Stake Your Claim: What if it is this easy?

It was a bright, sunny morning today when my friend, Nancy and I decided to go to the beach for a long walk.  We bundled up in down jackets, fleece gloves and warm hats, and set out to enjoy a low-tide adventure.

We arrived at the parking lot, walked the long boardwalk to the water and, as we reached the shoreline, I said to Nancy: “Today I affirm that I will find a sand dollar during our walk.”  I’ve been walking the beach for more than fifteen years and rarely find any – maybe four in all the time I’ve been here.  Nancy smiled and acknowledged my affirmation and we continued on our way.

A little later, I came upon a big seashell nestled in the sand.  I picked it up, brushed it off, and admired its beauty.  I thanked Mother Nature for the gift and kept walking.  Every now and then I thought about the sand dollar, eyes focused on the ground before me, but I had no attachment to finding one. Instead I held the intention gently in mind.

Thirty minutes into our journey, I came across a piece of a sand dollar and realized that in the past I would have been disappointed to find a broken one, feeling as though I got close but not close enough.  This time my first thought was, “Great – halfway there.  A whole one must be coming up soon!”

Sure enough, one hour later, on our way back, I found a pretty white sand dollar lying a few feet from the shore.  Nancy and I looked at each other with excitement, gave each other a high-five, and I immediately said, “OK, now I’m going to affirm another one for you.”

Ten minutes later, as we came to the end of our walk, I looked down to find a sand dollar sticking out of a small sandbar.  I reached down, expecting to find it broken, but instead pulled out a beautiful, intact sand dollar for Nancy.  She looked at me with amazement as we climbed the hill toward the boardwalk.  In that moment, I turned to her and said,  “What if it really is that easy?  What if we do have the power to affirm what we want and then draw it into our lives?”

And that’s the thought I invite you to consider this week.  What if it really is that easy?

Take Action Challenge

This week, let’s play a little game.  Choose some small thing you’d like to bring into your life, affirm it out loud to someone, and hold it loosely in mind.  Think about it from time to time, but don’t be attached to having it happen.  Just let it gently find its way into your life. 

This week’s video comes from my dad who sent it to us kids as a Thanksgiving blessing.  It’s beautiful and reminds me of why I love my dad so much ?.  You’ll find it here.  Thanks, Dad!


Peaceful Path 16th December 2010 11:38 am

Love this post - thank you so much for reminding me that it is easy!

josmoking 16th December 2010 1:24 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]


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