Sacred & Simple: Living with space

Well, we've been in our new home for three months now and I'm so grateful and happy to be here.  Prior to moving, Michael and I went through our belongings and gave away anything we no longer used or needed.  Then, as an experiment, we made a decision to move everything but the bare necessities into our new garage so we could experience what it felt like to live in the simplicity of space.  What we learned surprised us. 

As someone who, for years, has taught the principle of "When in doubt, throw it out," and as someone who loves space, I was surprised to discover that we still had way too much stuff.  By leaving most of it in the garage and living in a state of "sacred simplicity," we've created a peaceful home that feels calm, expansive, energetically clear, and open to new possibilities.  As a result, Michael and I have set a new rule:  if it's not an absolute yes -- something we absolutely need or adore, then it won't come into our home.  Instead, we've decided to hold a "give-away day" and share all the things in our garage that no longer meet this new standard.  That way we're able to spread the wealth and create a home that feels "spaciously elegant" at the same time.

That's what creating a sacred home is all about -- honoring the space as much as we honor the meaningful things we keep around us.  Most of us are inundated by stuff, anyway.  Just look around the room you're in right now and ask yourself "How much space do I have here to breathe, expand into, or create from?"  Are your shelves neat and orderly or are they crammed with too many books?  Can you see the top of your desk?  Do you have a clear view outside into nature or is it blocked by too many distractions? 

This week, try this.  Choose a room that you spend a lot of time in -- a bathroom, a study, or a bedroom, for example, and find ten things (yes, ten!) to give away to someone who will absolutely love them for you.  The idea is to make a little space and notice how open, expansive, and peaceful you feel as a result. 

The environment in which we live (and work) has a profound impact on the quality of our present lives, and it has a profound influence on what we draw into our lives in the future.  If you don't have space in your life, for example, it's tough to welcome in a new romance, a new job, or more financial abundance.  There's just no room.  If you tolerate a home that doesn't feel like you, chances are you'll tolerate a relationship that doesn't feel quite right either, or you'll stay working at a job that's just "okay."  While the idea may seem a bit strange, experience has taught me that how we live "out there" in the world is a reflection of how we live "in here" at home.



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