Give This One Thing Up For The Holidays, You May Find Magic.

I hate buying holiday gifts.

Okay, I don't really hate buying gifts.

I just don't like shopping for gifts under pressure.

(Actually, I don't like doing anything under pressure anymore, but that's a whole other blog .)

I love the idea of embarking on a treasure hunt to find special things for the people I care about when the energy is right and I feel relaxed. Like yesterday. I went to a local art fair to pick up a gift I ordered from a woman who makes essential oil blends and ended up staying to shop. The energy was festive and fun and I felt like a kid in an old-fashioned candy store, marveling at the creative goodies laid out before me - photographs, terrariums, colorful silks, and other items I can't mention here because I have friends and family members who read this blog .

As I get older, I'm trying on new holiday rituals and traditions. Michael and I are spending quality time with fewer people. We're buying gifts from artists because we want to support those souls who are brave enough to put their creativity out into the world. And we're making fun a high priority. Last week we joined with almost a thousand people in the center of Kennebunkport, Maine, to sing Christmas carols and to celebrate a thirty-two year tradition of tree lighting. We had such a wonderful time.

Most of all, I'm learning to release any and all expectations. Expectations are troublemakers disguised as hopeful intentions.

If you're looking to experience the magic of the season, you might want to let go of expectations, too.

Here are my new rules for the holidays...

  1. Allow life to unfold.
  2. Surrender to what is instead of holding onto what should be.
  3. Be receptive and grateful.
  4. Show up and keep my heart open.

If you join me you'll find that surprise is waiting in the wings ready to grab you by the heart .

Video Check out this awesome gift-giving video that’s sure to make you smile – big . Watch it here.


keryndawer 18th December 2013 1:30 pm

Your article perked and cheered me up right away Cheryl. Thank you so much for your positivity and a timely holiday message I really needed to help me through this season and beyond :)



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