Cover Your Assets: Put Your Mind To Rest

Last week, a good friend called to tell me that she lost her wallet. She was overwhelmed with the idea of having to replace her credit cards, debit card, license, etc., and the biggest stress of all was in not knowing exactly what she had lost. She hadn't kept a record of the contents of her wallet.  

Over the years I've learned to pay attention to the signs I get from the Universe. After finishing the call with my friend, I immediately went to my wallet, emptied everything out, and updated a record I had created long ago.  It's an exercise I've written about in past newsletters, and her phone call reminded me to get up-to-date with my own wallet.  

One of the ways to increase our level of abundance is to increase our financial self-esteem.  We do this in a variety of ways - spending within our means, paying bills on time, decreasing debt, etc. The idea is to become an able steward for the wealth you already have so you can trust yourself to handle more.

Along with caring for our money, there are other assets to care for - our home, our possessions, special items of value, the future of loved ones, and key financial information, to name a few.  Making sure these items are well cared for also builds a sense of trust in oneself - the key to allowing more abundance into our lives.  

So, in an effort to share my message from the Universe, please consider doing the following if you haven't already: 

  • Keep a record of the credit cards, health insurance cards, or cash cards in your wallet. Be sure to copy down the company contact info as well. That way, if your wallet is stolen or lost, you'll not only know exactly what's missing, you'll be able to notify banks and creditors ASAP.
  • Make sure someone you trust has a key to your home (along with security system codes if necessary) in case of an emergency.
  • Alert someone to the location of important papers in your home - your will, insurance policies, safe deposit box info, etc.
  • Have a will in place. I know, I know, most people hate to think about this but you must consider what will happen to your children, your pets, your hard-earned money and possessions when you pass on. And, even though you may feel like you don't have assets that need to be included in a will, please remember that everything in your possession needs to be handled by someone. Choose that person carefully.
  • Protect your financial information from unwanted eyes. For example, be sure to shred or destroy unused checks, tax returns, or credit card numbers on receipts before putting them out in the trash. Also, write "Check ID" on the signature line on the back of your credit cards to be sure that retailers ask for proof. The increase in identity theft and credit card fraud cases are staggering!
  • Make sure you have the right amount of homeowner's (or renter's) insurance to cover the replacement of your assets. These policies should be reviewed every year or when a significant asset has been added or removed from your household.

You've worked hard for the wealth and possessions you've accumulated over the years. Protecting them will provide you with the most valuable asset of all - peace-of-mind.  Okay, message delivered. 

Take Action Challenge 

Take out your wallet, copy down important information and put it in a safe place. It'll only take 5 to 10 minutes. Then, choose the one item from above that you've been meaning to take care of and take action on it this week. 

In this week's video I share a special little holiday greeting from Louise Hay and yours truly. You can find it here




jennieingram 14th October 2013 5:03 am

Peace of mind is the real asset. Now a days when everything is shifting on internet its a constant threat of data theft make slepp uncomfortable. You can sign for many service to make secure your data on internet.


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