What Could I Do To Love Myself More in 2016?

“What could I do to love myself more in 2016?”

In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about my plans to ask my husband and a few close friends this question given what they know about me and how I live my life.

So I did it.

While the answers didn’t surprise me, the fact that everyone said nearly the same thing, did.

Their advice boiled down to this:

Receive more.
Let others take charge.
Say yes to what you really want.
Honor your sensual side.
Be vulnerable and yielding.

Clearly I have an exciting opportunity to express more of my feminine side . It’s the part of me that’s been overpowered by the well-honed masculine that’s dominated most of my life.

So, I’ve officially decided to have a field day with their advice.

This morning, when a friend wanted to pick up the check for breakfast, I smiled and said thank you rather than argue over the bill. The next time my husband grabs my heavy bags or offers to handle an irritating house project, I’m going to be grateful instead of resistant.

Yesterday I hired a CrossFit coach to train me so I can have fun and enjoy a supportive community as I increase my level of fitness. I’m throwing caution to the wind and doing the opposite of what I normally do. I’m going to allow someone to be the boss of me .

I’m also ready to practice being vulnerable when I feel anxious instead of being hard and defensive. The next time I’m nervous about something (like showing up for my first CrossFit session tomorrow morning), I’m going to admit that I’m scared and clueless rather than pretend to be large and in charge.

Fortunately I’ve already experienced the benefits of bringing more of my feminine side to the party (see my blog on Salsa dancing here). So I imagine things will only get better.

But not before they get really, really uncomfortable.

We’ll see. At this point I’m willing to pay the price for the excitement and satisfaction of loving myself more and I’m grateful to my soul family for showing me how.

Try it yourself. If you haven’t already, ask a few trusted friends how you might love yourself more in 2016.

I bet they have wisdom that can change your life, too. 95ab0184-01f5-4d49-909d-0dc57e656aa8.png

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zorro 8th January 2016 11:32 am

Not trying to be a coach here, Cheryl, but I am surprised everyone took the bait on your question, and tried to answer it, only re-inforcing the internal messaging centered around, "Me".

I might try re-phrasing the question, because when we expressing unconditional love into our worlds there is no self-consciousness about loving ourselves enough or not.

Perhaps something like, "What actions can I take in my "world" that will help me feel more the love that I Am in 2016?" Or, "What actions can I take to share the love I am in 2016 so that others (like me) may feel it?" The self-love "myself" thing becomes very limiting and can easily became a self-fulfilling loop trap, which is difficult to escape, but has a short term advantage of making us feel good by keeping our own and other's attention on ourselves. I would take a quantum leap right out of that paradigm altogether for 2016.

Much love to you.


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