Accept the Gifts of Love

It is time to accept Love’s gifts and it is time, thus, to step into the New World, because what has been accomplished has been a shift in foundational heart’s beliefs. In opening to Love as you have raised your vibration and bathed your hearts again and again in the glory of My Love, for all humankind important heart’s beliefs have been opened, recognized and brought back to Love. Thus, does the light penetrate your entire being including life on Earth and all heart’s beliefs.

Most of all, the message is that, beloved ones, you are done, and you are ready to accept the gifts of Love. Therefore, all your attention now can be placed on what you are receiving and you have room in your heart, beloved ones, to hold this.

So, included in this experience is my Message – that as long as you focus on Love and you bathe yourself in Me, as you raise your vibration and release little mind, Love will take its course and bring to light all old heart’s beliefs on the planet and let them be transformed. You can always trust Love to be the transformer, for blessing the gifts, and to take you where you intend to go – back into your own perfection as the living heart of God.

So beloved ones, it is time for rejoicing and for the recognition that in these things that are now transformed beliefs, you will also discover the transformation of the last blocks to abundance and to truly receiving Love, as Twin Flames and directly from Me. In your heart’s new capacity to accept Real Love, this is also the capacity to give it in a Real and powerful way.

Beloved ones, I ask you to accept Love’s gifts now and every moment and to step into your body of light and your heart in the New World. You can know, beloved ones, deep in your heart that Love always prevails. There is always a sufficiency of Love for everything, for every transformation of every moment of every atom into Love. This pattern of light that you are experiencing that now reaches into your lungs, into your heart is a “V” for victory. You have overcome the world.

As you make this shift, beloveds, so many will be shifting with you, believing in the truth and the depths of Love’s promise by seeing what you have done. You shall be living in light forever, eating, drinking, breathing pure Love. Every moment now shall be the recognition that the bridge has indeed been carved, that you are standing on the side of the Real, reaching back to transform the world to Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and ask that You would fill us with Your glorious Love. God, connect our hearts together and create of us one magnificent heart through which You can pour Your Love to bless this precious world. Thank You for the gift of Your presence, the gift of Your Love and the gift of our ability to amplify that Love.

Beloved God, I offer my life, my voice, my heart and ask to be a crystal clear vehicle for this meditation tonight.

Let us begin, first by connecting all of our hearts together, feeling each other’s presence, feeling the Love, feeling the vortex that we create together through which the glorious rushing River of God’s living light, God’s Love is poured through us to wash this world. As we feel that Love pouring through our shared hearts, we do amplify it. In connection with our Twin Flame, we say “Yes” to Love, opening our hearts even wider, and amplifying God’s Love, every moment. It washes through us, even more Love, to bathe the world.

And now, let us also connect the breathing life of the whole and together, let’s let our breath out. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let all tension fall away from your body, and breathe in the light. As you breathe out, every atom of your body becomes a living light and the light pours forth to bless the world. Breathing in Love, amplifying it and breathing it out again. Breathing in Love, reaching upward to the Moment of Creation. Breathing Love out, pure and glorious. Breathing in God’s Love, breathing it out again.

Now, beloved ones, as you continue to breathe, place your focus on your heart. With every breath in, your heart opens wider and wider, that with every breath out, you are the Love. As you breathe in, feel your heart expanding, opening and saying “Yes.” Feel yourself, as you breathe out, as the opening to the Real. As you breathe in again, let your focus softly shift into the center of your glorious heart. And see there the pulsing life that is your homing beacon – that always and forever connects you to the Moment of Creation and to the living glorious heart beat of the All of Love we share.

Now, let yourself softly sink into your heart, that magnificent welcome gentle open heart of Love. As your focus shifts into your heart, you can feel yourself becoming open to the nuances of the living flow of Love, waking. Your heart, as you now, enter is a glorious and magnificent temple of crystalline beautiful energy that is the living “Yes” to Love. You are descended in the diamond light as it sparkles all around you. You are bathed in the purity of your own magnificent heart.

