Lord Meru's Heart Initiation 12/12 Full Moon

*** I am going to leave the message received just as close as I can to the way I received it . . . in present tense. This way it will be just as if you were sitting there with us (because you were). I believe that what one person experiences on the planet, everyone experiences it with them. We are all connected within the collective consciousness.

The first morning at Lake Titicaca I had been feeling Lord Meru tapping me on the shoulder a bit. So I knew he had something he wanted to share with us even before we sat down. Once we had gathered, we called in all the guides, guardians and Masters of the group, and we asked that they be present in the room where were sitting. We asked that they put our circle in a bubble of light, and all energies that were not of the group was to be removed, and all energy that the group had given away was to be returned; so the only thing in this bubble was the group, 100% no more . . . no less. We do this so that the message that we receive is perfectly clear, and so we do not pick up static from life going on around us.

The message begins . . .

It is no surprise, no surprise, I am seeing a big huge heart in the middle of my mind's eye, and I am just going to watch that and see what they are trying to tell us about the heart (There were a lot of messages about the heart during this trip). I am going to ask Lord Meru to come in, and the Brotherhood of the 7 Rays, Archangel Michael and the Star Elders. El Moya . . . I do not see him very often, but he is wanting to be here also. And we are going to invite them into the bubble, along with Pachamama and Pacha Camac, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

( FYI … From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . . . Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. Pachamama is usually translated as "Mother Earth", but a more literal translation would be "Mother Universe". In Aymara and Quechua, mama = mother / pacha = world, space-time or the universe. Pachamama and Inti are the most benevolent deities and are worshiped in parts of the Andean mountain ranges. In Inca mythology, Mama Pacha, or Pachamama, is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. She causes earthquakes. Her husband was either Pacha Camac or Inti depending on the source. Since Pachamama is a "good mother", people usually toast to her honor before every meeting or festivity. In some regions, they do so by spilling a small amount of chicha on the floor before drinking the rest. This toast is called "challa", and it is made almost everyday. Pachamama has a special worship day, called "Martes de challa" (Challa's Tuesday), where people bury food, throw candies and burn incense.

Now, I am asking Lord Meru to realign our energies since eight people of our group did not continue on with us to the Lake. We are going to ask that their higher selves, with their permission, also be brought into this circle and continue on with us for the rest of this journey.

One of the things that I am seeing is this big heart, and I think that this big heart is us collectively. Around the outside of this heart are bursts of light happening. Sort of like fireworks. It is kind of sparkly-like fireworks. I got a feeling that there is something inside of this heart, so I am going to ask if we can go inside and see. Inside there is a big chair in the middle of the heart, and this is an ascension chair. I have not seen one of these in a long time. The last time was probably in Mt. Shasta, and but I have never seen it inside of a heart.

What they are inviting us to do is to imagine yourself inside this big bubble that is exactly shaped like a heart. There is a galaxy of stars outside of this heart, and inside is this beautiful chair. You can imagine this chair as beautiful as you want, but I see a lot of gold. It might even be a solid gold chair. What they are inviting you to do is to sit in the chair. Oddly enough there is one heart, and one chair, yet we are all sitting in the one chair. I am thinking . . . why can't we have more chairs so we do not have to sit in it one at a time, and they said "No, it is the collective us sitting in the one chair."

The Andean Cross

The Masters are showing me that this chair does a lot of things. Underneath the chair, on the ground, I see an Andean cross with a hole in the middle. The chair is not really on the ground, since it is in the heart, so the chair is kind of floating in the center. The Masters say that this chair will strip away all of your negative egos and negative thought patterns . . . all the things that you would like to release but keep coming back to haunt you. You do not even have to think about what these negatives are. You just have to give permission to the energy in this heart, and it will be done for you. You can give permission to clean out anything that is holding you back from taking your next step toward your mastery in obtaining your personal and our collective paradise. So what happens is that all of the negativity just drops out and goes through the Andean cross with the hole in the middle.

This heart chair looks very similar to the one that I have seen inside of the Golden City in Lake Titicaca. These types of ascension chairs clean up your energy so you can enter the higher dimensions. Of course, the word "higher" only works in this dimension, because when you ascend to the next dimension, there are multiple dimensions and there is no judgment as to which are higher or lower. But in our linear world, we say "higher". This chair simply cleans you up. It is almost like if you had been on a jungle trek, and then you wanted to go out to a really fine dinner. You would have to get cleaned up and put on new clothes before you went into this 5 star restaurant. So it is cleaning up your energy, because we have all been pioneers on this earth. We knew that we would not see very far down the path. We knew that it would be hard to plan our future. And because we are collected to the collective on this Earth plane in this dimension, there is a lot of gunky energy. What they are doing in this chair, is cleaning us up, so you can start building a bridge between yourself and the higher dimension, or the other reality that we are all reaching for. We believe this is a return to Paradise.

