look like an exploding star! Some people say that they feel waves of being hung-over after these internal light explosions. We are seeing a lot of third eye headaches, migraines, neck and backaches, tiredness vacillating with too much energy. We feel flustered and agitated with tiredness which makes us feel overwhelmed (a symptom of heightening frequencies and magnetic storms due to solar flares). We feel like human Yo-Yo's. We can't sleep as well as we have in the past, and we have weird and sort of detached, nightmarish dreams along with waking up with panic. We are forgetful and feel, lazy, foggy-headed and hung over (more symptoms of dropping magnetics and magnetic storms due to solar flares). Other symptoms are bloating and digestion issues, lung issues like pneumonia and asthma, and even early menopause symptoms (a reaction that our 3D body is adjusting to the heightening frequencies). These energy rushes are so powerful that it takes our breath away.

Life may feel empty for a time, but this will change soon. We might also feel a deep unexplained feeling of loneliness. Out of balance relationships are becoming more exhausting (So what are you going to do about this?). All relationships are shifting, changing and evolving as long as we go with the flow. We still feel a bit restless and still look for new horizons or places to move to, although we seem to be more content now than we were in 2011.

Get help with your symptoms . . .

Some of the things that can help with these symptoms are massages, get more rest, hot baths and steams. In this HUGE energy acceleration, we need to rest to integrate it. Meditate and get your body emotionally clear. Detox your mind, your heart and your body. Pay attentions to these emotional and physical clues as they are all important. Know that what you are experiencing is evidence of this shifting. Watch it, and know that it will all pass if you don't attach to it. Stay in the flow, and remain un-attached as much as possible. Get out in Nature. Visit a sacred site or place. If we are not clear, we will attract issues to us that will make us more aware of this un-clarity. Stay in your impeccability. Discernment is good in any situation . . . but just following your heart is better; then you don't have to be placed in the position to judge anyone or anything.

For me, in spite of the physical issues, it is getting really FUN! We are really moving now. 2011 was quite a stuck place where we were being re-tooled so to speak. Now life is full on. I feel like since the arrival to 2012, I have arrived finally! I feel at home more than even now.


See 18th January 2013 7:55 pm


I had a similar dream in Nov 2011 out of the blue.

the earth was shifting, earthquakes and complete chaos. My family and I getting to higher ground in the mountains. We just happened to get to an area that was just us, as if a spirit helped us. As we look out the sky is a redish-orange and the ocean was rising so high and looked like lava rolling. God appeared in front of us and brought us into a cave. I felt peace and asked why this was all happening. He replied, that we are not living the way we were supposed to so changes needed to happen. I had a sense from him that he was meaning, too selfish, materialistic,sadness and not spreading the word of God or Love. He gave me a sense that my family and I would be safe and at peace while this was happening.I then woke up in a confused but peaceful state that we would be ok.