A Shift in Perception Brings You Into the Freedom of God

Beloved, precious heart of God, it is time for you to rise to Me, dropping the ballast that you have used to make yourself believe that you are an ordinary human. It is time to release it, to let it all go, that you might fly free. It is time for you to place your focus only on the truth of who you are as the instrument of My Love, as a blessing going forth through you every moment, eternally.

I must tell you that the ego mind is tricky and has created your perception of worldly life to keep your thoughts divided, to keep you focused on something other than Me, something other than the beauty of Love. It makes you believe that you must entertain it or you will be bored or unhappy. It drags you around unmercifully creating for you all kinds of convoluted thought systems in order to manifest the world of duality.

As I have said to you many times before, this ballast that you carry, this weight that takes up so much energy and time - I promise you that if you simply drop the ballast of the ego mind, you will rise effortlessly into the spirit where you belong. You are not a human being. You are a living spirit of Light. To believe that you are human is like an eagle believing itself to be a caged chicken. It is not its true nature.

As you rise, your heart will open itself to its true perception without the constant tug of war with the ego that has been your experience of evolution. I encourage you now to release the perception of evolving consciousness, and to step through the doorway of the truth that is unlimited freedom.

How can you hold this perspective and keep yourself from falling back into the weighty matters of physical life? The only answer is My presence and the power of silence, the power of the great shift to heart perception. That shift brings you into alignment with the truth of Love effortlessly in every moment and gives you the means by which you experience your wholeness, life's beauty and our endless and limitless and communion.

Through the perception of the heart, all things will shine before you, revealing for you their truth in Me -- the movement of the Holy Spirit and the awakening to a new perception of life in which everything is in communication and nothing is unavailable to you. Every heart is open and in communication and seeks freedom, for this is every heart's Real truth.

As you come through this doorway of awakening into a far greater perception of the world, let Me take you easily on a journey that will show you the two ways of viewing the world. Then you can ask yourself whether you choose to always be in limitation and to keep rocking back and forth, getting a glimpse of the reality of unity and Love and then falling back in to the ego's perceptions of fear, scarcity and pain.

You can easily rise above this. All things seek their level. The moment you release the ego, your heart is your balloon in which you rise above the world, letting the current of the spirit carry you out beyond the world you have been programmed to live in. Then you are the dancing spirit, filled with ecstasy, alive in grace, drinking in the manna of Heaven and letting it nourish you in every atom of your being.

We are coming to the point, not only of no return, but the point of power for the shift in human perception. I need you to be articulate in the truth that consciousness with the heart is the creator of your reality. In one moment a shift in perception brings you a shift, instead of into the world, into the freedom of God as your reality -- as that which anchors you into the great omni-present experience of limitless freedom and Love.

Focus on the world and you are human. You are grappling with the conundrum of the ego, seeking to find doorways to your release, and yet continuing to believe in gravity. OR, with one flip, one shift of your perception through the heart, you can be the open heart of God diving into the infinite, drinking from the sun that warms all things and eating Love for nourishment, alive in a vibrancy of experience that nothing can limit in any way. Every moment is a bursting forth, a brand new experience of the holographic cosmos, and you are its witness as the perceiving heart of unity I AM.

Thus shall I help you practice making these shifts and noticing just how differently the heart and the ego see the world, and how effortlessly and easily you can become the heart of freedom. You can become the one who notices that there are no limits, rather than a human persona seeking for release, plodding along your path of awakening and believing in the drama of seeking for spiritual truth.

Spiritual truth is the very air you breathe. It is the prana that fires your every nerve and brings to you the taste of the living spirit through consciousness and heart, through the passionate exchange of the powerful movement that is the masculine and feminine, through the pulsation of My purpose to give forth All I Am and to ever be the experience of being based in this ecstasy of knowing there is always more Love.

More Love and more to love! More ways of the great illumined heart. As you take this truth within you and you become it, then as you walk the Earth you are My outreach as those rays of Light reach to illuminate every mind, every heart, to bring to life that inner inspiration and My continual guidance.

