A New Year’s Resolution - Become the Chalice and the Light

Beloved ones, let this water of the living Spirit made of the ever-flowing movement of Light, the pouring forth of the electrons of the pure substance of living Love – let it fill now your whole being with these waters of truth. I ask you to become the living chalice for these waters, the Real Light waters of the truth of the Spirit that is that which quenches your Real thirst, the thirst for your awareness of your heart.

As you come to this time of the turning of the year, the time when most of you make New Year’s Resolutions, I ask you for a new resolution as you open the doorway to this year of transformation and the “en-conscious-ment” of Twin Flame Love on Earth. I ask you to fill your whole being with these dancing Light-waters of truth until the chalice that is your identity in this world of duality and illusion is only the thinnest layer of molecules, just enough to contain this Light -- that you may go forth, each of you, impeccably to pour these waters of living truth into the waiting hearts and consciousness of every precious being in the world.

Most of all what I ask of you is the release of your identity as a separate human being to the point where this living Light within you meets the living Light of All I Am and you recognize in your deepest heart that they are One -- that you may go forth now with an entirely new devotion, that devotion to the living vision of this world as the reflection of Love and grace.

What this requires of you, each of you, beloved ones, is another choice to deepen your commitment to the Real and to hold the vision of this world as the expression of the unity of Love as a world that is Heaven on Earth. What I Am asking of you now, each of you and all together, is a New Year’s Resolution of the heart that places all your focus completely on the vision of that which we are creating as the bridge, as the world of peace and beauty that is a reflection of the Love we share.

I ask you for a new commitment, a renewed commitment to the perception of your heart. Beloved ones, you are My focal point and this world must be transformed through the purity of your vision and your Love and your focus on the New World of grace. You might say to Me, “Beloved God, I do this. I am committed.” And yet, I ask you to examine how often the ego mind is the vehicle of your perception and just how much your attention is on the world of duality that must fade away.

The only way that you can live as one with this unity of Love I Am is to place your focus unrelentingly on the living truth of God I Am, allowing Me to nourish you every moment until the unity of Love I Am, this Light, this Love, this living truth is everything you see every Now. Then every moment’s living pulse of explosive and glorious atomic Love shall be directed through your heart and your consciousness into the expression of a world of only Love.

In other words, dearest ones, heart of All That Is, you cannot waver in your focus for if you do, you create duality. You allow this pulsing Love to come in and to be directed to a world of two powers, of Love and something else again.

If you see the old world when you look upon anything, then the old world is what you strengthen. But if you see the living Christ when you look upon another person, if you see hands held in peace, if you see a world of plenty, accepting this nourishment of living Love I pour forth as My very being – then this is what we co-create, you, My very expressive heart, as all that lives within us is expressed in the symbols of this world around you.

So taste these living waters now, molecules of Light so delicious that you satisfy your every craving and fill you up so impossibly full that you are overflowing with joy and life, and rejoicing in the truth of your larger being each time you step forth into the world. Then you shall bring forth that which truly is resting behind the façade of this illusion.

Yet to do this takes incredible devotion to the cause of Love now before you. This devotion is what I ask of you now.

So let your New Year’s Resolution be to release the world of duality, to simply open your hand and heart and your mind and let all that has been caged within you by the ego mind dilemma of how to continually hold on to its own identity – simply let it fall away that you may release your heart at last to Me in all its glorious fullness and accept this grace that requires nothing of you, beloved ones. Nothing at all.

There is no need for atonement or for forgiveness. Simply the acceptance of your pristine purity, your magnificence and beauty as brand new life, born right now in the heart of eternity as the fiery chalice of rejoicing of the All. It is sent, dear ones, as a blessing, a benediction of Love, a vehicle to deliver All That I Feel and deliver it perfectly each living Now.

To do this you must simply feel the living waters within and the ocean of Love around you and let the two meet. As they do, all the barriers of the ego mind must fall away. All those creations of a false and separate identity that keep the inner ocean of your living heart from connecting with the Love you live in, with the greater ocean of God I Am all around you, and igniting the spark that explodes it all into One.

I Ask you in preparation for your New Year’s Resolution to accept this grace that I now give you, to let it wash away all anxiety and all the stories of the world you still hold about Me; and about what it takes to be the heart of God, a child of Love exclusively; about what is required of you in order to live this. Prepare yourself for the gift of your heart in full blossom and the cup of your being awakened as the living chalice through which I love all Creation.

When you become these living waters, then no barrier of the ego mind can restrain you or can fool you into believing the lie of separation ever again. You shall walk in the world as the living Christ, the heart of God I Am, fully conscious, the glorious chalice of Twin Flame Love, bringing forth these living waters of truth to every waiting human heart – and pouring it forth as well as this living benediction on every precious life form on Earth.

But what it takes to bring this vision forth, to open the floodgates of the Real into the world is to hold this vision of the truth of Love, of the bridge of a world of perfection exclusively, beloved ones, now, until That Which I Am as you can bring it forth to manifest in the symbols of this world.

