Economy of Thought: How to create new wealth

This morning, I sat on my deck in the sun, thinking about the day and what I would write in this week’s newsletter. After enjoying a period of silence, I picked up one of the “daily inspiration” books that I often read to start the day on the right foot. I closed my eyes, picked a page at random and instantly knew I was meant to share the passage with you.

This message is from the Universe.  Actually it’s from the book, “Notes from the Universe,” by Mike Dooley, and here’s what the pages held…

Some Investment Advice from the Universe

“Did you follow your hunches during the 90?s in the stock market? Did you hear what I was telling you about huge yields in real estate? Did you “stumble” across those itty-bitty public companies with stock offerings that made penny investors millionaires?

Phew, I was slammed doling out golden opportunities to anyone I could reach. It became kind of a hobby, you know, to fill in the gaps of boredom that go along with being the Universe.

Truthfully, though, you didn’t miss a thing. Those fortunes were chicken feed compared to what I offer on a full-time basis through my day job. Are you ready for real opportunity? Do you even have room for the returns? No, you don’t. But that’s a good problem.

Thought. That’s right. Thought is the greatest vehicle of all time for burying one’s self, family, and friends in wealth and abundance – no matter what’s going on with the economy.

Thoughts have their own economy, and now is a super-great time to get in on the ground floor. With my patented trade secrets, I can take any old invisible thought of yours and turn it into a mine of gold, a mountain of cash, a well of prosperity.

It’s not too late! The best is yet to come. Invest in thought, follow your hunches, and live the life of your dreams.

Public disclosure: This offer is irrevocable. You’re now an investor whether you know it or not. All of your thoughts will become things. No lawyers can help you.  Save yourself; choose the good ones.”

I smiled as I closed the book remembering the days when I believed the idea that “thought creates reality” was a foolish and far-fetched notion. But then I looked around at my life, felt the peace in my heart from my good thoughts, and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness I was willing to keep an open mind.

Take Action Challenge

Good thoughts create good feelings and regardless of what happens in your life (and what happens as a result of your good thoughts), wouldn’t you rather feel good? I thought so…. keep those thoughts going up, up, up…

Kelly sent in this week’s video and it’s a stunning ballet piece. Thanks Kelly!  You’ll find it here.



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