This heart ascension chamber is not just cleaning up all of our negative energies. It is also raising your frequencies. And of course, the word "raising" is kind of iffy. Remember, when you are fully awake, raising yourself implies that there is lower energy, and in the next dimension this is not so. So let us just say it is shifting your energies so that you will be able to see, feel, know, understand and grasp the next dimension that is coming. Because they say we are pioneers, we have always been just a little step or two ahead of everybody else. You cannot have a big ego about this, because when you look at the grand scheme of things, and see how vast and diverse the universe is, a couple of steps ahead of everybody else in the world looks pretty darn small. But we are still a little bit ahead, visionaries, and that is what makes us the ones that feel like outsiders in our families, because we are the ones that are pioneering . . . we are the trailblazers.

The Masters are telling me that they are cleaning off the dirt one acquires when trailblazing. It is just energy that is not you at all. It never was you, and is not a part of who you truly are. All these things that you have held onto, these negative thoughts or feelings, it was just your reaction to the collective consciousness that is out in the world, yet still a part of you. They say that if we, as a group, were completely unplugged from the collective consciousness of this world, we would be entirely different . . . because everything is connected to everything. Because we are pioneers, and we are here, we were willing to take on the heaviness, illusions and convolutedness that humanity is in right now. Because the world's eyes are closed, that affects us. Everyone had their eyes open when they were born. But as soon as we are plugged into the collective consciousness, we begin to feel the effects of the collective. It is a sacrifice that we all make to be of service here. So reviewing what this chair is going to do, is this . . . it will help us unplug from the collective even further, so we can feel the authenticity of who we really are aside from the collective that is all around us. In other words, we will be very clear about what is us, and what is not us. We can truly unplug from the collective and still be in a physical body. But with each step that we take toward mastery, we help the collective toward that goal also. So we need to know what is us, and what is not us.

Now I am looking at the top of the heart bubble that we are all inside of, and I am beginning to see a lot of energy coming in from the light of the universe. You know how the top of the heart sort of looks like a chalice? The energy is pouring into the heart bubble, and this energy of light is dripping down on our head. It is like golden beads of light on top of our heads. It is saturating us and clearing out our minds. It is coming down and clearing our eyes, so we can see our truth. It is coming down and clearing out our throats, so we can speak our truth. It is coming down into our hearts to expand our hearts, so we can grasp the magnitude, hugeness and beauty of what is coming.

This golden light that is now in your heart is spreading out like little threads all throughout your body. Because we are pioneers of paradise, they are thinking that they do not want to unplug us, because our job is to build a bridge, or create a path for others to follow. I am sure that everyone here has noticed that when they wake up a little bit, even though they do not tell anyone, they notice that their family and friends start changing also. We are building a bridge with every step that we take in our lives. We are the living example, and because we came with our eyes open, it has been harder, and ironically, more wonderful too.

What they are going to do is leave a little tiny chord connected to this big heart, with this big golden chair in it, and connect it to the collective. That way when this collective in this circle stretches out beyond this reality, we will begin to build a bridge for everyone else on the planet.

Archangel Michael is watching this collective chord and making sure that it is a one-way chord. In other words, the energy from this pure heart bubble can go out into the world . . . but the world cannot send energy back into the heart bubble. This way the energy will stay pristine. Archangel Michael said that we have caused a little bit of attention, and because of this, he has put little filters on the chord. This is a really important point for us to remember, because when we get brighter, we could attract bugs. We do not want to judge the bugs. We just want to keep them from affecting us from doing the work we came here to do.

Lord Meru and the Brotherhood are sending me their feelings . . . they know during this last year that there have been situations and energies that have tried to slow us down and stop us. They are very careful about sharing this, because they do not like to say anything even vaguely negative. But they wanted to acknowledge our courage, our tenacity and our hard headedness to not give up, because we have all thought of giving up at one time or another.

