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Yesterday I had the honor of teaching with Dr. Christiane Northrup during a day of self-care and healing for women in Boston, MA. I use the word "honor" because I consider Dr. Northrup to be a brave pioneer in the field of women's health - someone who's been willing to rock the boat, speak the truth, and stand up for what women really need to know to live fully empowered, healthy lives.

Her work certainly changed my relationship with my body and my approach to healthcare more than fourteen years ago when I first read Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. And her subsequent books continue to have a significant impact on my life and my work. As a matter of fact, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause, were required reading for all of my female clients. I consider studying them to be a vital act of self-care.

I taught in the morning and Chris taught in the afternoon. She's smart, engaging, and very funny. During her part of the program, I took notes and thought I'd share some of her wisdom with you. You might want to take the one or two statements that jump out at you and copy them down. Then look at them throughout the week and notice any message or action they might provoke.

Here's what she had to say:

The period between age 40 and age 55 is a time when a woman becomes the "Queen of Herself." It's an inward phase of starting over when all that you haven't dealt with comes up to be addressed.

The mind can stay engaged with data forever but it's the heart that actually instigates change.

There is no illness that is incurable.

Divine Love is the most powerful healing force of all.

Women report having the best sex in their sixties and seventies.

Just because you have a uterus and breasts does not mean you are biologically designed to do grocery shopping.

The era of the "Battle of the Sexes" is coming to an end and we are now focused on learning how to effectively work together.

Menstrual blood is loaded with stem cells.

The issue of this century is educating women and girls. It's the one thing that will make the planet green, stabilize the economy, and put an end to terrorism and war.

We must die to the outmoded ways of behaving that no longer work for us in order to truly live.

Every thought you think and every emotion you feel changes your hormones.

Illness is the only acceptable form of Western meditation.

These are just some examples of what Chris shared with all of us, and I'm happy to report that our daylong event was recorded and will be available as an audio program next year. I'll be sure to let you know when it's released. In the meantime, I invite you to join me for a special event in January. Chris will be hosting a new PBS show based on the revised edition of her first book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. The show will be taped on the evening of January 23rd in Portsmouth, NH and seating is limited. I can't wait to be there and I hope you'll join me. You can purchase tickets here.

Take Action Challenge

This week, empower yourself with knowledge and wisdom. Get educated about your body. Pick up a copy of Chris' book, do a little research online about a health issue you'd like to know more about, or find a new healthcare practitioner who's ready to partner with you so you can enjoy vibrant health. Educated men and women, who take responsibility for their health, live longer, more fulfilling lives. Be one of them ?



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