Why You Need to Stop Making The Mundane Significant

The other day I had a moment. As I walked down the hallway in our home, I saw my husband, Michael, standing in the kitchen eating a container of yogurt.  When finished, I watched as he placed the plastic container in the recycling bin without washing it out. Immediately I thought to myself, "How many times have I reminded him that he needs to rinse out those things before putting them in the bin!?!" I felt a familiar frustration rise up in my body, but didn't say anything.  Instead, I went to my office to do some work.     

Later that same day, as I put clothes in the washing machine, I once again felt frustrated when I discovered an empty food wrapper and a few coins in the back pocket of Michael's jeans. "He always leaves stuff in his pockets even though I ask him not to," I bitched to myself, "he never listens to me."  

Laundry loaded, I went out onto the deck to sit in the sun. I thought about those frustrating moments and, as I relaxed into a higher state of mind, I remembered...   

It's so easy to judge.

It's so easy to find fault.

It's so easy to choose criticism over love.

It's so easy to make the mundane significant.   

Sometimes I forget what really matters. I get so wrapped up in things not being done my way that I become someone I don't like very much. As I sat on the deck looking out over the back yard, I thought about a short film I watched not too long ago. The memory alone brought tears to my eyes. It's a message I hope to always remember as I travel this spiritual path called partnership. Today I'd like to share it with you in case you might benefit from a little reminder, too. You can watch it here.    

Take Action Challenge

This week, catch yourself when you make the mundane significant - especially with those you hold close. Be of higher mind and choose love over criticism. Here's another video by the same filmmaker as above - Yasmin Ahmad.  She's wonderful. You'll find it here



Radiant Love Energy 12th July 2013 8:11 am

I will keep this in mind today and in the future. TY Cheryl!

gabriele 12th July 2013 10:06 am

I have found myself criticising my partner in my mind on several occasions today. I was well aware of it, but was going down a negative spiral in my thought about our relationship. --Stopped the thoughts and promised myself to just accept him as he is and me as I am. Thanks for sharing.

Tiff 15th July 2013 10:53 pm

Beautiful. Thank you.

Heartfelt courage 16th July 2013 2:36 pm

After losing my husband of 43 years I was very brave knowing he was with me and I wanted him to be proud of me.
After 5 years I needed back into life. Turning down a friend who asked me to help her run a loss group. I didn't want to be the second person who someone would care about!
Well, be careful what you don't want. He was only months into his wife's death when we met and from the beginning all
I wanted to do was give him what he needed to get over the trauma. He tells me that I"m like no women he ever knew.
I still wonder why those little things don't anoy me and hope I never am that person! Wish I was that person with my husband!


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