How Choosing an Unconventional Path Might just Change Your Life

Today I'm honoring an ending in my life. In two hours I'll take the stage with Louise Hay for our last keynote speech together about our book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life.

It's been quite a journey. What started with an invitation from my publisher, Reid Tracy, to write a book with Louise, turned into a two-year adventure that would take me around the world with this wise and loving woman to share our experience with thousands of people. 

More than twenty-five years ago I was a wide-eyed girl just beginning a long walk down the path of self-discovery. At the time, I read a book called You Can Heal Your Life and it helped me to believe that I could do something important with mine. Never in a million years could I have imagined that reading this book would have led me to this day. 

I didn't have magic fairy dust sprinkled over my head when I was born. Luck and destiny were just a small part of the equation. The bigger part, I believe, is my hunger to grow, my desire to understand myself, and my commitment to constantly check under the hood. The truth is at that time in my life I was in pain and desperate to find a way to minimize the anguish of heartache. 

I've learned a lot from Louise over the last two years - how to say no quickly and quietly, how to listen to my thoughts and choose better ones when necessary, and how to trust my intuition enough to no longer engage in a debate with the voices in my head. The most important lesson I've learned from Louise is about love - the only thing that really matters.   

Loving ourselves is the key to living a meaningful life. 

Loving ourselves is what allows us to truly love others. 

And, in the end, loving ourselves is the reason we're here.  

Today, I thank Louise Hay for her partnership, her friendship, and her modeling of what it means to live a good life. And I thank myself for having the courage to choose an unconventional path. Will you? 

This video is from a young man I met this weekend, a kindergarten teacher and songwriter who is using his gifts to help children love themselves. It’s a beautiful message you can see here.



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