“Holding the Space” for the Shift Reaffirming the Deep “Yes!” to Love

The “Yes” in your heart is the “Yes" to My Love and to the experience of the living Now Moment in which you are ever and always coming forth from Me and discovering this Love that we share – recognizing that it is everything. It is the fulfillment of your being, the nourishment of your spirit, the awakening of your heart, and the advent of its reflection as your beloved Twin Flame.

As you keep this “Yes” to Love flowering within your being, it will fill all the places that might be inclined to push away, that might be inclined to have resistance to anything that Love brings. Resistance, as you know, creates more of itself. I Am open and loving and fluid and aware, igniting always in new passion for life. It is this passion for life that is the center of all that we share.

Most of the illusion [on Earth] is based on people’s focus on what they don’t want as their experience in their life. All you have to do is look at the media to have proof of this. Yet, in order for the New World to be born, all hearts must shift to the “Yes,” the “Yes” to Love, to life, to grace, to the advent of what is called miracles, the awakening into the present of the living God I Am.

The focus is creating the world of Love – becoming a pure heart transparent to the energies of the Real, that they may pour forth into a new creation that is Love expressed as the world. This will be expressing the glorious consciousness of manifest Love in symbols of beauty and joy and abundance and sweet connection, communion, among all forms of life.

The pocket of reversal truly now begins to unravel, to reverse. Even those most staunchly resistant begin to feel the “Yes” to Love, to feel it building deep in their being and touching their recalcitrant hearts, creating the experiences in their life stream that will bring this shift about.

Many things that could be interpreted as “negative,” even as disastrous, you must know are actually cracking open the old world to make room for this “Yes” and for the New. So the most important thing right now, beloved ones, is for you to keep this connection with Me as active and fully present every moment in your heart and in all that you see – meaning that your focus is upward into the Real. You are the updraft of Love that gives release to the smoke, to the heat, to the intensity of the fire of change.

It is now most important to keep your hearts clear and ready for only Love to appear before you in the world of symbols. Through your openness as a vehicle for the Now and for the River of Life to make its entry into the world in every way, you are creating a New World in symbols to match the experience of the “Yes” to Love.

Dearest ones, you blaze the trail once again for all the precious ones to be ready to make a New World of Love. Of course this world of Love is as always the result of this light through the heart. When the heart is centered in the Real and holds the “Yes” to Love, then only Love shining forth in symbols can be the result -- a New World based in joy and freedom and openness to the flow of My abundance. This alignment to the Real creates the magnet that brings everything back to Love.

Oh, beloved ones, how deep and how rich this Love is! The Love that we share as Creator and Creator’s glorious heart… The intimacy of knowing that you are born anew every moment. You are held in My view with My focus on the Love that you are, on the wonder, on the miracle of My own heart awakening in Me in new ways. It gives us this miracle of communication that brings new possibilities of Love each Now Moment and shines them forth as an ever-new and growing creation that is the expression of this abundant Love. Endless possibilities of Love, dearest ones.

All of you who are aware of being the bridge, you truly straddle both the old world and the Real of Love, that the old may be brought to the middle, to the center, to the opening, to the Vertical, to the connection of all through the heart. Everything that would seem as outside is recognized as stemming from within. Most of all, the yearning of the Real heart is given credence by everyone on Earth.

You often hear people use the term “holding the space” for something. You, dearest ones, are truly doing this – holding the space for a New World of Love and being that which is needed in each moment to allow this to come forth and to be as effortless a shift as is possible into the expression of Heaven on Earth. Please keep your focus on transformation, regardless of what seems to change or not change, because this shift of reality into fluid is the most important thing before you right now. As always, dearest one, it can seem to take time, although this will become less and less as you recognize the power of your clear heart and this deep internal “Yes.”

If you keep this in the center of your heart, you will stay in alignment with the new energies coming in, and you won’t be mistakenly putting attention on those things to which you feel a “no.” As you know, a “no” is resistance and resistance is an old world emotion. The New World is always the expression of the Moment of Creation itself – the glorious outward explosion of Love and light and ecstasy, ever expanding, always in motion, and always creating more of itself.

Ever and always it is inclusive. Let Me tell you, dearest ones, what this means now in terms of this world transformation into the world that we call Heaven on Earth. It means that anything that is not in alignment with the perfection of Love I Am, as you wrap it in inclusiveness and you love it, it must release its association with “no” and automatically it becomes “yes.”

If there is something you wish to be different, say “Yes” in your heart and wrap it in Love so perfectly that it becomes only light. This gives it permission as moving molecules to align itself with the “Yes,” with the “Yes’ to life and perfection that is the Moment of Creation itself. It gives it thus the opportunity to rearrange itself into the expression of this glorious Love in the world of symbols as well as in the Real.

The same is true of course about anything appearing as old world. Please release all resistance and let your heart only be a “Yes” to Love, so that this pulsing Love I Am can come forth through you to bless and bring into alignment every symbol that is the world.

Right now please place all your focus on Me, dearest ones. I Am asking you to become the clear heart through which this wave of creation can bring forth the symbols of Love and create what we are calling the New World.

Know that it can be in an instant. Keep bringing yourself into alignment with the Real, even as you are allowing the perfect connection between the Real, your heart and life on Earth. Oh, beloved ones, it is the Twin Flame womb that is the fertile co-creative source that will seed this world and make a new creation that is totally based on this “Yes” to Love. It is no accident, of course, that our books say “Say YES to Love” on them all, because this “Yes” to Love is what is paramount each moment in the world as it shifts.

Say “Yes” to Love! The deepest “Yes,” the greatest, most adamant and excited, the richest and most extraordinary “Yes” that you can even comprehend and you will find that this brings into your experience the dancing atoms, the living molecules, the light and reveals to you this sweet and tender communion that is this “Yes” appearing as you.

You are My heart’s “Yes!” Oh, dearest ones, this is all of you – let Me repeat this for you so you can truly hear it. You are My heart’s “Yes” to Love, to the great and glorious expansion of My being, to My knowing My heart and Myself. This “Yes” resounds through all of Creation each Now Moment as you.

Please remember that this “Yes” is not “yes” to everything – not “yes” to anti-Love and its expression, but “Yes” to LOVE, which means the “Yes” takes you through the illusion to the truth that is ever alive beneath it. So it doesn’t mean saying “Yes” to everything that is appearing as this world now, dearest ones, but rather a “Yes” that takes you through this illusion and brings you to the truth of Love that is within – to the dancing living molecules always present even if they perhaps have frozen and they forget. They are always and ever living Love, regardless of how they are expressing at that moment.

It is this “Yes” that reaches right into them and reactivates their remembrance of what they are, and brings you back again and again to the center that is your “Yes” to Love every Now Moment, that Love’s Creation be loved by My heart and expand My ability to love passionately, to love with purpose, clarity and intent. The intention of Love is truly endless, always always always being given and expanding. Knowing Myself ever more deeply as the Source of this fountain of Love.

Drink deeply from the living Now Moment. Let it nourish you and fill you with light, and take this light that is emitted from Love’s movement and wash each electron in your whole being with its light, that you may become fully conscious, in total communion with your whole being, including every atom and electron, every molecule, every particle and every quark – until each one is also in communion with you.

You are My heart appearing here and each moment you are the exploding forth of the miracle that is Love and is life, ever more glorious and abundant, singing the great chorus that is “Yes!” “Yes” to Love, God, “Yes!” And I Am always here singing the chorus with you and expanding it in perfect magnification by the power of My own “Yes” to Love.





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