The Power of Touch: Are You Sharing The Love?

Last week I traveled to New York to teach at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop on Sunday afternoon.  When I arrived, I had a chance to meet a few of the attendees before hitting the stage.  One young man, Jameal, approached to say hello and I immediately recognized his name as someone I had spoken to several times during my show on Hay House Radio.  It’s always so fun for me to put a face with a familiar name and I asked Jameal if I might give him a hug.  We hugged, chatted for a bit, and I left to begin teaching.

The next morning, I was sitting in the hotel restaurant waiting for a friend to join me for breakfast, when I discovered a wall post from Jameal on my professional Facebook page.  It read:

“Meeting you yesterday and watching you work was profound. I am not normally the kind of person who gets emotional upon meeting a public figure, but as strange as it sounds, seeing you yesterday for the first time ever, the feeling came over me was the feeling one might feel upon seeing a beloved, favorite, loving aunt, lol. I don’t believe I’ve been hugged in 3 years. 

There were so many wonderful things I could say or reminisce about this weekend but I guess there are only really two words that will suffice.  THANK YOU! ;-)

Wow.  What a brave young man to be so honest in a public forum.  While I was touched by Jameal’s feedback about my teaching, the one line that pulled me up short was, “I don’t believe I’ve been hugged in 3 years.”  If only I had known…

I would have hugged him several times before the day was over.

I would have asked others to hug him.

I would have invited everyone to hug each other.

What a lesson.  For the rest of the day, as I went in and out of meetings in New York, I wondered how many of the people I sat across from hadn’t been hugged in a very long time.  Did they have people in their lives who cared enough or who were able to show their love?  I found myself wanting to hug strangers, friends, business associates, anyone I came in contact with.

What if the friend sitting next to you hasn’t been hugged in three years, the co-worker you spend every day with, or the customer on the other end of the phone?

What if….

Stories like this one remind me that what we see in another person barely scratches the surface.  Behind every face we meet is a human being who needs love.  I’m grateful to Jameal for being courageous enough to offer such an important reminder and now I pass it on to you.

Take Action Challenge

Inspired by dear Jameal, I’m sending you a virtual hug right this minute {{{   }}} Please pass it on…

Of course we need a hug video here.  Thanks, Jameal!


KellyRae 23rd October 2012 8:41 am

Unfortunately with the pendulum always swinging from one extreme to another, we’ve learned to keep a ‘safe’ distance from our fellow human beings. Thankfully, the pendulum seems to be bringing itself into a sense of balance, and once again we are free to share such forms of love with one another. Hugs are amazing healers. Part of my line of work is being a massage therapist, and what a rewarding profession indeed. It’s my belief that as massage therapy grows by leaps and bounds; it’s due in large part for the need to be touched. I definitely agree with you on our need to hug more often, and to do so fearlessly.

Thank you Jameal for speaking your truth and sharing….HUGS!

RachelAnneMagnusson 23rd October 2012 9:16 am

Thank you, Cheryl. Your essays are always my favorite and I just bought your iBook. I was celibate for all of my 30's by choice--but somehow I knew to get weekly massages, it helped me to stay focused on my spirituality at the time and healed me.

About Jameal's post--it startled me when I read that he hadn't been hugged in 3 years and I am so glad you were there to hug him. How cool, the first hug in 3 years comes from the lovely Cheryl Richardson. He knows how to do things properly!

Finally, thank you for being so CLEAR Cheryl. That's one of the reasons you are able to help so many, you communicate your ideas clearly with simplicity. I really appreciate it.

Connie 51 24th October 2012 2:29 pm

Thank you for posting this! I've often wondered how many people in the building I live in has been hugged or touched in a nice friendly manner. There are arguments and petty strife all the time. Which is hard for me as I pick up on all their stuff. Being a Sensitive in a building such as this can be a real challenge. I do grounding and centering each morning before walking out my door. I love all these people even though I don't truly know any of them. I'm willing and do share the gift's of unconditional compassion,love, and listening to what is going on in their lives at the moment. I don't share in Gossip nor the quarrels. But I lift them up and share that they are special and loved by God and the Universe. As after all in the big scheme of things we are all one. I told my personal care attendant. I would like to make some Big Free Hugs signs and stand or sit on my walker and give out Free Hugs. I know that is something Desperately Needed in our World,my State,my City and my building! Namaste dear Cheryl, and Blessings as you continue to do your part (((hugs)))


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