They are having me scan what we have done so far, because I must have missed something. There is energy that we have stored up . . . bits of knowledge, wisdom and energy through past lives, and we stored it up in sort of a treasure chest. This treasure chest looks like a golden alligator with its mouth wide open. It is a golden alligator, and he is opening his mouth. All of this energy is coming out of his mouth, and it is stuff that we put in there. In the Maya lands, there is an alligator mouth with a face coming out of it, and in Palenque, one of the more famous reliefs, is Pacal coming out of the serpent's mouth (Miriam, one of our group members, shared that the alligator in Egypt, with his long backbone, represents the kundalini energy).

So the stored energy is our kundalini energy. When we took on this job to be a pioneer for the light on Earth, we had to transduce down our energy just to be here. Some of us remember how it felt to fall here. Many of us still realize that we hold back our light, our power, because we are afraid that we will be judged, won't fit in, or be unloved. This is what they were teaching me about the 13 codes over the last 20 years This golden alligator is going to give us this energy back.

(Link for article on the 13 Codes

For now, we are going to stay sealed in the heart bubble with the golden chair. It looks like they want us to stay here while we are out on Lake Titicaca When we start traveling back out into the world that is when the golden alligator will start sending this energy to us. There will be no hiding our light anymore. We will not be able to shrink around others in order to fit in. So if you are okay with this, you give the golden alligator permission to send back to you the energy that is rightfully yours; this being the heart and the kundalini energy that you stored there. So again, they are saying that they admire our great courage, because to give up this great energy and transduce down our energy is worse than death. It is a huge sacrifice. (Those reading this could imagine sitting in a golden boat on a huge pristine lake to let this part of the initiation integrate with you).

So this alligator is opening his mouth, with a smile on his face, and this energy is coming out, and it is going up into the golden chair . . . and then it is vibrating into the body that is all of us collectively sitting in the chair. All the stars surrounding the heart bubble look like fireworks going off around the outside of this heart. Now I see the stars, these fireworks, as part of our soul family. They have been just waiting and holding their breath for us to wake up, all the way, so we can get reconnected to them.

This soul family is not our genetic family. It is not our soul family that we found in each other. It is the soul family that are not here yet. These are the ones you might talk to . . . your guides, your Angels, etc…. They are the bits of light that are all around this heart, and they are so excited. All our ancestors and spiritual soul family are going to be guarding this heart while we are out in the lake, so we can incubate this new energy in us. And they are going to make sure that nothing comes near us to touch it, or change it. And while I am at it, I am going to ask Archangel Michael and the Andean Masters to walk a day ahead of us, and make sure that everything is clear . . . the water is smooth, the rooms are nice, the food is safe, etc… (Those reading this can also imagine your guides walking out ahead of you to smooth any challenges that may lay ahead).

Now the Andean Masters and Archangel Michael would like to explain what it will feel like when this energy starts coming into our body. It is like kundalini energy, but it is not going up the spine. It is going everywhere in your body. What they are doing right now is playing the vision ahead to see how we are going to react to this new energy. So they can prepare us for anything that might pop up while this energy is coming in. If this energy was coming into one's who have not had the luxury of time to do a huge amount of innerwork, this energy would cause a lot of havoc in their bodies and minds. The Andean Masters know this. So they have gone around the circle to check everyone to make sure that it is not going to cause you any problems.

Our soul family are also working on other things right now. The heart is starting to look like a spaceship, and the golden chair that you are sitting on, I can almost see through. The collective body is almost translucent. Remember I told you that there was a hole in the Inca cross underneath the chair? Well, there is a hole in everybody's heart. Part of this is the missing energy that the alligator is sending to you. It is going to fill up this hole. The hole is everyone's commitment to making sure that everybody makes it. It is almost like you gave a piece of your heart away to the collective, because you wanted to make sure that everybody makes it. It does not look like it is hurting us from absorbing this energy.

Lord Meru says that the Earth is moving into this new energy very quickly now, the collective has absolutely no way to avoid waking up." It has been prophesized for 104,000 years that this stored energy was going to return to the collective of the Earth. We cannot stop it. Nobody can. People are going to wake up. They are going to wake up if they like it or not. Some will be in bliss through the process. Others will be kicking and screaming. But most will be doing a little of both. But when this happens, the little spot, which is the hole in your heart, will fill back up, and you will feel complete.

Now your guides want to help you here with them. They communicate with you in different ways. Quite a few of your soul family is very chatty. They want to talk with you. Some of them are quiet, and they only send energy. Some send only visuals or images. A quite a few have messages for you. So just pay attention when you are going through your day. Just pay attention. Messages from your guides could be little thoughts in the back of your mind. Because their frequency is so much like yours, it might feel like you. You might even think you are making it up, but the messages are going to be something that you would have never thought of. There will be conversations in your mind, and it is going to say things that you know that you would have never said yourself. But it is going to feel like you. That is them. Others, they just like to send impressions.

