2007: The Year of Twin Flames

As we turn the calendar into the New Year, I want to speak to your deepest spirit and fill your waiting heart, and I want to tell you that this coming year is the year of the opening of the Book of Life to humankind, and the year of the awakening of Twin Flames. The year that is passing released the veil built up by the ego mind that had been covering this world like a cloud, keeping away all but the faintest light. Now even though the ego minds of many are busily working to reconstruct those clouds, at least for each individual the truth is the clouds are gone. The great sun of My Love, the light and warmth of your eternal nature is pouring into this pocket of reversal and is magnetizing everyone Home.

Only when the grip of the ego mind is broken can the heart reclaim its own. So only now can humankind awaken to the truth of the Love that each has always known – the Eternal Love of the Twin Flame, because your Twin Flame’s Love is as much a part of you as your very life, your breath and most of all, your relationship with Me. The Moment of Creation is “en-conscienced” in you, and the Moment of Creation is the great Twin Flame union.

Every life may now receive this Love. Every life, beloved ones -- that is you. Every life can now return to joy and to the deep abiding comfort of a Love that cannot be shaken nor moved nor crushed nor broken -- none of the things your ego has told you. Instead, the Love of truth shall reveal a Love that is forever part of you.

And yet, beloved ones, I must ask you to realize that you are of a spiritual nature. You are not “of this world,” and therefore, your Twin Flame’s Love is of a spiritual nature, too. Do not look to find it in this world. This will be the greatest learning, and also perhaps, the most difficult one.

Yet, I know that all of you are capable of understanding this because you understand your Christedness. You understand when I tell you that the Christ is born in you and that this Christing, this remembrance is about your living spirit. You do not expect to see it personified in some way in the physical, except as a result of the great flow of your Love.

The Twin Flame is the same. It is a great spiritual communion with the other half of your own being, the other half of your own heart. It is a deep awakening to the truth that together you are one heart beat. The pumping forth and the receiving are the two of you as one. Your experience of your Twin Flame union shall be the most miraculous, most exciting, most moving, most generous experience of your lives.

But this meeting will take place in the spirit first, always. Then, if it is appropriate to your greatest path of service, then your heart will draw your Twin Flame reflection in the symbols of the world. Or, your Twin Flame will be “embodied” by one whose heart is already before you. But most of all, I am asking you, first, to look within. Even those of you already joined with your Twin Flame in the world, please also look to the deepest spirit through the doorway of your heart to truly experience the awakening that is upon you in this year of Twin Flame Love.

All of you who are receiving this Message, you are the heart here to disseminate this truth. You are a torch carrier who has come to light the hearts of humankind, releasing the shadows of the old world of duality, and bringing remembrance of Twin Flame Love. What I say to you is that, as you go forth to share this information, the sharing itself will begin to bring you an ever-greater experience of the light and the great Love that is emanating as the one heart beat with countless parts, including your own Twin Flame Love.

It is only by making the shift, reversing the reversal, beloved ones, that things will be brought to center on Earth. The reversal has been that the ego mind has convinced you to look outside of yourself for everything, including Love. It has convinced you that the world of the senses is the world that you are meant to live in, and kept you focused on the physical and the limited and rigid identity that physical life represents.

In truth, as your heart knows, you are glorious and unlimited beings, free to roam the cosmos as a great Twin Flame heart, free to love with all the capacity of the heart of God that you are. Free to give as only the heart gives, the heart of God. You are pure consciousness and you are Love. You are reclaiming your Real nature, and as you do, you reclaim Our Love, Creator and Creator’s heart, and you reclaim your own Love for your Twin Flame. You also reclaim how this Love is always woven together, the two of you as Twin Flames and God I Am – ever and always looking to Me and receiving My Love. You take it within your great Twin Flame womb and ever and always multiply it, giving birth to more Love.

So what does it mean to life in the world that this is the year of Twin Flame Love? And what does it mean in each of your lives, also? To the world it means that so much that has been hidden that you’ve seen begin to emerge will be fully opened on Earth. The Divine Feminine shall take her place beside the Divine Masculine, and balance at last will be given birth as this world is brought to center and returned to the possibility of only Love.

It means that Real relationships between hearts that can truly love shall be amplified by all of the Angels and Masters, all the beings who are assisting you. It means that every attempt to connect in the Real with your precious Twin Flame heart, your own heart as well, shall be aided in every way. Also, you shall be supported by the great waves of Love I Am pouring into the world.

It also means that much that has been hidden behind the guise of “sanctified Love” will be cracking open, will be exposed to the light and will be assisted by you to be lifted and healed and transformed into Real Love.

In your personal lives, it means your hearts have remembered and the doorway to the Real is open – that there are no longer any veils, any guardians at the gates, any encumbrances to keep you from the Real. You may now turn inward through the gateways of your heart and go easily and directly into the experience of your Twin Flame Love.

