The Life Review

Every year at Week 26, I invite members of this community to stop and reflect on the positive changes they've made in their lives. This week we've reached that half-way mark, and it's time to acknowledge the steps you've taken thus far. Remember, the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of relationship you have with yourself. When you feel good about who you are, you allow better things -- people, experiences, jobs, opportunities, etc., into your life. Taking the time to inventory your positive changes is an important step in developing this stronger relationship. And it's a key way to reinforce good habits!

If you've been in our Life Makeover community from the beginning of the year, you might want to review this year's newsletters to help you remember the changes you've made. If you're new to the community (welcome!) don't worry. Answer the following questions anyway. You can review past newsletters by visiting our archives here.

Using the archives as a guide, reflect on the last six months by answering the following questions:

  1. What hidden part of you have you awakened this year?
  2. What positive changes have you made to your home or office?
  3. Are you getting your creative needs met? How?
  4. What changes have you made to better honor your integrity?
  5. Have you added any small pleasures to your life? If so, what are they?
  6. Have you forgiven yourself for something you did that's been bugging you?
  7. How have you taken better care of your body, your mind, or your heart?
  8. How have you been a better partner, spouse, friend, or co-worker?
  9. What have you done to help others improve the quality of their lives?
  10. Are you letting things be easy?

As you consider these questions, build a strong foundation for success by focusing on what's worked instead of focusing on what still needs to change. When you acknowledge your growth, you build self-respect and self-trust -- two key ingredients that will support you in making healthier choices for you and your loved ones from this point on.

The greatest gift we give to humanity is our commitment to constantly raise our level of consciousness. Each week, as you take one simple step to live a healthier, more creative life, you do just that. This is important work and you deserve to celebrate your success. So, be sure to complete our weekly challenge. Congratulations!

Take Action Challenge

Make a list of at least five positive changes you've made so far this year. Open a file on your computer right now labeled "My Success List" and put the five items on the list (add it to a prior list if you've done this before :). It's extremely important to put this list in writing. By doing so, you send a message to yourself that you're worth the time and energy. And, when your self-worth increases, the world responds accordingly. You become a magnet for better life experiences.

If you belong to a Life Makeover Group, celebrate your success together. If not, share your accomplishments with a friend or family member. Then, spend an afternoon at the beach, take yourself to the theater, enjoy dinner with a friend, or buy yourself a gift. Don't just move onto the next to-do item or goal. Stop and reward yourself for all your hard work!



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