Stop Energy Vampires In Their Tracks

This declaration is offered to assist the user in being a clearer servant of light for humanity! Use daily upon rising, before sleeping or anytime that you feel negative energy may be impacting you . . . or if you feel that you are being drained of vital energy… or that you may be misusing your energy. This will assist you in uploading and retaining the upgrades and universal realignments to your higher purpose. If we lived in a conscious world, this would only need to be done once. But as we become more at ONE with all life and the collective consciousness, it is necessary to stay vigilant to keeping clear and aligned to our higher power/source while going through the many course corrections, re-bootings and realignments which are part of our landing sequence. Yeah… it is getting really weird out there.

This realignment bubble creates a sacred space in which the user can be fully supported in receiving unlimited, pure energy from source, and all those that support you, so as to carry out your divine purpose. This will also reduce and even eliminate any draining, negative, unsupportive projections from any source, and clear out other misuses of energy.

A declaration to anchor a Proactive, Empowering, Ascending, Clearing, Energy Bubble

(Managing Incoming energy)

With the unlimited power of my Mighty I AM Presence, I AM Declaring that . . .

*** All supportive loving energy, sent TO me from any and all outside sources, will be accepted with great gratitude.
(This insures energy coming to you will be supportive toward you in your divine mission on Earth).

***All toxic and negative energy sent TO me, from any and all outside sources, will be immediately returned to sender cleared, purified and without malice.
(This insures that any mis-qualified, negative or harmful energy that is sent to you will automatically be returned without impacting you in any way).

(Managing Outgoing energy)

With the unlimited power of my Mighty I AM Presence, I AM declaring that . . .

*** All supportive loving energy sent FROM me, to any and all outside sources, are gladly offered with 100% unconditional love.
(This insures that energy given out is offered without attachment or perceived payoff).

*** All energy sent FROM me, to any sources that do not honor or respect these energy offerings, will be returned to me cleared and purified.
(This insures that you do not waste precious energy and protects you from actions that come from misguidance or a need to rescue. Remember, we are all still human).

**** All toxic or negative energy, intentional or unintentional, sent FROM me to anyone will be immediately returned to me cleared and purified.
(This insures that any energy that you send out that was less than pure heart intentions will not impact the receiver.)

(NOTE . . . We send out energy all day long without knowing it. Just by having a thought or perception of someone or something, we send out energy that impacts others. But if you intend to purposely send out healing energy to anyone to support or help them, you MUST ask permission first . . . otherwise you are violating universal law. Jumping into someone's space without asking permission, even to help, is an invasion of their privacy and free will and is a bit rude. This does not apply when others sign up for workshops, etc… in which you are taking responsibility for being in a teacher's position to a group.)

This declaration is so, and is made manifest throughout all time, space, dimension, in the past, present and future, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year throughout my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, until I request the removal of this bubble, or I no longer need any realignment and the evolution process is complete. This declaration is given with great gratitude with the support and guidance from my spirit guardians (name your spirit guides and angels, etc… here).
It is so, and so it is.



kthrnjn 3rd July 2014 8:05 am

Thank you ... this one is timely for me. Left my house yesterday for lunch with friends and for the rest of the day I felt completely drained ... in a way I had not experienced in a very long time. It bothers me that we must always be vigilant of clearing and protecting ourselves. Its getting old and know that will change.

Emma852013 3rd July 2014 9:27 am

Thank you so much, i've been praying for this message.

Abundant Blessings to you


godling 3rd July 2014 10:47 am

Many,many thank yous from deep within my heart! I do not look forward to rising every morning, this daily life has become a battle field.......thank you for the armor.

Eyewitness 12th August 2014 12:28 pm

Evidently all you have to do is say stuff and it automatically becomes true. I have more energy than anyone Ive ever met and I am completely suicidal every day of my life. Yet, my house is spotless, my yard is a garden showplace, Im at the gym daily, my hair is perfect and Im smiling always as I am in conscious service to everyone around me. There is no such thing as negative energy where I come from. Everything is in motion.... :) Now get out there and inspire me!!