A Happy New Year: Practice small acts of self-care

As we head into the last two weeks of the year, I wanted to offer you a few self-care reminders designed to support you in entering 2012 feeling excited about this next, great phase of your life.  

During the holidays, be sure to...

Take good care of your financial health.  Spend well within your means.  Remember that the time and love you give others is the most valuable (and desired) gift of all.

Take good care of your body.  Don't be tempted to throw caution to the wind when it comes to eating and drinking.  Better to make conscious choices about what you put into your body.  Feed your whole being - body, mind, and spirit - rather than just your taste buds.  

Take good care of your heart.  One of my favorite things to do during this time of year is to enjoy spontaneous visits with friends I haven't seen in a while.  Schedule a last minute breakfast or afternoon glass of wine and catch up.

Take good care of your mind.  Release the pressure to get everything done by telling yourself, "I have all the time in the world."  Or, keep reminding yourself, "I make others happy by making myself happy first."  And feel free to use one of my favorite affirmations while shopping, "I can't think of anyone I'd rather be with than you!"

There you go - a few small acts of self-care that will make a big difference if you use them.  Here's the key to success:  It's all about the practice.

Take Action Challenge

Choose at least one act of self-care from above, print it out, and keep it with you this week.  Refer to it often and be sure to follow through!

This week's video is a beautiful reflection of the dance with human beings and their pets.  Thanks, Chris!  Watch it here




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