No Guts, No Glory: Taking Life's Challenge

I’ve just arrived home from a successful I Can Do It conference in Tampa where we had 3000 people together in one place listening and learning about everything from self-care strategies and the joy of menopause, to cutting edge energy healing therapies and the current research on brain science and health.

We also shared the convention center with Tampa auditions for America’s Got Talent.  Each day, crowds of people would line up carrying guitars, batons, pompoms, wearing massive high heels, or parading around with puppets.  You name it, we saw it and it was fun .

One of our crew – Ibis Kaba – the Hay House Cruise producer, happened to walk by a security guard who asked if she had any talent.  “As a matter of fact, I do,” she replied.  “I happen to be a pretty good singer.”  Ibis honors her gift.

Upon hearing this response, the security guard encouraged Ibis to audition. “If you step right up to the desk and fill out an application,” he explained, “I’ll get you in so you won’t have to wait in line.”

Always one for a challenge, Ibis marched up to the desk, filled out the application, and quickly entered the audition room.  A short while later she emerged with an invitation to return for the next round!

What’s the moral of this story?

  • Learn to recognize Life’s invitations.
  • When Life opens a door right in front of you, walk through.
  • Sometimes it’s best to act first and think later.
  • If you have your back when taking a risk, you can pretty much try anything. Don’t terrorize yourself with criticism after doing something daring. Behave in a way that reinforces your commitment to be a cheerleader for your soul.  Honor your gift.
  • When Life hands you an audition, give it EVERYTHING you’ve got.

Stay tuned to see how Ibis does in the next round.  As far as I’m concerned, though, she’s already a winner.  A gal with guts gets my vote every time.  Go Ibis!!!!

Take Action Challenge

This week, be on the lookout for those open doors…

This week’s video is an extraordinary moment of beauty sent to me by several people. You can find it here.  Thank you all so much!


Simeon 18th November 2011 6:36 am

Excellent posting...Thank you!

k 18th November 2011 4:36 pm

LOL....when I was four years old, I watched Llyod Bridges on a series I can not recall the name of, but he was a sea diver in the series. I saw him swim on the TV and it looked so easy, just wave your arms and legs. I was convinced I knew how to swim, but when I actually encountered the pool and the challenge to swim, I realized I was afraid and swimming was not as easy as I thought.
My point is, those who have not faced much adversity are not really, really in a position to understand and give advice.
Sorry......just being blunt.

k 18th November 2011 4:56 pm

We can get pumped up by a conference that pushes all the good buttons, but what really happens when we have to face real adversity when the conference energy has abated? Would we be strong enough to face the loss of everything we held dear, our family, friends, job, home.....everything even our dear pets? Would we still be strong when we are alone with nothing left to hold on to but our trust in God and our Higher Self? Travel in an RV with no place to go and no one to give us comfort, how well will those principles hold us up when we really face challenges?

k 18th November 2011 9:07 pm

I know my words are harsh, but facing the real challenges in life involves more than finding outside sources to pump us up. When we have friends around to support us, it is easy to face superficial challenges, but the true grit comes from personally facing adversity and building the inner strength to deal with it with grace, finding the faith in our Higher Selves and the Divine plan, having confidence in ourselves even when we have to stand alone and not giving in to fear. Until you face the water, you do not know how to swim.


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