Entering an Era of Living in Sacred Service

The Star Elders said that 2008 would be the year that we finally make the shift of the ages . . . a whole four years earlier than expected. This vision was realized! You have come and completely passed a cosmic crossroad. This was a turning point that was prophesized by the ancients. Your destiny's path has risen to a new level. It is at this point in time that humanity has gone beyond what your collective has ever dreamed. Your dream is no longer somewhere over the rainbow. You have finally begun the journey to the pot of gold you have been searching for. This is a place where light workers and those with unique gifts will begin to find home. You are arriving at safe a place where you will feel honored, respected and supported for your unique gifts. The world is waiting for you! Are you ready to serve?

This change has come to you because you asked for it. You have chosen the path of light. Tragedy will be replaced with miracles, separation will be replaced with unity, prejudice will be replaced by community. The new cycle of time that you have entered supports profound healing. You have entered a cycle of time that supports the dawn of global community. You will now come together in a sense of joy and service, instead of being triggered into action by tragedy. You are leaving a collective consciousness that was driven by the mind, the ego and fear. You are now entering a collective consciousness that is empowered by the heart, by love and truth. Trying to manifest, powered by past ways, will not be supported anymore. Force will not be supported anymore . . . only true authentic power will succeed. You are finally moving away from darkness and toward the light, toward unity and toward a sense of the oneness that makes the Earth feel much smaller, and your community much larger.

2009 offers us the promised land . . . a sacred space in which we can at last fully reveal our true authentic selves. It is the year that we have the opportunity to begin our sacred service in the Light with great support. We will begin the extraordinary task of fully healing ourselves, our community and our planet. You will find you have a renewed enthusiasm for taking care of your body. You will find it is easier to eat a healthier diet, exercise, meditate, etc….

Now that the doors have been flung wide open for you to be your authentic self, and to share your unique gifts, this new territory arrives with that bit of apprehension. You might think now that your dream has arrived, and that it is too good to be true. You are uneasy to trust it, because you are afraid you might lose it. You have been programmed to wait for the other shoe to drop when good things happen. You are worried that your dream will not manifest or that you might fail.

Your duty now for the greater good is to squelch these feelings. You must know that what you have worked so long and hard for is now laid out in front of you. This is the golden door that so many have waited for so long. Now it is time to be courageous, and walk through this golden door, and know that you and all of humanity deserve the dream to be realized. After all . . . you dreamed this into being. There is nothing to fear, because this new consciousness has divine protection surrounding it. It is your job to not let the dream fade, but to flourish.

"This is the time of awakening to the inner father and the inner mother. Without this we will receive no high initiation; instead we get initiated into darkness. That's because any investigation or revolution without God leads, not to freedom, but to more slavery." Willaru Huayta, QUECHAU NATION, PERU

"The first factor in the revolution of consciousness is the mystic death of the ego - the death of negative thinking and negative personalities. We must purify the soul of the inner enemies. Every time a defect manifests - envy, gluttony, anger, lust… send that impulse to the heart. Ask 'Do I really need to invoke this?' And then honor the heart." -- Willaru Huayta, QUECHAU NATION, PERU

This is the new territory where our impeccability, truth, love, peace, harmony, and profound sense of unity and sense of community will be supported. This will begin manifesting around us in profound ways. We are living bridges between all the cultures of the Earth. We are the unification of all the religions. We are the harmony between all social, economic, and spiritual classes. We are the ones that shift the negative projections of the collective consciousness into a positive reality. We are the ones that have held firm to the dreams and visions of a different future; a future based upon love and planetary brother & sisterhood. That future is beginning to manifest right before our eyes, right now. We are the ones that choose to counter balance, and shift once and for all, the fear-based prophecies running amok throughout the unconsciousness of so many people. We are the ones that rewrite history. It is funny when you think about it this way . . . We are the ones we have been waiting for. The world has been waiting for us, and we have arrived. We are our own ancestors returned. Are you ready to serve with the light within you?

The Andean Masters say we are!


liz 23rd February 2009 3:30 am

Awesome!!! So well spoken and so much truth resonates in my heart when i read this! All i can say is thank you, and so it is....