If you cannot hear your guides, another way is to talk to them when we are out of the Lake, the night on Taquile Island, it is going to be the night that you see more stars that you have ever seen in your life. And they say to just go outside and have a conversation with the stars like they are real living things . . . which they are. But find a place in the sky that feels like it attracts you, and talk to them like they are your best friend. Do not pray to them . . . do not make them higher than you. Just talk to them like we talk to each other. Just like a friend, just like buddies. And when you do that, you recognize the living essence in the stars, and they will talk back. Because they are using the image of the stars around the heart, they think that talking to stars would be a good way to help you open up to hearing your soul family.

Now they are having me review the situation again . . . The golden chair is almost invisible now, and I cannot even see us sitting in it anymore. The chair is now up to the frequency that they wanted to bring it up to. They did not raise it to its full frequency until they checked everyone to make sure that it was not going to cause a negative reaction.

Lord Meru is now standing in front of everyone as if he wants to say something. He is kind of a big, tall guy with robes. He has got a medallion on his chest and has dark hair. He is very somber. I have never seen him crack a joke even though Archangel Michael has tried endlessly. He is a very serious guy. The first thing I am feeling is a huge heart welcome. He is just so glad that we are here. He is glad that we listened to the call to be here. And there is a sense about him of just extreme confidence that we are going to obtain what we came here to do. It is just like "Welcome, let's get it done." There is no feeling of him being concerned. He knows that we are going to get the job done. He has not told me what the job is which would be nice.

One of the things Lord Meru is saying, which I do not quite understand, and maybe this has to do with the little stars all around the heart bubble… he says say that when we build that bridge and finally peak to the other side, it is going to change the astrology. It is almost like all the stars in the sky are going to change. And the way people react to the world will be an entirely different way than the way they react to it now, because the astrology is going to change. Celestial influences are changing. This is part of the trigger for the shift. This is how we are going to return to paradise on Earth. Enough of us are going to wake up that the energy that we brought from far, far away . . . a long time ago, just like in Star Wars (that was Michael by the way), will change the astrology and nature of our world. Everybody else will simply fall into alignment with this. And that is how we will return to Paradise, because we will bring it here. This is why they are letting us incubate in the energy of the heart bubble, because the seed of truth can sprout and grow into a nice sturdy little plant until they sprout. We are farmers of paradise. Now this is where I say it is getting really good. Lord Meru and the Andean Masters are showing me how thousands upon thousands of people across the world, that are part of our growing family, are doing the same thing. There are a lot of farmers of paradise out there.

So to review what has been done here, we are floating around in this big, bubbly heart in a golden chair that looks like it is not there any more . . . we are in a body that does not look like it is there anymore either, surrounded by stars that are actually our soul family, with a chord connected to our collective consciousness so that when we do jump forward, everybody else has a path to follow, and we are being guarded by legions of angels. Not bad!

It is very clear to me that Lord Meru is going to follow us out to the Island while we are out in the lake, but that is his home base anyway. He is going to help us be able to bring Paradise back into our heart,and to be able to grasp that ideal.

It might help to watch our video "SUN DOG DAYS" on YOU TUBE to intergrate before reading further.

So we are going to incubate this energy, and start putting things back in order while being helped by the energy stored by the golden alligator. They want to strongly remind you here . . . there is no effort on your part whatsoever. We just have to stay in our hearts and walk into the world, be kind to the people around us, be appreciative and grateful. That is it. We will be sharing the energy that is coming back to us, that we had stored. It is going to be as simple as being plugged back into our stored energy, and there will not be anything that we have to do to make this happen.

One thing Lord Meru does want you to remember . . . "Don't try." Just let go. If you try, you will push it away. If you let go, and just be in your heart, and have appreciation for the beauty and the view, and the people, and walk in the heart space, it will all come to you. Effort is you telling the universe that you do not have it. If there is any energy of "try", it is you telling the universe that you do not have it, and the universe is listening to you, every single thought and feeling. So just relax and be. And so it is.

