A New Year’s Message from Jesus

I am Jeshua. I am the one that you know as Jesus. I am the being who holds in consciousness the energy of the Christos, the Christ, the living purity of Love that is the essence of our Creator. I am the one who is the bridge between that which is the pure Light and the movement of Creation -- and life within the world that is experienced by humanity.

I am the perfect one to come to you for new beginnings - to speak with you friend-to-friend about the New World, the New Year and the new life being born within you. It is the birth of a spirit of freedom and joy that truly gives your heart wings. This is what I wish for you, my dearest friends, as you greet this New Year.

Come! Let us dance a new dance for humankind. Let us sing a new song of life as freedom. As your heart remembers what it means to be unlimited, let us together bring humanity into the dance. Let us love them well and purely and assist each one to become something new, born of Light and Spirit, embracing freedom and joy.

Many of you take this time in the year to make resolutions and to set goals. May I suggest that this year's resolutions be to drop all that holds you down and to create with a spirit of Love, embracing your limitless nature, your true creativity as the living heart of our Creator.

I have lived in the experience of humanity, and so I will come to walk beside you and to be your friend and guide. I can say to you, "Rise higher. Wrap your wings. Drop your ballast. Release everything that has held you down for so long and fly into the Light of glorious freedom and your truth as the living spirit of Love."

But I can also say to you, "Remember the world you live in, and the commitment that you made with heart and soul to come into this world to be that energy that gives humanity the power to rise and to become co-creators of a New World of Love."

When you fly to the Light with wings extended, focusing only on that freedom, I can whisper into your heart and say, "Remember your brothers and sisters. Remember that you too are the bridge from that which is the movement of Love and Light, and that which is a world being born into something new - into a new awareness of the whole."

I came and I lived the symbol of the cross. It was purposeful, of course, that the cross has become how you know me - not because of the image of my suffering upon it. Obviously you know by now that this was a lie. I suffered not at all, except in the deep recognition of the anguish that humanity experiences in being separate from God.

I came and used the cross as my symbol because the cross is that which unites, that which is the Light rising and that which is the world that we serve. We serve together, my dearest friends, and this service requires balance. So I come to walk beside you that you may be born of the spirit anew and claim your ability to create with Love the world that embraces the whole and gives everyone the experience of life exuberant, glorious and free.

Let this year be dedicated to releasing the old baggage - whether it is your own baggage or the baggage of humanity that keeps any belief of suffering and confusion and limitation, pain and despair as a part of any life. As we give full expression to the joy and the freedom you are, and your winged heart rises into the unity, the oneness, and your heart rejoices as you become the living spirit - let that rising become a spiral of creation with intent in which every turn gathers up the precious ones, humanity, and brings them into the Light with you.

This year shall become the year of freedom, in which you too become the bridge between Heaven and Earth - a year in which you dance the joyous energy of that which is limitless and the spirit of God that rises alive within you - a year in which you embrace the power of your co-creatorship and join with me in freeing the human race and bringing the winged freedom of the heart to every being who sees itself now on Earth.

To do this requires never forgetting who you are. Never forgetting that life is such a treasure and that the miracle of new life is waiting to be brought forth in Love through the power of your consciousness and your heart in focus. Thus, you too become the living cross, the straight and true conduit of pure Love. You become the unlimited consciousness of freedom, the exuberant joy that flows from God and bubbles up through you to feed the world and to love all life free, perfectly -- from where you are, as the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

To walk these steps with me is to carry with honor the mantle of the Christos, the Christ, that says to God, our glorious Creator, "No life is free if anyone is left believing they are bereft or alone."

So you come to walk the Earth as the Bodhisattva, he or she who has made the pledge to serve and to be the Light, to be the movement of Love's wholeness, carefully focused in the world. Every movement is done with reverence and every heart is honored, and through that honoring, released from all of its ballast that keeps it tied to a world that is not blessed in limitless joy.

There is a way to be in the world, but not of it. That way is to celebrate your life, to celebrate the truth of Christ within you in every moment that you live in reverence in the world.

Then you are lighting the Light of freedom in every heart consciously in service, until the world is lit by a billion flames, a billion, zillion flames of rejoicing, when every heart is flying free as yours is. This comes, my dearest friends, through simple recognition. Every mind is wholly alive and free to live exuberantly and to celebrate the bounty of Real life as it is lived in unity with God.

So what does it take to begin this year holding this candle, this Light that is meant to ignite each human heart and to do this work in partnership with our Creator, without "buying in" to any of the old beliefs - even when you encounter the pull of the old decisions that you yourself once made?