It also means that, beloved ones – please listen! – that which is the spiritual realm shall now become more Real to you than that which you call the physical, and when it does, that is the awakening for you -- when you life shifts and you are Home again. It will not matter that you continue here, to serve in the world each Now Moment, because you will be fully and totally integrated, living the experience of Heaven, of the perfection and the glory of Creation, here on Earth.

This also means that by the power of your magnetic heart, by the power of resonance , your life in the symbols will come to match your life in the spirit. Your life, then, in the world will be an expression of pure joy and glorious Love of the never-ending and limitless abundance of God I Am, expressed in the world of symbols all around you as your life. Through this we are building the Bridge World that you call Heaven on Earth.

But first comes the focus shift, because focus, dearest ones, is everything. It is your creative fiat that tells Me where you want the energy, what you want multiplied.

So, knowing this, as you enter this New Year, it is of the utmost importance to take inventory of where you place your focus, and to make every conscious choice possible to place your focus on the truth, on the Real, on that which you know in your deepest heart is the truth, the truth of Real Love and of Real joy and abundance.

Be prepared for your life to open, to open before you, dearest ones, into everything that you could possibly want in order to express the Real you and to fulfill your commitment to a world of Love. If your life does not begin to flow, then I ask you to return to the center and to practice every day releasing the ego mind and living instead in the rich silence of the great Vertical Life, silence that is filled with the movement and energies of the River of Life, and silence that is pregnant with all the potential of Real Love.

If you do this, and you allow this opening beyond the ego’s agenda, I promise you, beloved ones, that you will be transformed and the ego mind transcended effortlessly, until you are living in ecstasy each moment, gloriously filled with life, aware of your Twin Flame Love, experiencing the Moment of Creation which is being enacted through you. You will be aware also of this beautiful merging, merging of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and ever-creating something brand new as a result of your Twin Flame Love.

How can we speak of Twin Flame Love when the world is still filled with such suffering, when so many people are wrapped up in the anguish of relationships that seem like the opposite of what we are speaking of? The answer, of course, is this. It is only when humanity returns its focus to Real Love that everything in this world will change and transform. The old world of duality shall fall away, shall be mended, and the great and glorious expression of Real Love shall be awakened and made manifest on Earth.

Because every person has a Divine Complement, a Twin Flame, then every person has the connection to Real Love. Even a small amount of reconnection to that state of glorious being where every moment is Love Making in ecstasy in the Now -- even the smallest amount of focus on feeling will bring about the great shift, change the vibration of all of humanity effortlessly and in an instant. It will make Love the focus of life on Earth, leaving all competition of egos behind, effortlessly ending all wars.

Because life on Earth is simply the reflection of heart’s beliefs, then any heart that is returned to the feeling of Real Love is a heart that is changed forever, and such a change will be reflected in the world. As all of you know, it is only by the spiritual, by the upliftment and the shift in vibration that life in the world can return to Love. To do it any other way, as you also know, is impossible.

So I bring you the gift. I bring you the key. I bring you the way to leap from what is currently happening to the world of Love that is coming. Beloved ones, I turn you to service over and above anything else because that which you give does come back to you multiplied. Giving is the Real way of life.

Each heart that you honor will change everything, dearest ones. Just as I have asked you to look through the illusion and to see every person as the Christ, I also ask you now to look through the illusion and also see the Twin Flame Love. See the Real heart with two streams of consciousness, two energies beating as one, and hold that connection in your own Twin Flame heart as you relate and you will do much to assist them, giving that person the permission to accept what is Real about them.

Supporting them with your own heart and your own focus, you will help magnetize Real Love and its return to the world. Any time you turn to your Twin Flame and connect with your heart in the Real, you always connect also to Me. Any time that you connect with Me and open yourself to this loving communion, you connect with your Twin Flame. This is what we call “the Trinity.” It is the fact that your Twin Flame is a reflection of My Love for you, and that any time you make that connection, you are connecting with Me as well.

Most of all, remember that Love and the light it emits is the substance of Creation. As you use your heart as your instrument of perception, this living Love is all that you will experience. So your every moment will be filled with all the dancing particles of light, and that which seems so solid will give way easily, and you will be floating, flowing through life without limits, honoring the Love within everything.

As you’ve always known, great Twin Flame hearts are potent, powerful beyond all imagining, and every one of you, as you connect to your Twin Flame’s Love in the Real, will have a huge impact on transforming the world into Heaven on Earth. It is the year of Twin Flame Love, and you, dearest ones, are the ones taking this forth. You are bringing this to birth in your Twin Flame heart. Thank you, precious ones, and remember -- it will not take very many awakened Twin Flame hearts to bring this world back to Love permanently. Therefore, I Am counting on you.



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