(Some in our group asked a question about how will our families and everyone else on the planet, not on this journey, find the path). Lord Meru popped in and said everyone will learn to follow the right path, because it will be the only one that will feel good. Other paths will simply get too painful. All the other doors are going to closed, and the only place that will feel good is the opposite of illusion. People will find it because they will feel good. It is going to be really simple. They are going to be in so much pain, just like we have been this year, that they are going to find that path, because it will be filled with this heart energy, and this beauty, grace, love and peace. We still do not understand what this means in its entirety, because it is beyond the words I just used.
…end of message…

As we traveled out on the lake, we had the most powerful Sun Dog experience of our pilgrimage. Our hearts were so open so wide that it was utter bliss. When we landed on a private beach on Isla Taquile, and we took some time to bask underneath the indescribable Sun Bow. We made the Heart Island Sun Dog essence right there. I have been traveling to this little island for years and years. It is one of my favorite places on Earth. I came to understand that it is one of the most heart centered places I have ever experienced. The reaction of our group when we finally connected with some of the local people was a great confirmation for me. They were blown away by the heart to the island. I am not saying our groups in the past did not get it. But this group took it to an entirely different level. They really felt it. I know that if we can open our hearts this wide in a little island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, then it is part of the Earth already. It is part of the collective consciousness already. Love is the most beautiful virus … and it is highly contagious . . . and I leave you now hoping to catch a bad case of it.


k 13th December 2008 9:54 am

The search for truth and enlightenment is found by solitary soul searching and meditation. The process of working through the ego issues is not easy or grandious, it is heart breaking at times and it is a lonely path. The Kundalini comes only when you have great love and compassion for every living creature. It will only come when the heart has been prepared and is able to love, it will not come from a ceremony or from the asended masters, it all depends up on the individual who is able to to the work of soul searching and meditation on a lonely journey.

Sonic Princess 14th December 2008 1:56 am

Thank Aluna for this posted message - it really resonates. :smitten:

Sonic Princess 13th December 2008 7:09 pm

Not everyone who experiences the Kundalini is actually seeking it. Soul searching and meditation may be one way, but it is certainly not the only way!

I was catapulted into a massive spiritual awakening by a singular event, resulting in a very rapid, shocking, and overwhelming opening of psychic awareness and a new reality. It was very scary at the time.

The awakening of the Kundalini for me was triggered by a twinsoul. I did not even know what it was - never heard of it.
I guess we come to it in different ways, for me seems I did everything backwards, and then had to do a lot of exploration to find out what it was that was actually happening. :angel:

k 13th December 2008 7:28 pm

But, is it with you all the time or just during sex? The kundilini is the energy of love and should stay in your iheart charka 24/7 regardless of your activity. I had the Kundilini as a teen during sex, but the constant kundilini is with me now after 10 years of celebicy. You have to have a deep love in your heart to have it in your heart constantly.

k 13th December 2008 7:54 pm

Not only that, but enlightenment can only come when you know emptiness, as in the Buddha's sutra of emptiness. It is necessary to let go of the ego and the feelings that come from ego. As my Master says, "you have to let go of the small stuff so you can have the big stuff". When you do not hate, feel greed, judge, envy, anger, FEAR, etc. then you have emptied and are ready for the good things to fill the space, "enlightenment". The true connection with yourself and God. So, as a human, it is necessary to wrestle with the ego and overcome it's pull on us, and this is not an easy process. The dark night of the soul is that process and until you have known this experience you will not know your true self and know emptiness. That is the only path to the truth and to enlightenment. This is not the ectasy or temporary kundilini experienced with sex. It is the true connection with your soul and God. It is not based on things of the world. The process involves letting go of the things of this world and knowing that we are not of this world.

k 13th December 2008 8:17 pm

As a teen with my first Kundilini experience, I was far from having a spiritual awakening, so do not confuse the Kundilini experience with enlightenment. Beleive me the road to enlightenment involves so much more. It is a process of transformation, where in most respects you do die. You accept death and thus realize you are more than this life on earth, you go beyond. You do not fear death. You understand that you have been here many times in prior lives, this is just one more experience to work through. You know, your mission and let go of the ego related problems of this world and try to do the soul work to make that connection with yourself and God, as well as try to be a light to those around you. This is not about me as an individual, it is about the whole and our progress toward making this a better world.

Sonic Princess 13th December 2008 8:26 pm

It wasn't during sex - quite the opposite, it wasn't a sexual relationship -the soul recognition triggered it. (He came in only for that reason)

Since then I have learnt the hard way hard lessons in unconditional love. I spent a lot of time alone. However, I don't believe celibacy is the key to retaining that energy, for me the physical connection celebrates it!

