The One Simple Thing You Need To Do To Make Life Easier

Great expectations. 

That's the phrase I'm using these days to help me stay aligned with the experiences I most want to enjoy in life.

I love expecting things to be easy, to be fun, to happen exactly when they should and in the best possible way.    

Of course, what supports this way of thinking is to be unattached to the outcome.  That's why I also love trusting that everything happens for my highest good even when I don't yet realize it .

To support this idea, I use one of my favorite sayings from Esther Hicks:

  "Things are always working out for me."

The first time I heard her say it, I wrote it down and kept it in view.  Then, I started saying it to Michael and a few close friends knowing that the more I spoke it, the quicker it would get installed in my brain. 

Within no time, I began to see how the expectation "things are always working out for me" began showing up in my life.  For example, I was invited to an exciting event in Los Angeles at the exact same time I'd scheduled an important appointment.  When I called to see if I could reschedule my appointment (something that's typically very difficult to do) I was told there'd been a cancellation and they could fit me in a week earlier. 

I hung up the phone and thought, "Look at that, things are always working out for me."  

I shared this affirmation with a good friend who was visiting from Europe and she decided to adopt it for herself.  While here, she needed to find a magazine for work that she could only get in the states.  We'd looked everywhere to no avail only to find it sitting on the counter at a clothing store where we were shopping one afternoon.

When the employee heard her mention that she'd been trying to find this magazine, he handed it to her and told her to take it home. 

We looked at each other and said, "See that, things are always working out for us!"  

I've been so excited about how this expectation has worked that I wanted to share it with you so you can use it, too.  It's a comforting affirmation.  
To help you begin, make a few copies of this sign and keep them in view...
Give it a couple of weeks and you'll be amazed by what happens. 

Plans will change effortlessly. 
Life will get easier. 
The right people will come along to help.

Ready to experience the magic? 

Look up, put a big smile on your face, and repeat after me: 

Things are always working out for me
Things are always working out for me
Things are always working out for me


This Week's Video

Wow, this week’s video is simply amazing.  Things are certainly working out for these people.  Check it out here.  Thanks, Johnny


COBALT 13th March 2015 12:33 pm


Eyewitness 13th March 2015 2:02 pm

It just all sounds so easy... so exciting, so fun!! I remember using affirmations all thru the 80's and into the 90's. When they didn't seem to be working I doubled my efforts and flung my arms around in grand gestures and allotted hours of my day to this pursuit. Eventually I came to understand that affirmations just don't work for me. I don't see them working for anyone I know either so... Surely you jest?? Perhaps the Universe just likes you more than the rest of us.... :) Yay Affirmations!!

zorro 14th March 2015 8:36 am


I have to hit my inate "over-ride" button to get past something that hints of a candy coated prescription or new age marketing hype. So when I read your headline that said "The one thing you need to know", just like a good email spam detector software that can spot phrases that are trying to sell something, my BS meter went on standby.

I read your phrases with an open heart and mind to see if I would feel anything. And I have tell you that my whole outlook was hit by a refresh that was discernable. What I felt was a "refreshed congruence", heart and mind... a feeling of wholeness where my inner intelligence and guidance were actually heightened. So I decided to have some fun with it and made it my mantra all day yesterday. And you cannot just make this stuff up. A project I was working on that I didn't like became easier, and I was suddenly taken off it altogether for something better. And a VP where I work, who I thought didn't like me, invited me to a function at his home this weekend.

So thanks, Cheryl. There is something to this. Keep these coming!


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