The Spiritual Skill We All Need To Develop Now

I woke this morning to a band of fuchsia-colored light sitting at the horizon beyond the trees outside my bedroom window. Oh the sunrise, I thought to myself, as I sat up in bed. I want to see more.

That’s it, look for good, I heard myself think. That’s what you need to stay focused on right now – all the good in the world.

The beauty in nature.
Strangers who smile for no reason.
The random acts of kindness performed every single day.

In light of the violence in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and so many other places around the world, it’s easy to be seduced into darkness by the images and news we see in the media.

Honestly it’s a miracle we survive together on this planet given the complex nature of billions of souls in human suits at different levels of consciousness.

Truly a miracle.

That’s why I’m doing my best to make my internal process of meditation an external practice by constantly reminding myself of who I really am – the soul behind my thinking mind.

When I remember that I’m a soul, I remember the nature of energy. I recognize the power to magnetize that which I long to experience more of in this world – love, kindness, empathy, and compassion.

The world doesn’t need more darkness. We’ve all become highly skilled at keeping fear alive.

It’s time to become masterful at fueling the light.

So today I start with the sunrise. What will you start with?

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