The Sister Planets

The following is the 3rd message that we received in Peru 2011. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Andean Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the web site that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

Messages and a huge amount of energy began flowing into our hearts,
while we were still on the bus, as we entered in the sacred valley of the Inca Kings, and on our way to Pisac.

Aluna begins sharing once we arrived in Pisac's sacred city . . .

Remember when we received the empty cup/chalice at Pikillacta yesterday? This sacred valley is like a chalice for Mother Earth. When we came down into the valley, we were being bathed in this new amazing energy. We are now feeling the amazing Ascended Master energy pouring in as we start our decent down into the sacred valley. This energy that we are feeling is filled with an undefinable joy and an old, old ancient bliss. It has brought many of us to tears. So, as we were traveling down into the sacred valley and into the city of Pisac, I could feel energy coming down from the universe and pouring into us. It feels like an old, home sickness . . . an abysmal home sickness, but nonetheless a joy beyond anything we have felt so far. Did you feel this energy on the way in? (many in the group nodded) It is a sense of home that comes from more than the lands that we see with our eyes.

This sacred site of Pisac is anchored here, because it holds physical material from Maldek . . . a sister planet to Earth. A long time ago, these two planets were rotating in balance on two opposite sides of the sun. When Maldek blew up, it was a huge loss as it held an essential piece to balancing duality and future ages. Surviving Ascended Masters of the catastrophe quickly collected some essential energy for safe keeping until this time.

Huge meteorites fell here in Pisac and in Cuzco, and at these places they anchored parts of this lost world. These meteorites hold pieces of Maldek's frequency, parts of its knowledge and, sadly, its demise. We can feel sadness when we are here, but also a great feeling of home. Today, the codes in the hall of records of Maldek are flowing into us. Now it is time that this energy is brought back to us by those who held it safe for a longer time then we can imagine. The Andean Masters say that this energy is also being anchored in the Cusco area. These are new pieces for us to integrate.

 There are parts of this sacred site that are part of an old home of ours, and I feel like this home is coming back to us now. The Andean Masters are telling me that Pisac is (and Cuzco) an anchor point, and a bridge between these sister worlds. We are integrating what have learned from this Earth, and what we learned while some of us were in Maldek. Maldek was on the other side of the Sun and was rotating around the sun. Every 26,000 years, we enter the area in our solar system that held the space for Maldek. That is why we are being infused with this planet energy now, and the Andean Masters are allowing this to come into us. We will feel more at home now. But we are also going to create a new home.

This action of anchoring this frequency is yet another foundation stone that is linked to the memory and wisdom of Maldek. The Earth and Maldek had a huge part to play in the balance, synchronization and harmonization of our solar system. When Maldek was lost, this was a huge setback and put many things out of balance. This is why the burden of being on Earth has felt so great. We have had to work very hard to make up this loss. We have been doing the work of two planets . . . not just one. In addition, the loss of Maldek caused many people to have huge catastrophobia and/or feel a deep home sickness for a lost home.

Very few, if any, survived the very sudden loss of Maldek. They did lose their life on that dreadful, unimaginable day, but they did not lose the purpose which they were there to fulfill. These souls needed to reincarnate somewhere to finish their soul's work. So they incarnated on Earth. This is one reason why so many of us have never felt at home here, and why the planet is so crowed at this time. Bit by bit, many of Maldek's souls ended up reincarnating here. But they had lost their seed or piece. They knew that they were here to carry out a divine objective . . . a vital call to a unified purpose.

What is happening today is that the surviving Ascended Masters of that ancient time are bringing the pieces back to the sacred site of Pisac. They are doing this here in Pisac, because it will hold its anchor. This is so, because there are two huge stones here that are from Maldek. So the physical remnants of this lost planet will act like a magnetic force to anchor the lost pieces/seeds. By the way, the asteroid field that we pass through every August is fragments of this lost planet also.

These returning pieces are like echoes of Maldek. They will reactivate our purpose and return our pieces within us. At this time, we are starting to bring back new energy to our empty and shiny new chalice. At this point in time, this energy does not have any definition other than the fact that it acts as a cornerstone for what the planet Maldek held. Most of what I feel today has to do with bringing back balance into the solar system. Earth and Maldek were rotating around the sun together in perfect harmony. So, when we feel a profound home sickness, or a deep yearning, it is like we are coming home. This is so because the echo and the frequency of Maldek are being returned to us now. The Andean Masters do this now, because they know that, at this point in time, we will not destroy ourselves. In other words, there will not be an end to the world, but maybe to the one as we know it. There are big changes happening within the natural laws of nature. This is happening as we enter into a new dimension.

I have come down into this valley sixteen times now. It is always beautiful, but never like what we felt today. Today is a new and very different day. This is a great gift. We have entered into a whole new energy field of where we are going home. But going home is here. Does that make sense? This energy holds keys / codes to the laws regarding balance between the Sun, the two planets and, ultimately, the solar system. This will reflect in our lives as a deeper balance and a neutral peace that may, for a time, feel a bit indifferent.

So, the Andean Masters that are surrounding us now are asking for permission to put this new energy into your cup/chalice. You can absorb it now at your own pace, but they are asking you if it is okay. Remember, this is your cup that you are responsible for. Discernment and following your heart is so vital these days as well as avoiding pointless fascination to spiritual phenomena that could take you from your divine purpose. So… what will you put it in your sacred chalice today?


Toni 1st December 2011 6:44 pm

Thankyou SiS ~ perfect. I only be filling my chalice with love ~ nothing else is worthy :)

A La Lansun 11th December 2011 8:00 pm

MALDEK Personal Notes:
In 1955 Our contact channeled the replay of a recording made by one of their craft at the time of Maldek’s destruction. Richard, one of our small group of six, was in that craft at the time, and that is why we were privileged to hear it. Over and Over you hear a voice desperately pleading with the people of the planet to not escalate their hostilities; to allow the voice of reason to settle their differences without more destruction because they could destroy their world. The Confederation could not intervene because of the Law of "noninterference" in a planet's activities, so they helplessly witnessed Maldek’s destruction. This terrible act destroyed the balance within our solar system and caused The Confederation to permanently revoke this Law. Never again will such willful destruction by any planet’s actions be permitted. I heard this recording over 56 years go and remember the desperate, terrible urgency of the voice pleading for sanity. I remember the terrible sadness this created in each one who heard an actual recording of this horror.