But at the end of the day what is right for one may not be right for another, and as this journey unfolds, and the more 'I know', the more I realise 'I don't actually know!'. (hah hah, did that make sense!?)

I have learnt to stay as true to myself as possible, whilst placing no rules or restrictions and trying to accept what comes my way now.(Easier said than done)

Spirituality and sex are closely aligned in my book, I don't have the answers, but if you can find a lover (not neccessary a twinsoul) to unite the physical with the spiritual it can be magical, even if it is not for ever.. :smitten:

Bob 13th December 2008 8:43 pm

Kundalini is not sexual energy, although the study of sacred sexual practices can facilitate its release. When Kundalini is not active it rests at the base of the spine, near your Core Star, also known as your inner Sun. As Sonic Princess says, there are many ways to access Kundalini, and spontaneous release does happen. If the energy rises and you are not ready for it, it can be very scary. It can also cause a variety of problems, both physical and mental, because the rising of Kundalini is often accompanied by visions, vivid colors and voices, which can be mistaken for mental illness. Kundalini energy is powerful in the extreme, and the seeker must always tread carefully. It is best to get advice from an experienced master if you are attempting to release this energy.

As far as the search for Truth and Enlightenment, there are many paths. Just as we are all individuals, we must all find the Way that we need to follow. For some that involves interaction with others. Because although Truth and Enlightenment comes from within you alone, you do not have to be alone to find it.

May Spirit always guide you in your search, and Light illuminate your Way.



Rhiannon 13th December 2008 9:03 pm

These comments...so captured are we in the "way" we get to the point of accessing our Kundalini, (k)....Aheem, this state defies any set of rules. My awakening was on my first Qabala joruney to Kether...then (next day) a 10 foot snake was trapped in my basement...cornered by my cats. I need extreme visual cues, I guess. The Kundalini energy was something I knew/know I had been waiting lifetimes for. Let's not start defining "time" in 3-D linarity, now. So how long did ya have to meditate?? Love and Light Only. :) And no to the sex at the same time thing, but what an orgasam...felt like the top of my head blew off. Many ways to the same path or something like that...noglass knows.

k 13th December 2008 10:35 pm

I beg to differ, the energy stays in the heart chakra, from there it can go up or down, but the chi energy is of the heart and is felt as a result of unconditional love. This I know because of my heart wisdom and has been verified by the research I have done. This is the absolute truth. Karla Dressel MD

k 13th December 2008 10:49 pm

and the Kundilini is always active in my heart without sex. It is always there. Out the front of my chest and out the back of my chest. It can go up or down, but it always stays in my chest. As I deal with patients the energy can be stronger of lighter, but it is always there and the people around me are aware of it and they are happy and laugh a lot. Nothing comes without a price. To have a true connection with God, a person has to search their soul and purify their heart and become a human of good quality. That is absolutly manditory for true enlightenment. There are no short cuts. The heart has to be pure, then the energy is with you always and can spin out of your hands and feet to heal the earth and the people around you. But you have to have a pure heart and not have entertainment goals in mind.

k 13th December 2008 11:05 pm

Actually the energy started after about 5 weeks of yoga, but the unconditional love and dark night of the soul was present about 40 years before I started the yoga. It started in my hands with the energy ball, then went up my arms and arcoss my shoulders, then to my heart chakra where it stays all of the time, but it can be extended with intention. At times it is a whirling sensation out of my feet and hands. As Carolyn Myss reveals, the life of a mystic is not an easy one, you may find yourself very alone, like you are an alien and no one understands you and you do not feel a connection with anyone. I only feel a close connection with my Master and my dogs. The energy is intensifing and I know changes are occuring, but I do not know what to think about it all yet. I am slow on the uptake.

k 13th December 2008 11:36 pm

Yes the chi energy can cause confusion. It was my first metaphysical experience and I walked around in confusion for about 10 days. But, God will not put anything on us that we are not ready to understand. Fortunately I had a yoga master at the time who spent time with me to help me understand what was happening. He tranfered a lot of wisdom to me in the short time he was with me. The last time I saw him, I had traveled to Chicago to be with him when he opened his yoga center, he told me on our last parting that our paths will cross again, and I know they will. Bsically, I want to impart the knowledge that true love is not sexual. It does not have entertainment connected with it. It comes from a pure heart filled with compassion and understanding. It is not what we hope to gain from the interaction, but what we have to give that will make that person more connected to God and their selves. We all have a soul journey, as we climb and look back do we feel compelled to lend a helping hand even if it causes us delay and hardship? Do we only keep sight of the goal and ignor others?