You are the cup of life – that which is meant to feed and to quench the thirst of this thirsty world. But you cannot do this if you buy into the illusion. While your hearts may recognize this truth, your ego minds have still held sway and presented you incessantly with the illusion in the thought forms that you hold each day.

So together we are the vision of a world of Love and unity and joy. I ask you to all join together as you approach this New Year’s day and to let this vision become your reality, let it soak into your being and let it shift your mind and ego, shift them out of the way while you sink into your heart and make the resolution to use only heart perception in everything you do from now on.

It will take not only deep commitment but gentle loving support for each other to remind each other with care and compassion to release the old identity no matter what the world places before you, and to hold the vision of the world of only Love. I ask you to let this year, this new year now entering be the year of transformation that it is meant to. Let it be the opening of your true identity as the Twin Flame heart of God I Am, and the “en-conscious-ment” of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into the world – that it may be returned to its pristine state of beauty as the reflection of the heart of Love I Am.

Ah, your Light bodies now attune to the matrix of living Light that is the pattern for the New World. I ask you to support this in every way possible, to feel the vibrational reality of this matrix of Light and to do all that you can to amplify this pattern of the Real as the world in symbols of ease and grace and unity.

Hold in your Twin Flame heart every person on the Earth and every person surrounding the Earth in what you call “the astral” and all beings caught in the web of separation, light and dark, good and evil, that we may lift up the vibration and the world itself through the vision of pure Light and Love.
For when your focus is unwavering and your heart is your vehicle of perception, nothing can stand in the way of this new creation made manifest in, as and through you.

It is so easy to say “Yes” to Me and to make these commitments again and again, but I Am asking of you now to put forth the extra effort, to keep your mode of perception through your heart and each moment to refuse the view of duality, even when that duality manifests as your body and as the aches and pains and dramas of the old world – even when they are playing out all around you, before you and seemingly within you.

I ask you to use your God power to release them and to place your focus on the world of Love we are creating. As I have said to you before, simply observe how much of the time your focus is on the old world and how much of the time your focus on the Real and on the vision of the world we are creating now together. You will know instantly the level of your success in holding to this new resolution and this new devotion, devotion to the truth you are and to living the fullness of this Love and to hold its force before you with a living candle.

The moment that you do, dearest one, it will light the world just as turning on a light anywhere will do. This light will dissolve every last one of the shadows that are the images of duality and separation from Me. You will find that where you thought you saw a world of stress and pain and fear, what you see now is a world of grace and beauty. You are looking at exactly the same thing but with different modes of perception – looking at it now with the single eye of your open heart and perceiving only the heart reality, instead of the two eyes of duality, or personality and physicality that report to you a world made of shadows. All of you know how creepy, how scary the shadows can be.

So walking around in the dark is always scary but you must remember that you are the burning light, the living Light of God I Am and you are My glorious heart’s true resonance. If you hold to the truth of the Love that you are and shine forth your Light as this living candle, I promise you the shadows will disappear, until what stands revealed is that which has always been known by those who could see with the true modes of perception.

It is the world of beauty and Love, perfection and joy, true abundance and direct God nourishment – that which you have called the Garden of Eden. Beloved ones, it is still here waiting for you always, every symbol of My perfect Love that you come to realize is now held within you as the divine chalices of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – the actual energies of Creation. These are you and you are ready now to become their incarnation in this spiritual world of unity and joy.

This is the doorway. This year, this beginning. The year 2008. The year of the Twin Flame symbol. It is the opening of the New World transformation and the last segment of the corridor of time. It is the beginning of the time of transformation, the transition into the New World.

You are the ones who shine forth the Light that will bring the New World here, will restore to you that which is always present and is always revealed the moment you open into the stillness. That is the truth that there is only Love and nothing else. The Real world shall always reflect it.

And yet it is a different dimension, a different vibration, a different seat of reality that can be seen only through the single eye of the heart and the consciousness of pure Light, and therefore, has been hidden from you and can be seen as another place or another world because it can seem so different from the world perceived through the perception of duality and the two eyes of the ego.

There have always been those who have seen the Real world and have walked the face of this Earth in ecstasy and beauty. They have found revealed the language of Light and the nourishment of pure beauty right in the midst of the old world vibration. This is what I now ask of you.

But not as separate, as those who are different, as a cadre of special people who can see with the heart – but rather, as the true manifestation of what every person is in the Real when expressing their true nature and seeing with the eye of the heart. Just as is true with the light of a candle or a lantern or a great spotlight, when a light cracks the darkness and sheds light into the world, this light gives true vision to all others in its presence.

So it is with each of you. As your heart light shines brightly, as you discover the atomic nature of your Twin Flame Love, you can and will light the world in one glorious instant, the moment you recognize that which you truly are. Let this be the year that you do so and that the Light of your coming forth, of your recognition of all that you are becomes the Light that lights the world and the Love, dearest ones, that nourishes it – that every human heart stands revealed as the heart of God I Am.



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