A Message for These Times: Choosing the World of the Heart

As you walk through this world in these times, beloved ones, let your hearts show you the world, not your minds. This is the cusp upon which the world stands, the transition through which the world progresses. It is the shift between the world of the mind and the world of the heart, between the human reality and the reality of Love.

The world that the heart will show you will be so different from the world in which you are used to living that it will be as if you were the Phoenix risen on gilded wings in the new dawn. Everywhere around you where others might see destruction, your hearts will show you new life, real life awakening, rising into the Light of a new day -- a new Age and a New World that builds the bridge between the old world of duality and the truth of unity.

Everywhere your heart touches, it blesses. What the single eye of the heart sees, it also loves with a Love that moves straight through you from All That I Am within you and All That I Ever Shall Be, as the world is encircled in grace and brought Home.

Thus, step-by-step shall your heart free the world from the illusion of suffering. Moment-by-moment shall your heart unfreeze all that was held in bondage. Since your heart lives only in the glorious present, the world of the heart is the world nourished by Me, perfectly. It is fed upon the endless Light of life and blessed by the warmth of Real Love, limitless and yet, intimate.

As each heart opens and the world is seen and loved through it, then each person is showered with Love, more and more Love, from all the hearts that surround it. Soon all those who once were lonely have been drawn into the wonderful human family that through the heart becomes far more than human. It becomes divine.

It is the divine family of sharing, caring and elevating each other continually. The divine family lives each day dancing in faith in My abundance. The divine family lives in a world of Nature restored to its pristine glory as it was ever meant to be - a doorway to the truth of God, every tree whispering the truth of each beloved heart's eternal nature; every flower showing you your potential to be the expression of perfect beauty; every step to the dance orchestrated by the Angels who watch over you and every movement guided by My voice, as I whisper within you.

This is the world you are entering, when you make this all-important choice to live your life from the heart rather than living from the mind. The mind, beloved ones, is the instrument of the world that is fading away. The heart is the instrument that perceives only Love and only Light. The heart sees beauty in everything, a kaleidoscope of colors, luminescent, a mandala created out of humanity that expresses the divine pattern of worship.

What the heart sees, it multiplies, for it sees only the truth of Love and Love is the substance from which All is made. Love is ever expressing more and more of itself. So when you love and you live the heart's reality, then what you love creates effortlessly. Thus do you know the secret of the loaves and fishes and the secret to your prosperity. When you see the Love of which All is made, and you love it, you multiply it. Every particle of Love creates more of itself instantly and the basket of your life is a cornucopia of blessings.

Truly, like the lilies in the fields you can dance through the life created by the heart knowing that every good thing is multiplied in your presence. I AM the endless truth of Love, vibrantly alive in All That Is. It is ever and has always been the heart's jurisdiction to multiply the particles of Love, to dance the dance of Creation, to join truth with beauty, to move together as the masculine and feminine to multiply.

Only Love and Light create. Only the living particles and waveforms of the universal element of Creation will bring true abundance to you. Not thought forms, not the little mind's desires. Not the needs of the old world situation. I whisper deep within you, beloved ones, remember! Only Love creates and Love is a movement of feeling. Love is endlessly present in all dimensions. Love is the substance of which your heart is made. I AM the heart within you as you are the heart in Me.

Let My Light, My voice, inspire you and direct the creative power of your heart. Do this and you have the melding of the forces of Creation right here within you. Instantly before your heart perception, Good shall multiply and bless you and all that you need will be provided, as you amplify, multiply and give more Love.

A life lived from the center, from the heart, moves only where I lead, and listens to the Will of the living Whole, the endless all-encompassing expression. It is the perfect Will of Love to give openly and completely touch and ignite creative energy, bringing more and more Love to you in answer to the Love you give.

Thus, as I have said to you before, trust Me. I will provide. And as you have seen and known for eons, you can multiply the loaves and fishes by loving them. Not with the ego's goal of getting - getting something that makes the little self happy - but rather just to be this Love, giving forth more and more blessings. Love every symbol of your life, even those things the ego judges, because every particle of everything is made of only one substance and that is Love.

Love even those things that appear as shadows, those things judged as darkness by the mind. When seen by the heart, they are dancing particles of Love enlivened with the Light I Am. Beloved ones, there is nothing else. Everything else is like a dance by finger puppets held up before a light beam. The dance of the old world of ego has just as little substance as this. It disappears when you see it with the heart that is the single eye that Jesus mentions. If your eye is single, your whole body, your whole world is filled with Light for that is all there is.

Lead with your heart and a new world will reveal itself instantly to you. You will find yourself living in overflowing joy, awed by the abundance and the beauty. While at first there could be a small delay while the old world leaves your perceptions, that which you allow your heart to love will quickly come to bless you. You shall become the heart of Love I Am, pulsing out this message to everyone, not through the words that you speak or the ponderous thoughts the mind entertains, but rather, through the moments of your days spent loving everything and everyone.

This is what will change the world, beloved ones, and change it quickly. You have always known it will, for deep inside your purpose always sang and even brought your mind into its vision of a world of only Love and beauty. It is here. It is yours. It is simple. It is just a matter of changing the channel, changing your instrument of perception and listening for My guidance on where and how to use your heart to multiply Love's blessings effortlessly.

Practice, beloved ones, every day. If you cannot instantly make the shift, practice living through your heart. Practice seeing with only heart perception. Build your ability to be the heart of Love I Am and you will find Love's momentum, then, will catch you up and suddenly you are living in grace. Your heart will be open and giving. Your whole being will be a doorway to the Real of Love and every moment will be truly lived in ecstasy. Are you ready? I Am.



Peter fox 13th July 2014 1:27 pm

I'm ready. Thank you.


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