A New Relationship with the World

What I want you to feel, each of you, beloved ones, is what is true about life, for once you understand what is true about life – which means, what is true about Me, about Love – then everything falls into place and you are free. You are free from the dream of the ego mind, but most of all free to be ecstasy and to experience every living Now Moment as the glory of Making Love, for that is the living truth. Every moment in the Real is ever, always and only the great and glorious LoveMaking, and as you become aware of this, and join the holy union, then the tremoring ecstasy, the pulsing of life comes to be experienced through you in every Now Moment.

Once you experience this truth about the great LoveMaking, then everything in your life, beloved ones, becomes this and the veil of the little mind is parted. Once it is parted, then you have the privilege of experiencing that life on Earth is exactly this as well. Every moment that the light shines and the Love comes to greet it – that every expression of Love is expressed in the symbols of the world and every symbol will reveal to you the truth that is behind it. It is ever and only shimmering light meeting with the glory of Love.

Yet the truth of the Real can only be felt, only in the living Now Moment, and only as you reclaim this presence will you understand that the story has simply been the ego mind’s distraction from what is really happening right here. For consciousness and Love are always meeting and dancing, joining, exploding, creating everywhere. In all Creation there is only this, dear ones, and everything else is an overlay created by the little mind to take you out of the moment and remove you from this glorious dance – the dance of LoveMaking that is the only Real and is ever present no matter which way you reach. Whether you lift directly into the realms of Love or whether you go through the doorway of the symbols, it is all, ever and always the same. If you are alive to Me and fully present in the living Now, then you can’t help but feel the ecstasy and the glory of this holy union that is the truth of life.

So the world is also made of light and Love together, joined in the glorious LoveMaking that is the Moment of Creation itself, and everything expressed as the symbols of the world itself that is Nature is the glorious “shout” of the orgasm as God I Am is Making Love. Anything else is an illusion. It is My out-reach now to give you every possible doorway to release the separation that has come from the little mind and to return you to the great pulsing ecstasy that is the truth of life, that every heart shall feel it and every life shall know that of which it is made.

The only point of power is the living Now, and the only point of awakening is the Now Moment as well. The only place where you can create as the co-creators that you are is, of course, the holy moment, the living and only Now. So it is time to understand the great weaving of consciousness and Love, dearest ones, that is the Real LoveMaking that is everywhere being expressed, including in your lives, in the life that you are as Twin Flame Love.

Yet, this Love does not need definition. It does not need to be claimed in any way. It needs only to be lived as the living orgasm that is the ecstasy, the bliss, the Hallelujah, the explosion of joy that I Am. So once you have experienced this great LoveMaking in the Real, then it also becomes reflected in your experience of the world, and every moment becomes inbued with grace, but most of all, with the pulsing ecstasy that is the signature of the great union that We Are – All That Is Making Love Now.

As I will show you, you can also come to this experience through being present, because the moment you are free of the dream of separation, the dream of Time, of a past and a future – then you cannot help but being present in the Real, and thus, in the great LoveMaking that is consciousness and heart, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, coming together in a union of Love that is so deep and so profound that there is no separation, dearest ones, even here. Twin Flames are alive in each other. The Moment of Creation is a glorious blessing in which that which was unaware, unmanifested is penetrated with complete awareness, and the dawning of consciousness comes when Love is fully known. That is the Moment of Creation.

It is yours, right now. When All That Is held as separate is allowed to be brought in to the great womb of Love, then your whole life becomes the expression of the union of consciousness and Love.

Thus, you live in the point of power, breathing the circular breath that is the unity of heart and consciousness, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Making Love, until it is so fully present in you, as you, that every moment everything is Making Love in and through and as your Twin Flame heart, and your relationship with the world is just the same. It too is Making Love through you, and you also are experiencing it. You are Making Love with the world as well.