Once again, my answer is to celebrate each area of life by living it with passion and with joy and living it in the spirit of God's plenty -- with a consciousness that soars unto the pinnacle, and a heart as big as the world.

When every heart is cherished within yours, and every life is seen to be precious, and the freedom of the living God of Love is that which speaks with your voice and loves with your heart - then you will be the extension of God's glory and the movement of Her Love in tenderness. You will be honoring every pristine heart before you and in them, bringing to birth the Christ as humanity.

To do this, let us plant in our collective consciousness the awareness of the winged heart of humankind as it rises unfettered into the starry cosmos, lifted on the up-breath of God and bathed in the pure Light of Heaven, while walking in reverence upon the Earth.

Let us be willing to be the vast and glorious consciousness that dreams into being the world that God created, a world of Light and dancing living unity and of passionate Love shared with every breath. It is surrounded with God's opulence and plenty, until the world is so filled with Light that it truly becomes that winged heart, rising into the Light itself to be melted back into the living substance of unity and Love.

I will teach you how to be the cross of Creation, how to be the unlimited life of the Vertical, while holding humankind in the arms of the cross, your arms extended horizontally to embrace all life.

While embracing life passionately and exuberantly, in that place where the cross meets in the center, beloved friends, is your heart, your heart that is the center and the miracle. Your heart ties the two together, the upright movement that is the spirit, with the experience of life in the world, and creates of those two things one Love, one life, one thing. That is the miracle.

That, dear friends, has always been our purpose, a purpose which we now can accomplish. We accomplish it by living daily in such exuberance that we truly are in Love with life. When you are in Love with life, there are no such things as problems. There are only more things to love.

"Look," you shall say. "Look at this new experience. Let me feel it so I connect to my beloved brothers and sisters of heart who are humanity. We can celebrate this life together and bring this experience back to the center, the Vertical, remembering the spirit within it and the miracle, the miracle where Heaven and Earth are joined, that is the heart."

As you dance life in this New Year, embracing every experience as something delicious to love, something amazing that you get to share with humanity and something that you can lift up into the Light - then you begin to love the world so passionately that it remembers its truth.

Whatever it is, whether it be the human experience or the forces of Nature or the flow of life experience that is sometimes "bumpy" - all of it, when held in the heart in reverence, is immediately "risen up" as I was into the remembrance of life as something eternal and all-inclusive.

Once this is remembered, that is the miracle, as the heart transforms everything with its power, as it brings the true entrainment of the world to center. Life itself becomes the heart of God experiencing a deep and powerful remembrance that all is Love.

If you remember my countenance when I walked the world, you remember that Love radiates through my whole being. My eyes held each gaze and saw the miracle of every life. Every increment of life on Earth was joy for me. While it was true that I did not share humanity's programming, it is also true that freedom lives within all of you and that freedom comes from living life as a celebration.

It comes from living every moment with exuberance and joy and with the deepest gratitude for the miracle of being the living Christos, uniting Heaven and Earth through life, through heart, through body, through consciousness, through intention, through purpose. Most of all, it comes through the living spirit of the "I Am" that brings us God power to use as living co-creators, breathing the miracle of the moment-to-moment gift of pure life. This is what we share.

We share it with the precious animals and with the children, with those who already know and who trust and who remind us of the gentleness of the Creator's Love and that God has a purpose for every one of us. We share it with those who are weary in their travels. We share it with those who are "all business." We share it with those things that seem inanimate but when we listen they speak with the spirit's voice. We share it with all things that feed the unity and that begin to prove themselves through us. The living breathing movement of God becomes us, and we become the living "I Am," sharing the Love with our every breath. When we share it, we see it everywhere and it sees us.

The hands of God hold the world in tenderness and cherish every life completely. So too shall we share bringing the pendulum of life on Earth back into the center where God is recognized as the world and the world sees God in everything, and all is whole once again.

This balance is what it means to live as Christ. It was a balance that I also had to learn, not from the perspective of humankind, for you must learn to see the Light and live the joy. But seeing it, then you must learn as I did, to walk that Light and freedom back into the world and to weave it into the living fabric of the Earth and of the precious lives of every living being until the tapestry is truly seen as perfect, shining, amazing, impeccable. The living cross of Creation is made whole and perfect by our Love.

So, are you willing to be the Christ in this New Year? And to recognize that freedom can only come when every heart is free? And that enlightenment is never something that can be accomplished alone? Shall we take each other's hand and join the circle - life-to-life, heart-to-heart in reverence, bringing everyone back into the One, into the truth that the heart is the miracle that unites the living God, the Light of All That Is, with everything alive on Earth and makes of them truly a living miracle of plentitude, gratitude and joy.




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