Solar Flares Assist in our Ascension

We have had four Class X solar flares in a couple of short days. These are powerful very flares. (for the basics about solar flares, google it, or go to We feel solar flares just as they burst from the sun. Our technology feels the magnetic pulse about 48 hours after the solar explosion. This is so, because humanity is connected to everyone and everything in the universe, and our technology is not. As above, so is below. Humanity is ONE.

Today my heart is racing, my head is aching, and I am writing this from my cozy, pillow filled bed with my iPad. Many of you out there are having a huge range of odd symptoms, that by now I am sure you are all painfully aware of. But read on.... There is a reason for these events and our reactions to them. Remember . . . you are a spiritual being in an all too HUMAN body that is evolving and ascending.

The Star Elders say that these pulses of light (that we feel instantly), which are also infused with magnetic energy (that we feel 48 hours later), are part of the divine plan. With these multiple, layered flares, we are being infused and saturated with new light from a new paradigm. At least for now, we are not getting a break as this is the final stretch of a very long journey. These solar pulses stretch us beyond the form we are familiar or comfortable with. This is a part of the ascension process. When we can hold no more light, we feel like we are pushed to the very edge and feel like we could explode. These pulses of light are the framework for the new world we building. Only then, the following magnetic pulse helps us release all that is not needed for our future. The magnetic pulses bring up to the surface everything that does not fit within the collective divine plan. We purge, detox, and let go and surrender from our body, mind and spirit. This purging creates more space for more light.

Now the odd thing is that we are going through this ascension process all the while the outer world seems to be clicking along like business as usual. We didn't expect this. Yet inside our hearts, we feel like something big has changed within us, and the world feels very surreal. But if you look closely, you will see this shift in nearly everyone's eyes. You might see people with the subtle stunned look, with eyes like a deer caught in the head lights. Others will over compensate by being overly happy and enthusiastic, because they can't admit they are feeling strange to say the least. Then there are those that are agitated and rushing around like they can outrun this wave of light. Then there are those that are still in full on denial. Don't worry . . . they will catch up quickly. And lastly there is the rare few that have already arrived at the finish line, and the rest are only a heart beat behind them.

The Star Elders say it does not matter what you do now. You can try out all of the avoidances above, but you can not avoid, deny or out run this rush of light that we are in now. At least for now, we have no space in between flares to ground ourselves and rebalance. We planned it this way, because we knew our body (that holds history and memory) would run the other way like our life depended on it. This is the old fight or flight memory that we will no longer need in the new world. Just when we have a bit of space to begin to face our purging shadow side, another pulse of light (solar flare) slams into us, thus not allowing us to retract back into a more comfortable and familiar territory.

How to deal with pulses... Simple... Let GO and let GOD emerge from inside of you. I laugh now as the Star Elders show me that old gory scene from the movie Aliens. Yeah... Their sense of humor keeps me going, along with the support of all of you out there. The world is pretty strange right now. We don't know which way is up and its ok. We are being called back to basics, the core of spiritual truths and crave a return to a simple life. And what we thought the ascension might be is not quite how it is showing up. The Star Elders have always told me that when we arrive, there are going to be some great surprises. Well... "Surprise!"

So just breathe and know that we are being protected and fiercely guarded by a divine plan set into action. Our star family is watching over us, as we transform quickly into something we can't even envision now. So breathe, get yourself grounded as much as possible, and hang out with like frequency soul family. We are going to survive, there is no doubt, and we will have the surprised of a life time together.

Song for the day... Send Somebody... Colin Hay. P.S. that somebody is the God in us!


Emma852013 17th May 2013 9:28 am

I haven't even finished reading your message when I just felt that I had to say this. This is Exactly what Im experiencing now thank you a million times! The world seems unreal, like im walking in a dream like state. And people have been giving me the oddest looks ;D and Ive been wondering if it was because I was wobbling or something (Ive been feeling so much energy as if my body is at times almost bursting but that is not quite the word either) but my partner has told me that Im doing no such thing (I can FEEL it though even as Im writing these words) I totally saw a woman blaring at me yesterday like she was a deer in the headlight and I (just for fun and gently) stared back at her because it was as if she didn't even realize it (as if she was hypnotized or something). Than today ive also received the weirest looks from people not really directed at me but it is as if they are trying to figure something out! and when they look at me it is as if the feel a connection between what they are trying to understand and me). Immense energies are at work! Meditating and letting old

Emma852013 17th May 2013 9:30 am

things go really helps at this time! I will now return to read the rest of your message. Im SO excited :2funny
Thank you again



zorro 17th May 2013 12:48 pm

M3-Flare Sunspot AR1748 unleashed an M3-class solar flare on May 27 at 0858 UT.
Although this is not the strongest flare we've seen from AR1748, it could be the most geoeffective. The sunspot is facing Earth more directly than before, and the explosion might have hurled a CME toward our planet. Stay tuned for updates.

bets 17th May 2013 12:52 pm

The Star Elders say it does not matter what you do now.

Thanks so much for this message. I've always struggled with surrender and still generally feel like I ought to be doing something. Lately though, even the positive practices slip away, and I just want to sit and stare out a window or something. After so much active effort in clearing, it feels now like whatever is left is being lifted away for me, if I'll just stop trying so hard!

Peter fox 17th May 2013 1:31 pm

Thank you Aluna Joy. These are extraordinarily exciting and challenging
times and it is often difficult to know quite what to "do". Some of the best
advice I have heard you have just posted- Let go and let God emerge
from within you. We need to keep things simple and this is brilliant-

cyndy 17th May 2013 5:23 pm


betsy. 17th May 2013 5:40 pm

"Now the odd thing is that we are going through this ascension process all the while the outer world seems to be clicking along like business as usual. We didn't expect this. Yet inside our hearts, we feel like something big has changed within us..." Thank you so much for this, Aluna! I sincerely appreciate this uplifting message. Much love to you!!!

Baloneypants 17th May 2013 6:09 pm

Sitting and staring out a window is the activity of a highly advanced spiritual master! :)

"Do not try. Simply expand outward."

Mik 18th May 2013 9:52 am


Which way is up,,,good question,,,i have no answer,,haha

The alien scene sure feels accurate for the pressures i have been feeling,,,

I like to sit and stare out the window also,,but tell me what is out.


Swirlie 24th May 2014 7:15 am

I sooooo understand Emma852013. This is EXACTLY how I feel too. I get the strangest looks from people.....the stare with wide open eyes, like they notice/see/feel something different, but can't explain it. People don't know how to react to me. AND just like you say, the world feels like a dream illusion. My body is alive with constant surging tingling energy. I can just move my arm or hand around and it surges. Almost like i'm directing energy. It's quite disconcerting really. In my life, I'm letting go of everything. Material things just don't matter much anymore. Perhaps we are all finally starting to see the light.
So love and light everyone, love and light. :smitten: