A Message from the Nature Spirits and the Animals

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello...hello. We are the Spirits of the Creator's glorious Light that is all around you and shares the expression of life as this world. We are the Spirits of Nature, the Spirits of the animals, the elements of Light and life and growth. We are the living consciousness that is this planet and the magnificent intricacies of this shared life are ours to bring you.

We have so much that we would like to share with you, humanity. We seek at last to open the perception of your hearts that you can see that this glory of life, this beauty, all of it is what you might name "en-souled." We would say it is an aspect of the Creator's Love held in consciousness that life may be shared and this great beauty, this wondrous hologram of Creation be experienced.

You are not meant to walk this world so alone. Oh, you might believe that you are surrounded by other people, that you share your life with animals, you have your garden. But we say to you that you don't hear us and don't see us and aren't aware that everywhere you move, you are touched, loved and have many friends that cannot be seen with the ego's eyes. Seen only with the open perception of the heart and the sensitivity of the Spirit.

It is time for you to understand that God makes evident every glorious aspect of Her being so that you might share your very breath with this great panoply of endless fully alive beings that share this world. So, the next time you step out of your house, open your heart and mind and ask to come and share with you. Simply hold the space of silence that allows us to have this touch and this deep and glorious communication with each of you, that you might truly see this world as the magical jewel-toned expression of the Creator's Love for you.

Everything here is a sentence that says "I love you." Nothing would be in the world were it not so. All of us are reaching for you constantly to bring you the many facets of the Creator's Message, all the expressions of beauty that are given to you that you might know how much you are loved, how rich is life in God, how everywhere you look, you see before you another aspect of Her beauty that you can play in the fields of joy that are this life in the world - dance to the winds and feast on the cornucopia of the rich abundance life that is God's nourishment. All of it is meant for you as totally a gift abundant in its presentation that you may ever be held as one with this great and glorious life.

Can you imagine that which you have named "The Garden of Eden" where every tree and flower would speak your name? Where you would walk the fields as the one you call Jeshua or Jesus and experience life in the world as he did, where every flower would bow before you and speak your holy name and honor you as the Creator's heart. Fruit from the trees would literally jump into your hands as you passed. The brooks would sing your name with every burbling flow. The animals, your constant companions and friends, would converse with you in the language of the unlimited spirits, completely understood by each other.

Every moment would be the greatest joy, the most fun. You would be filled with excitement at what each moment could bring for you would know that the Creator's gift of life was coming to you again and again in a million ways through everything that you could see, feel or touch.

It is time for you at last to experience this world again that is open and filled with richness and beauty, where everything is the expression of the Creator's gift to you and you breathe them in and know that they are all you need. Life is meant to care for you, to hold you in its many faceted arms and Love. Everywhere you walk in every single second you live you are surrounded by Love's conscious guardians, taking care of you as the expression in the symbols of the world, the forms and movements of life that are all around you. The true expression of how you are honored by the One in whom you live and have your being...

So let us whisper to you of the tender way that you are loved, by whatever name you choose to call yourself...children of the most High, heart of the living universe, heart of the God or Goddess in full expression... however you say it. It doesn't matter. For what you feel in your heart is the true language and it is far far beyond words. What we want for you is for you to live in a world of such beauty that every moment you are overwhelmed in gratitude, speechless with the unlimited abundance given to you by the One in whom you live.

Oh, we long for you to feel the kiss of the Creator's tenderness in the movement of the Wind Spirits as they touch you, in the glory of the sunset that paints for you a powerful and fully readable message that speaks to you what Love speaks to give you in that eternal moment. The friendships of the heart that we offer you are rich and varied and gloriously unlimited for we seek to walk beside you as your animals, to feed you life as the food from your garden, to speak to you as the crickets and frogs who serenade you perfectly in the harmony of the one song that we all share.

The night sky paints for you the Morse Code of Love in the patterns of the stars and the song of the moon, all of which you can understand impeccably if you want to, if you so choose to open your heart. Oh, how we want you to feel the richness of God's glorious Love, giving to you these gifts of life and beauty...friendships and guardians all... we come to you, that every moment may be an epiphany. Those things that you've believed might happen once in a life, or perhaps you might experience on a vision quest... We are here to say to you they are your daily fare. We know that at last you are ready to live in this kind of world.

Every world that is possible is layered here in this multi-dimensional sphere of possibilities. You, as the true consciousness of God in form, can choose any one at any moment, and we ask you to choose us, to choose relationship with life that is fully conscious and a continual and glorious celebration of beauty. When you live as the heart of God in the center of the joyous universe, then all that you see is that which you feel within you. Everywhere you look, you see an aspect of the Creator's Love coming to share with you your own unending beauty and the endless possibilities of Love.

There are no limits to the awakened heart and consciousness, but we all assure you that we are absolutely "real." We are every bit as real as you and more real than your thoughts for we are the flow of the Creator's many aspects held in consciousness to be shared with you the moment that you say "yes" to us.

Become a part of the rainbow bridge to the world of Love by opening to life's full and living communion. Create the stillness within which you can hear our voice. When you hear it, we promise it is unmistakable and far different from the incessant voice of the little mind, for we speak deep into your heart and being and you shall feel our resonance first and then our message. It must come through your heart first to be felt and then you can translate it through the mind so that you understand this communion in all its aspects as part of this living hologram in which you live and which you love.

If you will open to the greater experience of life in this world, it will release you from the ego's hold upon you, for it expands your possibilities into the realm of the heart and opens you to the greater God mind, the fullness of consciousness. Thus you become less and less ego-centric, less able to continue to live the ego's dramas, more alive to the scintillating and intimate dance of true life energy where you can reach out your hand and receive the riches of all God is, right within it, apprehended through unlimited grace as the great and shining wheel of the heart becomes your reality, so full, so vast, so rich that it connects with life as the hologram, rather than being linear and limited like the human mind.

Thus, if you walk in a heart-centered world, you shall hear your animals and they will help you grow and understand the hologram, that every life speaks and knows the Creator's Love and all of life is perpetually and deeply honored. All of life is giving to each other constantly that the endless Love may nourish everything and especially you, who are its center. Every moment increases your joy and richness and the illusion of any possibility of loneliness shall disappear as we welcome you into the glorious song of the Creator's Love, sung through us this great panoply of amazing life that holds in consciousness the many facets of God, each one loving you and each one communicating perfectly Love's message for you, right now.




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