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Every week I'm so grateful to receive video suggestions from my online community here and on Facebook and Twitter.  I love watching uplifting and inspiring messages and look forward to sharing them with you in our "Take Action Challenge" section below. This week, I wanted to tell you about a video I received from Bernice, a gal who lost her dad two years ago to Alzheimers and now volunteers with seniors. She tells me, "I've turned my pain into passion!" .

The moment I finished watching this video, I knew I had to share it with you.  It's a testament to the healing power of music. It's a simple way to bring joy and aliveness to our elders. And it's a terrific idea for those who work with the elderly population whether in hospitals, hospice centers, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. I'm not going to say anything more except this: I have a fantasy of Apple Computers donating ipod nanos to "Elder DJs" who are ready, willing, and able to bring the healing power of music to elders all over the world. (So, if we have any employees at Apple reading this, please take note ).   

I invite you to watch the video and to share this newsletter with others - especially those who work with elders - so we can spread the word.  You'll find it here. Thanks so much, Bernice!

Take Action Challenge 

Consider the people in your life who might benefit from the healing power of music.  You might send someone a song as a digital gift, make a playlist for an aging parent, or visit a nursing home with a friend and hold a sing-a-long.  If you love music, please share this idea with others, too!

If you haven't already watched the video above, you can click here. Thanks, Bernice.



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