Consciousness and heart, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Twin Flame Love in the Real – all these things the mind wants to see as separate, and yet, in truth they are all interwoven together as is your Twin Flame heart. Twin Flame Love in the Real, in the realms of light is ever and always merging, a blending and expression of the Moment of Creation as you. There is never a place where you begin and end, where Pra begins or stops but rather, there is the weaving of your awareness and your glorious heart. So where I am going with this is that I invite you to truly explore the Now Moment and to recognize that when you do, the ego mind disappears. This of course is what it is afraid of. It cannot exist in the living Now Moment because the Now Moment IS the Real, and therefore it is totally invested in keeping you in the future or in the past. Thus I strengthen your ability to be present, for in the present, dearest ones, we are joined. There is one Love, alive through all of it, living, speaking, loving as you. Thus, the one Love expresses itself in you, together, every moment as Making Love.

Whether or not you are coming together in the physical, you are joining energies, joining forces, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and are available for Love to fully use, to fully be its expression through you, but it is bigger than “through you.” It is “as” you. It is everything. It is your total immersion in the dance.

So I have encouraged you to practice heart perception, to have relationship with all life through your heart, and now I encourage you to become fully present in the Now, to be the embodiment of consciousness as well, that in and through you each Now Moment, your Twin Flame Love can reveal itself as a unity that washes through what seems like two expressions -- Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine – but it’s only one being, one dance. In the moment, beloved ones, each of you, you can understand this. You can experience it for the truth of what it is.

The little mind cannot understand unity and sees everything as either/or, as black or white, as Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine, as two bodies, as Twin Flames one on Earth and one in the Real. And yet, without the little mind, you are blended. Oh, yes, you are ever and always aware of yourself. Yet you are also aware of your union, your oneness, those moments in the heartbeat of God I Am where you are All That Is as an expression of that which I Am – the great and glorious LoveMaking becoming embodied as you right here. One of the greatest challenges, as you already know, of life on Earth is the ego’s stories, and how it is constantly attempting to pull each precious one out of the center, out of the moment that is Real and into the illusory dance of reversal that is the world of duality that is passing away. Even each of you still hold the mind-creation, this identity it has come up with as the little you as something “real,” even though you know it isn’t.

Yet the doorway of the Now not only lifts you but it transforms the ego mind as well by dissolving it in the great Moment of Creation where it can become the consciousness that is truth.

So I now begin the unification, the moving beyond ego mind all together – that rather than working with leaving behind the human identity, instead I deliver the experience of consciousness and Love in a way that will show you that these are one holy breath – the in-breath and out-breath of the Moment of Creation, and that the doorway to the Real can be anywhere on that circle – through either consciousness or through heart, until the present is all that is Real to any of you anymore. Then the New World shall reveal itself as pure light infused by the relationship of the heart, dearest ones. One great and glorious expression of the living whole that we are together.

So do I ask you to now shift your relationship with the world that seems to be before you, and recognize that what you are seeing is merely light and symbols of the great Hallelujah, the orgasm of the Now Moment. The moment that anyone is fully present, that doorway is fully open. Each of you enter into the great LoveMaking, in and as the world, AND the Real – because in truth, they are one.

This of course has to be, for the illusion is a mind game. It is the freezing of Love through ideas of the mind, but once the mind is no longer allowed to move you from the present, then the world is revealed as the same sacred dance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Making Love, interwoven and expressing that glorious relationship in beauty and color, in dancing light, in streams of consciousness in which every orgasmic “shout” is embodied as a magnificent expression of the whole.

I am disconnecting you from the backward dream of the ego mind and its illusion of frozen Love and all that is separate, and reintroducing you to the experience of being alive here as both consciousness and Love together, without the intercessor of the ego mind or little will.

Creation is both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, both consciousness and Love, the ocean and the Will. You can now see that your experience of growing into your heart, into heart perception, into the experience of Real Love is only part of the experience of the great union that is Creation itself and thus, embodied in Twin Flame Love in all of you in life on Earth. Now, at last, you are ready to now experience the other part, experiencing consciousness as well as Love, as well as perceptions of the heart. When we weave this all together in you, you will be completely free of the dream of ego mind, free to live and be Twin Flame Love – both as it is expressed through the symbols of these bodies and as it is experienced in the Real as a great and continual pulse or blending, coming together, becoming one and moving apart just enough to have this glorious relationship, this explosion that is Creation. --



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