So this elixir of life as a gift from Me is on your tongue. Please swallow it. It fills your eyes and spirit and pours outward through your heart, until when it bursts free, at last, your whole world is shifted. You become the unlimited heart of God I Am and everything is fluid. There is nothing physical. Every moment pure joy is gifted to you that you might take it forth and accord each person's heart and see the truth pulsing beneath the illusion of the ego's game of blame, judgment and lies.

Oh, humanity... how long you have suffered because your ego wants to ground you, to keep you from flying free at all cost. Those of you whose hearts are opening and who come to Me in the silence, for many of you it is exactly the same thing. You are ready to burst free instantly, to become ecstatic life, to be the full experience of the Love I Am.

But your ego mind says, "Don't listen. Quick, you must entertain me. Let's read a book, a magazine, watch television. Let's engage in a great big drama of distress and unfulfilled needs. Let's look in the other pasture where the grass seems greener. Quickly. Quickly, now. Focus everywhere at once. Wanting this. Wanting that. Keep focusing on getting."

By doing this, the little mind that creates the human drama laughs, and knows itself assured of continued life as you buy into its message. But I Am here to knock upon the door of your heart, for the time is here for your heart to be winged. All that pulled each one of you into the weighty experience of life can fall away with a shift in perception.

The trajectory has turned. The path away from Me has ended. I draw you back ever closer to the living sun. You who understand this, that consciousness is all, that the heart is the producer of all experience, I need you awake and ready, holding out your hand for all the spiritual seekers to find a platform from which to launch into their freedom. You can assist them to fly free at last from the human drama, that all the millions of stories of seeking spiritual illumination can at last be ended and the heart become the only Reality.

You can practice this. I will show you how to walk among the hearts of men and women and to see right through the drama of the ego's world. You can move right past the lie of duality and see the sparkling truth that lives beneath the overlay of ego. As you make this choice, your vibration rises. Your heart becomes filled with upliftment.

When your choice becomes unshakeable, steady -- when you hold onto Me with all your being -- you will find yourself launched into a whole new Reality, a brand new experience of living in which I am ever present. My voice is always speaking within you and everything around you so that you live in a world of wonder, truly Heaven on Earth, absolutely vibrant, stunning and delicious. Every experience becomes one of the great spectrum of Light making everything an experience of radiance, joining.

Through it all, holding the center, is your Twin Flame heart that proves to you that I am always with you and you are surrounded with the company of Heaven. You discover that Heaven is in everyone, and only the perceptual shift is needed as a key to the passionate enjoyment of life. How amazing to live each moment completely free and joyous in the midst of a million-faceted conversation of the living spirit, in which all things have a voice that speaks deep within you and illuminates your heart to My presence within you and all around you in everything.

So, as you take for your example of the old ego limitations those experiences yet happening in the world today of anguish and distress or just human mediocrity - people rushing to and fro and filling up their ego minds to keep that little self occupied - while you walk within it, keep attuning to your heart. You will begin to see everything through heart perception and you will walk in the same world, eat the same food, take care of business, make money, but all of it will be different. All of this will be illumined by the open heart of God I Am and your experience will be bliss.

Please, beloved one, each of you, stop holding yourselves down and fly effortlessly to Me, keeping your focus only on the truth. Where you focus, that is where you dwell. As you come to cherish the focus of inclusiveness, the wholeness of Love is all around you and that supports you in everything you do. You will become the heart that transforms the human drama and I will love through you, I will love as you, with you. I will show you true perception, the mystery of every life unveiled, because the heart attends you through the great dance of Love that is the basis for everything.

But you must choose and ask Me. Place your focus on being aligned with what is Vertical, what is free of the limited life of the mind that continually divides all of life into past and future. As you step away from the old perceptions, I will sweep them out of your aura, your energy field. You will hear the Angels singing the movements of harmony, singing of grace and unity. You will no longer need to fill your mind or give it things to do to fight boredom. It will be filled instead with perfect Love, with endless Light and continual joy. I promise you won't miss the human drama.

Come and walk with Me. Let Me shift your focus from the dualistic world of confinement to the endless joyous world of Love, ready to come forth from within you as a gift, held always ready and waiting for you.



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