2012 - The real challenge before us

Last week a colleague sent me a link to a trailer for a new movie that's coming out in mid November called "2012." The movie is about people trying to survive natural disasters that come about as a result of the ending of the Mayan Calendar. One look at the trailer was all I needed to know that it wasn't something I wanted to see. Honestly, my immediate reaction was, "Great, just what we need right now: A big-budget film that exposes everyone to massive destruction, human suffering, and lots of emotional pain." I couldn't help but think about what good the money used to make this movie could do if it were put to something hopeful, helpful, and inspiring. But that's just me...

Seeing the trailer, though, did prompt me to remind all of you to be mindful (pun intended) of what you allow into your lives. We are living in times of great change and great opportunity. And we are being called to take seriously the extraordinary power of our creative thoughts. I encourage you to be a good steward for your mind by doing things like:

1. Stop watching violent news, videos, and sensational drama. Choose to stay informed in ways that educate and entertain you without assaulting your senses.

2. Focus more on your own life and the positive changes you're making than on the dramatic lives of those celebrities and characters who show up in the media. While it can be a good distraction from pain to escape into the story line of someone else, in the long run it doesn't serve the most critical story line of all: your one, important life.

3. Pay attention to what the kids around you are being exposed to by checking in with them on a regular basis. What are your nieces reading on Facebook? What are your sons or daughters watching on TV? Which videos are the kids in your neighborhood checking out on YouTube? During a conversation with a mom at an event in New York, I learned that her ten-year-old son was so upset about 2012 that he couldn't stop talking about it. It seems he heard kids discussing the movie at school and was terrified that the world was going to end. Poor dear. Thank goodness this little boy could talk to his mom. Our children are our future and it serves us all to care for their little minds as best we can.

Finally, please get feisty and do what you can to protect our collective consciousness. Be a power of example - a person who takes care of his or her mind and shares hope and emotional prosperity with the world. Don't settle for fear and exploitation. The real tragedy of 2012 would be to buy into the unnecessary darkness and fear. Please take a stand for the light.

Take Action Challenge

This week, imagine yourself as a guardian standing by a beautiful golden gate that protects anything from entering your mind. Bear witness to what comes into your life - people, conversations, news, stories, imagines, etc. - and carefully choose what will pass through this gate. Be sure to notice the difference it makes in the quality of your life ?.

Christiane Northrup and Cheryl Richardson



Kirin 14th October 2009 4:38 am

Dear Cheryl.

I welcome your messages here, in one of my (few) sanctuaries.
This place is truly one of the few, in which I anchor my trust to receive guidance and information; other than from within. It did keep me from getting lost in everything that is happening right now.
It helps me to stay in Love and Joy; being able to react with the o so needed compassion for the shift to be as smooth as possible.
I stated a few times here in my 'illusion' that I am focused on listening to the children surrounding me.....Hardly anyone does, these days.
I am 51, and often my bell rings, and my neighbor's children ask me to come and sit under 'our' tree and just talk..
Isn't that funny......I love it.
Again: feel very welcome here. Not waiting for 2012; just acting now.....
With Love from Holland: Kirin

majicamelman 14th October 2009 5:16 am

as has been announced the children are our future , and our past

Life Transformationist 14th October 2009 9:44 am

Thank you so much for saying this, Cheryl! I have avoided the news for years as I feel that they blow it up too much and are trying to sell advertising. I will know what I need to know and it doesn't help world peace for me to get caught up in all that drama.

The same goes for doom and gloom books, movies and the like. I actually keep happy novels around that I read again and again to uplift my spirits, if necessary.

Folks have accused me, "ignorance is bliss". Well I have to agree.

I just sat on a conference call where the woman prophesied disaster after disaster but it felt more like an ego thing to show what she could predict. She said that we need to be prepared to help and to get the emotions out of the way now.

I know I have been preparing and working as a Lightworker for years and even without being thrown into the middle of "disasters" I feel very neutral. Practicing my prayer for neutral mind helped.

Anyway, sorry for the rant but you spoke to me. We really need to be protecting ourselves and our younguns!

Much love and many blessings,
Elizabeth of Oregon

DCS 14th October 2009 11:01 am

I get feisty about this stuff on my blog all the time. Thanks for the positive reinforcement!

Laura Bruce 14th October 2009 4:34 pm

For a long time I've been tempted to do an essay on the types of shows broadcasted daily on TV. I'm just not sure I have the stomach for it.
I was watching something today and a commercial came on that flashed a rapid-fire over-load of sex, lust, degradation and violence intermixed. It was such a sudden shock, it made me cry. It was a pre-view of NipTuck. One of the worst things I've ever seen.
I'm pretty sure we can do better. Bless us All, Laura!

majicamelman 14th October 2009 5:16 pm

there's another one coming out similarly playing on peoples apocolyptic fears called "Legion" where it's portrayed as god's had enough of mans wicked ways and is sending down the archangels to wipe man off the face of the earth ( sounds against the grain) yet another example of twisting the truth a bit
perhaps there are factions in hollywood that have been set up to stir up these kinds of feelings in the masses to sustain the "negative energies" that feed on this type of energies ...so much info and speculation from all sides about the "end of days" and 2012, so stands to reason they'd cater to the demand for info based around the concept , perhaps an opportunity to address the fears emerging from the collective unconscious ...it's all about how you choose to look at it ...ultimately we all serve the greater good , even those that "play" the villian


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