Bob 14th December 2008 12:00 am

I am not here to argue with you, doctor. That is not my intention. I also have been alive in this cycle for many decades, and I am still constantly learning. Each of us must act in accord with our chosen path and see with our own vision. The fourth Chakra contains enormous energy. I will say that the energy you describe sounds very similar to the Life energy that I channel and have experience with. You have a great gift, and I honor you for using it to help others.

But for the benefit of others, I feel the need to make another comment about Kundalini energy. As a healer I am concerned that people understand the seriousness of what they are doing when they seek the release of this energy. Even done in gradual stages, the raising of the vibrational rate of the energy body can cause a great deal of discomfort for the physical. Please believe me, as I am speaking from personal experience. And I have had the benefit of the help of very compassionate and wise people along my path. In the early stages of my progress I experienced severe migraine headaches and many other physical symptoms as my body adjusted to be able to hold the higher energies. Even with all my progress the Ascension energies pouring into the world cause physical distress. I take regular healing sessions for myself, and I am always having to adjust my diet to help ease these problems.

Please be careful. Once the Kundalini is activated you may not be able to stop or turn it off if you find the experience unpleasant. Seek out advice from someone you can trust. If you would like to read about some problems that can be encountered with Kundalini, I am including a link for you:




k 14th December 2008 12:18 am

No problems believe me, this has been with me for almost a year now. I am becoming familiar with the metaphysical. I have a Tibetian Master who actually has telepathy and remote veiwing skills, he sees auras, future and past lives and angels, he is my anchor. I don't dance around in the nude anymore though. He is very compassionate, and I love him very much. You know you have to keep your thoughts pure, because if they are not he will point out your faults in the evening meditation. He seems to know all things, but he is so full of joy and has a playfullness about him that makes a person happy just to be around him. He is very much an angel here on earth. I am very fortunate to have him in my life. It took me a while to find him, but when I went into his office I cryed. I tryed to understand the reason for the tears, but finally I realized they were tears of releif. I had finally found home. The third eye, the Kundilini all the magical things we were told not to believe in as a child, are an open world for me to explore, because all I have to do is follow my Master's footsteps

Sonic Princess 14th December 2008 1:48 am

Yes I agree with you Bob, some really great advice there. :thumbs: I experienced some of the discomfort you mentioned.

Iesha 14th December 2008 2:09 am

What a wonderful article, I had been talking about much of this with with a new found friend just today.

I noticed all the comments on the article and didn't see anyone mention that being in the Higher realm/energy is all about NEW/higher vibrations and healing is lower energy consciousness. Wellness is the NEW energy not healing as we have never been sick in the first place, it is only the consciousness within that subscribes to illness. As long as one is stuck on illness and the need for healing they will be in lower energy. A thought on the Bible and what is said ascribed to Archangel Michael " So a Man thinketh so he is"

Rhiannon 14th December 2008 8:59 am

Of course it stays in the heart chakra...after "initiation". I believe you are reading too much into the unsaid. Some are not trying to write a book here. Research is the core for all of us. And personal experience is the only rule. :)

Bob 14th December 2008 2:35 pm

I have heard this opinion expressed, that healing the physical body involves old lower energies. I believe that this misunderstanding comes about because the purpose of our life adventure is not fully understood by some. It is true that our Spirit is perfect, and that we are supported in Spirit with perfect abundance. We should therefore be able to simply access that perfection with the energy of our thoughts. That is the theory, and indeed some people can do this. For the rest of us, our planned experiences involve various degrees of health or illness, and that will continue for many even into the Ascension. In fact, healing has become even more important because of the Ascension energies.

There are no new or old energies. There are just energies of varying frequencies. And as the Ascension comes closer more of these higher frequency energies are entering our world.

The physical body is an amazing creation. If "the body is the temple of the soul" then it is a wonderful structure that gives abundant credit to All That Is. And it would have to be, because that part of the Spirit that inhabits the physical body is just as perfect and high in vibration/frequency as that part of the Spirit that remains in the higher realm. Energy healing treats the body with those frequencies of energy that are needed to help the body heal. These frequencies are no lower or no higher than what is needed at the time. Sometimes these energies can be very high indeed. Both healer and client are sometimes treated to fantastic sensations of heat, cold, vibration, and even visual and auditory displays as work is being done. No one who has experienced this could shrug off physical healing as simply involving old lower energies.



