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This week I received an important reminder about trusting the persistent inner voice that tells us when to act. For more than a month I've been in the process of looking for a place to finish writing my next book. The last book was written at a small inn on an island near our home. It was a beautiful little room that looked out over the open ocean and I loved every minute of being there. Unfortunately, the inn was just sold.

I've looked everywhere. I've spoken with realtors, answered ads in our local paper, and followed up on leads from my assistant. Nothing has shown up. Here's where the lesson comes in. Over the last month, I've driven by a little shop downtown, and each time I did, something told me to stop and check in with the owner about a place. She's someone I know, but since I hadn't seen her in several months, I was reluctant to drop by.

The first time I felt the nudge to speak with her, I ignored it. The second time I drove by her shop and heard a little voice prompting me to stop, I wrote it off as merely wishful thinking. The third time, as I sped by, I said to myself "You know Cheryl, you really ought to listen to your intuition and call this woman."

Finally, one morning this week, as I sat at my desk preparing to write, I thought about how frustrating it's been trying to find a suitable space. In that moment, the shop owner's name, once again, popped into my head. This time I paid attention and quickly dialed her number.

She picked up the phone on the first ring. I said hello and explained my situation. She listened intently and then said "I have an idea. Why don't you call back later today and see what I've come up with." I thanked her and hung up. When I called back, she had three possibilities for me to investigate! I put down the phone and smiled to myself thinking "I should know better than to ignore my intuition."

How often have you done the same thing? You get a hunch to call someone or to take a certain step and you ignore it. We often neglect to check in with our intuition because we're all so busy or because we've been trained to look outside of ourselves for answers. Yet, when I look at my example it's clear that my inner guide knew exactly what to do and I could have saved a whole month's worth of effort (not to mention frustration), had I paid attention.

Let this week's newsletter be a reminder to turn to the wisest messenger of all - your inner self. When you need guidance or support, take a few moments to close your eyes and consider your next step. Who knows? You may just save yourself a little time and frustration. Remember, the more you pay attention to your intuition, the stronger (and more accurate) the messages become.

Take Action Challenge

This week, choose one situation where you could use some direction and write it down. Then, close your eyes for a few moments and ask yourself, "What's my next step?" Regardless of how strange or unexpected the answer is, check it out. Then, during the week, pay close attention to the little nudges, hints or hunches that pop into your head and take action!




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