Good Stuff: The one step that takes care of the rest

Happy New Year!  If you’re ready to make 2011 a great year, read this week’s newsletter and start being picky.   Really picky.
Have a great week!

Be picky.  Have high standards.  Don’t settle for less.  These are all messages that, when used appropriately, help people to live better lives.  As you start your New Year, I want to invite you to be picky about something in particular – your mind.  If you really want to make this year a year filled with self-love, self-acceptance, forward movement, and success, then decide right now that you’ll do everything in your power to fill that beautiful mind of yours with good stuff – really good stuff. 

No more reading boring emails that might have something in it you need to see, or watching violent news that leaves you feeling helpless or afraid.  Forget about the celebrity sightings that make you feel like everyone else is living a great life but you.  Nope.  No good.  Not enough for you anymore. 

Stop listening to the latest drama story at work or to the friend who’s been complaining about the same damn thing for years.  Ugh.  It’s exhausting and it’s creating a neural pathway that leads to nowheresville.

It’s time to be picky – really picky.

This year, resolve to do things that fill your mind with exciting new ideas, inspirational messages that motivate you to act, or wisdom that touches your soul in the best of all ways. 

Try this…

Read – Take a good book out to lunch rather than the co-worker who’s made “woe is me” his or her personal motto for life.  Keep an inspirational book by your bed or in the bathroom and use daily routines like waking up or going to sleep as opportunities for “feel-good” breaks.

Watch – Trade in the latest reality “debacle” show and tune into Oprah’s network – the OWN channel – and watch a new standard for television being created before your very eyes.  (You can find the channel in your area by visiting here)

Listen – Listen to online (or on your iPhone) and discover a new kind of radio network that not only fills your mind with good stuff, but also gives you a chance to get advice from authors and experts for free.  You can find it here.

Connect – Decide to take a workshop, attend a lecture, or enroll in a course that will stretch you, inspire you, and connect you with like-minded people whose good stuff will rub off on you.  (Mom was right – you do become the people you hang around with )  For ideas, you can find our schedule here.

This year I resolve to help fill your mind with good stuff.  Pretty soon we’ll be asking you for your name and address (and we’ll keep it private) so I can randomly pick people throughout the year to receive surprise “feel good” gifts.  It might be one of my books or card decks, someone else’s book, a CD, a DVD, an invitation to a workshop or conference, or a personal note of inspiration from me to help keep you on track.  Stay tuned for more details…

A good life starts with good thoughts.  Make the one resolution that will really change your life – “This year I’m all about the good stuff!”  

Happy New Year!

Take Action Challenge

Ok, here’s your first “feel good” assignment of the year.  Watch this video sent to us by Lisa in Sydney, Australia and start zooting today!  You’ll find it here.  Thanks, Lisa!


Tzaddi 10th January 2011 9:36 am

Simple, but much appreciated reminder. "Tuning out the noise" is more complicated than it used to be, and if I don't make conscious efforts to protect my chosen path--Love, not Fear--then sometimes I can feel overwhelmed, on slippery ground. Thanks, Cheryl!

josmoking 10th January 2011 1:07 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

LightBeing 10th January 2011 10:54 pm

This reminder to consider and consciously choose our standards for what we experience is so welcome. Thank you!


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