How a Temper Tantrum Could Change Your Life

Okay, I'm officially over winter. It's bitter cold here today and the windchill makes it impossible to go out for a walk. And if my skin gets any drier, I'm going to become a human sanding machine.  

I know I should think good thoughts... 

Focus on the positive... 

Be grateful for the blue sky and the bright sun warming my face as I type... 

But, I don't want to.   

Right now I'm a little fed up with the whole "think positive," self-care thing. I'd like someone else to handle the caretaking of me for a while. You know, like a stand-in who can step in and think good thoughts for me, exercise on my behalf, and brave the winter months with grace and ease.  

(And while they're at it, I'd like them to empty my inbox, finish my to-do list, cook supper, and get my tax stuff in order, too ) 

I have an inner brat who likes to visit now and then to have a little temper tantrum.  She resists self-care, healing, and personal growth. She likes to bitch and complain and plant herself in front of the TV to watch trashy reality shows while eating fistfuls of popcorn and chocolate. For years I resisted her visits.  I judged her, smothered her, and worked hard to get her in line. 

Not anymore. Now I give her a seat at the table and I listen carefully to what she has to tell me. She brings balance to my life, symmetry, sanity.  She tells me to... 

Stop being so damn good
Be bold and have fun
Forget everyone else for a while
Be lazy and loose
Embrace indulgence
Be a little entitled 

She's a pretty smart gal with a message well suited to those of us who are natural caregivers, over doers, hyper vigilantes, and too responsible for our own damn good. 

My inner brat is sassy and silly and sexy and smart.   

I like her. She makes life interesting.   

So I allowed her to write this blog.   

Now imagine what your inner brat could do...

Take Action Challenge 

Let's see whose inner brat is running the show in this video. Check it out here. Thanks, Kris!




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