Energy Update 12th July 2013

After my last energy update post, I received a lot of emails. I am quite sure that we had a huge breakthrough on Friday afternoon (7/6/2013).  This sparked some interesting symptoms. It is wild what is going on out there.

People are having crazy, similar dreams . . . Like being in different modes of transportation (boats, trains, buses . . . even a UFO). These modes of transport had  no windows or windshields and/or in a deep fog.  In other words, we cannot see where were are going. The transports are going really fast, and they give us a feeling of being out of control.  Most people said that there was no one in the driver seat as well! Yikes!  Many people shared that they felt a bit freaked out, but also knew that they were ok.

How about all you out there? Anyone having transportation dreams???

Then last night, the night before we were to leave for Avalon, I had those horrifying frozen dreams. You know . . . Those dreams where you are frozen, and you are screaming, but you can't scream out loud or move. Three times last night I had such dreams... In my dream, there was an energy in the room that I could not see, but knew right off it was not good.

I screamed and was actually able to scream out loud! I was also able to raise my arms up and push the energy out of my space while blasting out a primal scream that would wake the dead. This is the first time I was ever able to move in a frozen dream. It was amazing and empowering! When I opened my eyes, and knew that I was in my hotel room, I knew this was a breakthrough of some kind.

This morning I received many more emails and replies from people that I answered yesterday.  We started asking what it all means and hope this post will spark some interesting conversation about what in the world is going on.  Since we entered 2013, we have felt that we are like rudderless boats with no maps and blinders on. It's fuzzy, unreal, passionless and frustrating to say the least.  I think that this has something to do with the dreams that we have been having.

So I thought about my dream and what it might mean. For sure I know that this means that we are more in control of our lives and our energy fields. Maybe we are starting to be comfortable, at least tolerate, this new unknown that is whizzing by us at warp speed. We are beginning to feel at bit more at home with this new territory, and we are starting to learn how to work with it, even though we cannot perceive it yet. Our minds have yet to build a frame work to even begin to conceive the massive new lands that we are speeding through.

But the best interpretation, so far, of these collective dreams that has entered my stuffed email inbox is this one.... And I love it.  She shared . . . "I'm thinking if we are all seeing 'no one in the driver's seat', that it means that the old 'Guard' is gone!!! like illuminati, etc....  Which fits with so much of the channeled info!  And we are in between, and the new leadership hasn't appeared yet.  But somehow we are ok!"

So who is the new leadership? Hey guys . . .  It is YOU!! And yes, you may not know what to do just yet. In fact, you might still be clueless.  And it is OK. We are speeding through into this new energy field, blind as bats, we know that we are OK, the outcome is OUT THERE somewhere, and we will get there. This is so huge!

The Star Elders have shared for years that we will be victorious over this temporary, transitional void and into a new age.  But what we are experiencing is sure not what we had envisioned. Life is not transferring to the next world like the plug and play technology we love so much.  Making plans with the mind is only partially working now; and creating/manifesting from 100% heart and present moment isn't quite there yet either.

We are where we are, and in this present void, there are huge clues emerging for us.  If we force creation too hard, we will not see these clues. Take it easy.  Wait for it.... Wait for it.  Look at all the things you thought you knew; look at them backwards, sideways and upside down until you find that crack in time... space ... dimension that is the open door. The Maya's call this multileveled perception... ZUVUYA.... to see shamanically . . . to see as a mystic, a seer of living energy.  Because when you find that crack in time..., You will KNOW.

So are you ready to sit in the driver's seat now?



kay 17th July 2013 12:03 pm

Excellent look at this present void. The odd thing is, it's not particularly frightening! Or needn't be.

Being able to move out of your frozen dream was a powerful statement of our ability to say no to this and yes to that. I'm using these words not because I feel perfectly settled and stable in the new energy, but because I want to, so I'm choosing to choose that. Words are the strangest things!

Thanks, Aluna Joy. I always enjoy reading your words.

Tiff 17th July 2013 5:57 pm

Comforting. Thank you.