In The Light of a New Sun

We are back from Peru ~ but I never know why I title a pilgrimage the way I do until after the trip dates. Hindsight can be great confirmation. This was never more true than for our recent trip to the Peruvian Andes. I named the trip "In Love & Service within a New Sun". I felt that we were entering an era of deepening sacred service to the collective. I felt that we had already entered the beginning stages of a New Sun, but I was looking for concrete proof of these feelings. I hoped that Peru would give these feelings some solid validity. Well . . . I was not disappointed. In fact, I was blown away by the huge shift that took place in only 1 short year since our last pilgrimage. There is no doubt now that we have, in fact, entered a new cycle of time. What I discovered on this trip were the first few foundation stones for this new world we are creating together.

What changed?

For the last 15 years, I have boarded a plane headed for Peru without being able to feel the final destination. My mind knew I was going to South American Andes, but my heart and senses could not feel them. It felt like the plane would fly through a dimensional doorway and we ended up, just like magic, in a mystical land that was too beautiful to be real. It was too big and other worldly to assimilate.

This year was quite different. As I was packing up to leave for Peru, my world grew more unreal, and felt more like a dream or an illusion. The day before my travel day, here in Sedona, we had a close call with a flood. The locals called it a perfect storm. Our street became a river of mud and rock. It was a torrent of water that rushed down Thunder Mountain and right into our neighborhood. No one had seen anything like it. I could feel the energy in Sedona had shifted, but I had to leave for our trip before I could understand the changes. I felt like I was in a dream. It was unreal.

Once on the plane, I was surprised that I could feel the Andes. It felt really quite normal to be going to Peru again. I didn't think much of this at the time, however, once I arrived in Cuzco, it became very clear, that something had shifted. The Andes didn't feel dream-like or a mystical dream anymore. The Andes were very present, clear and touchable. Once we arrived in the sacred city of the Andean Masters, Machu Picchu, this sense of presence was very solid. The energy of the sacred city was really down to earth . . . or was it? I did not feel separate from the energy anymore. I could take it all in. The mountains were open and present and sending out incredible energy. It was wonderfully confusing to the memory of the past.

I asked Lord Meru what these new feelings meant. He replied, with his usual economy of words . . . "You can become ONE with the Apus (spirits of the mountains) because your frequency has risen up to meet them. You have awakened into a New Sun within your heart center." P.S. This message was not just for me and our group. This message is for all of humanity! If we are feeling this new Sun in the Andes now, it won't be long before the entire earth and humanity feels it to. Sacred site usually receive the new frequencies initially, and then this energy spreads across the earth like honey.

I began to watch the effect this new energy had on myself and our group. I noticed that the air seemed to have more oxygen than before. We didn't struggle with breathing quite as much as years past. I felt that we were being more supported by the new environment. It was less of a stretch for us to merge and bond with the energy. I also saw that we tired easily and took more down time. We were doing a lot more inner work than we could conceive of at the time. This was due to the fact that the energy was completely present, and there was more energy to work with. Once the group merged with this new presence, we took off and flew!

Soon it was clear that the group was going to dive deeper into the wisdom of the Apus than ever before. We bonded as family instantly, and we were completely open to each other. There was a profound support and oneness within the group. It was inspiring. I noticed that the attraction of the material world had much less effect on this group than the years before. Also, the number of energy healers in this group was much higher. Hotel rooms became healing rooms . . . and everyone was working to serve each other. It was the most hard working group to date! We were offering our diverse forms of sacred service to each other.

New symptoms for ascension . . . In addition to the LONG list of ascension symptoms that we have been experiencing for a couple of years, we discovered a few more . . . How many of you are feeling like your teeth and jaw are exploding with energy? Are you having weird traveling tooth aches and jaw tightness, and are your ears feeling pressure almost like an ear ache? Are you unquenchable with your thirst? This is the new energy arising in the new Sun. You can be helped by . . . . many times a day hold your jaw wide open to release the energy building in your jaw. Drink a lot of water with a splash of juice to break the water tension, so you can absorb more. Breathe deep and take naps!

The trip was over before we knew it . . . but oddly, we didn't feel the usual disconnect on our last day. This was great as the last day disconnect really hurts my heart. We didn't have the feeling that we were leaving each other. It felt like we were just going somewhere else for a short while. I asked the Andean Masters why this was so. They shared that we are not separate anymore by geography. We have a knowing of a new level of oneness. We have a knowing that we are all connected to each other. We have stretched much larger in this new frequency to encompass global community. Being one with each other is not something we dream about anymore, but instead it has now become a solid reality.

We received many messages while in Peru that we will be posting to you as soon as we can get the tapes transcribed (Thanks to Raphael). We also made 3 new essences in this new expanded frequency. We will offer them to you as soon as we can.

Great Blessings, Aluna Joy


Anantha 5th October 2009 10:34 am

thanku All

Bright Sorcerer 5th October 2009 9:07 pm

I spent a number of months in Peru, much of it in a place called Tarapoto, assisting in a construction project to build an extension onto a church. Even many years later, I am still feeling the effects of that magical land. You did confirm something for me, regarding the jaw. I could not understand why I would get a quiver at odd times for a few seconds - for lack of a beter word - especially on the right side. Because I assumed it was a physical problem, I didn't ask the reason why from my own Guides and Tutors. It only started recently, within the last few weeks, and this message has encouraged me to speak to my Angels about it. Thank you for posting this, Sister, and providing even more hope and confirmation that we truly do have some incredibly powerful Beings Of Light assisting us during every second of the day. Blessings, Nick