Rhiannon 14th December 2008 8:27 pm

Thanks, Bob! Just a P.S. to add...some of the souls whose primary purpose here (in 3-D linear time)is to be a healer, have at one point (past in 3-D L.T.) self-created illness for learning. What could have been simple to release has becomed ingrained over time, becomming the challange of all challanges. And yes! some souls are Ascending with these challanges on board. Do I think that the energy of the state of Ascension will alter these "self-created" challanges? That is the open door in the quantum reality of the "Merkaba Body". Move on through all the lies of duality to the golden throne of your Christ-self. Love and Light

Sonic Princess 14th December 2008 8:41 pm

K, I don't confuse the Kundilini experience with enlightenment, but the experience was part of my journey- and believe it or not I actually did for a moment last year get to an ever higher level of conciousness than that, again triggered by an external event, and to be honest it was not very pleasant - Damn frightening actually. I had A LOT of resistance. Like you, I know the 'death' or transitional process well.

But enlightenment now is just a part of me, it is not defining of who I actually am.

Thank you for all your posts, I have to say this has been a great thread! There is no right and wrong, and it's alway great to hear other peoples experiences and perspectives. You sound like you have had an amazing journey as well :) :angel:

Bob 14th December 2008 10:31 pm

I also appreciate the conversation, truly I do. Writing is unavoidably a more solitary pursuit. When I am functioning in my role as healer/teacher with my clients I seldom have the chance to engage in an exchange of learning conversations.

I have been on the earth for a number of decades in this cycle, and I have, as they say, a great deal of 'real world' experience with the human condition. And although I have had an unusually strong connection with the mystical since childhood, (Seeing and feeling spirit forms, moving suddenly into different times, etc.) it was the aftermath of a near fatal illness that finally brought me firmly onto the path of healer. Now, I find the joy and beauty of this path to be wonderful and humbling.

We are all One. We are all perfect and beautiful manifestations of the Ultimate Light, having a myriad of physical adventures.

Blessings, Joy and Light!


cris heart 15th December 2008 3:53 am

I read all the comments and it really nice comments but they missed the real essence of the experience. It all about the collective consciousness. And the collective consciousness is full FEAR, lots of deanial. Our Ego is demon or evil in us. In order to tame the ego we need to do the inner cleansing, consistent in practicing our spirituality 24/7, unconditional love for self and others, forgivenessand constant acknowledgement of the presence of the supreme GOD.

Rhiannon 15th December 2008 8:17 am

Discernment...between the collective consciousness and the individual is key. Control of the individual thought process within the mind (an ego manisfestation) is the secret to removal of the fear element. What is there to fear but fear itself? Never a healthy endeavor for self, collective or gaia. The supreme God transmutes fear. Thanks for all the interesting posts! Love and Light

lrm 16th December 2008 1:52 pm

I cannot speak for sonic princess,but i had a kundalini awakening as a result of a 'twin soul' meeting,which was a 20 minute chance meeting on a curb at the airport,at 8:30 in the morning! IT has/had nothing to do with sex [although sex is also a great tool,which we already know...]. In fact,I was happily married with a young child and had no intention of meeting anyone. I was already on a life long spiritual path,but was unfamiliar with a 'twin soul'. Changed my life and advanced my awareness.
At any rate,I mention this b/c as has been said,kundalini awakening can come in many guises.

What I most want to add,is that the posts here seem to miss the fact that kundalini is not a 'one time event',just as enlightenment is not a 'single event'. There are more potent singular experiences than others,but it's truly a concept that we have put a label on,when in reality it is [cliche as it is]a journey.

Physical awakening can come through in a craniosacral therapy session,while receiving acupunture,taking a bath or any number of possiblities,aside from the already mentioned meditation

Bob 16th December 2008 8:27 pm

Not all energy 'events' are Kundalini rising. Kundalini is a very powerful and specific energy form. And we here in the West simply are not as familiar with it as some Eastern cultures are. It's the same with consciousness awakening. Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Enlightened One, the Buddha, had many consciousness awakenings, mini-enlightenments if you will, before he became fully Awake. In Zen Buddhism and other spiritual practices a student may experience many of these smaller enlightenments through meditation, the traditional teaching riddles, called koans, and other methods, just as you mentioned.

It is a fascinating and exciting adventure we are having! No need to rush.



karuoun 5th January 2010 7:19 am

Have you ever heard of a female avatar for Meru, or any sort of feminine Meru?