As you feel this crystal purity, I ask you now to take it in, to remember your clarity, your purity, your Love, how perfect you are, beloved one. Each of you, to Me. As we touch each other’s presence in the temple of your heart and you can see the great light pulsing, reflected in the crystal, bathing in magnificence in this clear diamond light, and now the light is lifting you, holding you suspended in purity and innocence and perfection and Love. You burst forth into the Real in a great explosion of Love and your heart is shouting, “Yes” as you embrace the Now Moment, and all the glory of your inheritance of this perfect life and glorious Love. You feel the Double Helix of your Twin Flame union opening, opening to the Moment of Creation.

It is opening now, beloved ones, to your relationship with Me. Your heart is wider now than the very living cosmos, and it is connected directly to this communion with Me. You can feel the one living breath of the All of Love we share, as the whole cosmos breathes in consciousness and energy and breathes out pure Love. As a part of this living whole, every moment you can feel Me. Let Me touch you in perfect communion as the one Love we are together, and as the gift of our relationship for all eternity, Creator and Creator, a living heart.

With every breath you remember the depth of our Love, how every atom of your vast being feeds on this communion, every moment of which is your nourishment, giving you life forever. Heart beat after heart beat, the Love I Am. One Love together is the great in-breath and the gift of relationship is the out-breath of Love and reflected to you perfectly as the symbol of our Love is your Twin Flame presence as a part of your being – one breath always shared, just as we share together.

Breathing in our unity. Breathing out our relationship. I Am the great communion of Love. As your great heart opens even wider, beloved one, please remember that you are always always growing in this great Love that we share, so I ask you now to open even more than you ever have into the glorious Now Moment, into the Love that we share.

First, into the silence, the great Holy Breath, and then into the explosion of relationship and joy. First, the silence, the oneness, the peace, the unity of All That Is. And the Love that we share, and then, the glorious explosion, consciousness awakening into the passionate remembrance of the dance of Love we share. Into the breath of the living whole, into the heart beat remembrance. That every Now Moment forever you receive your life from Me.

Expanding your heart again, I open you like a flower. We are joined and you are feeling the oneness. And now, the great explosion, rejoicing in the “Yes” as you recognize the miracle of relationship again and you see your Twin Flame before you with the eyes of the living spirit, the flames joined, the explosion, the relationship again.

Beloved one, you are held in perfect communion as a part of the in-breath and out-breath of All I Am. I ask you now to turn your focus to your own heart once again and to see there the flame that burns there in remembrance of the fires of Creation that we share. This fire is yours to use to amplify the Love, to allow this flame to expand your heart and the Twin Flame Love that you share. I ask you to place your passion, focus on the fire and amplify it, beloved one. Amplify this Love. Can you feel it burning higher as the passion rises and you remember that you are a living fire of the great Creator’s heart?

That which Love pours forth through you, you ignite together, creating something new every moment to the Twin Flame Love that you share. And now, open that glorious Twin Flame heart and feel the molten River of your Love, as it heats up the River of Life and brings your own light within it. You share with all Creation that special Love that you are, that intimate and unique communion of your glorious Twin Flame heart.

And you can feel that the Love pouring forth through your heart remembers. It remembers you and takes you forth to touch the living All of God. That which you are now spreads into the whole of Love and you are in conscious communion with all the Love you have created. Every Now Moment, forever, it speaks to your Twin Flame heart. Can you feel it? Throughout Creation, pulsing your own signature. Always elicits a response in your glorious heart.

Each Now Moment you are ever and always aware of the fruit of your Love. You can see now all the sparkling diamond presences that are the gift of your Love, spread throughout the living whole and still connected to your heart. Every moment you receive your light from Me, to embody the Moment of Creation, and you become the cosmic parent of your own creation. Those children of your Love are connected to you forever. You become a living partner, you become one with Love, you become My own consciousness and the relationship of Love.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, I ask you to turn your focus and very gently place it in the pocket of life on Earth while you remain completely connected to the great living whole, to the heart beat of the shared oneness and the relationship of Love. Reaching in to your own heart, you can feel the River flowing, the Love I Am being poured through you into the pocket of reversal. I ask you to become the parent of as many of Earth children as you possibly can. Please connect them with those diamond lights of Love that are your creation throughout the living whole.

As you become the conscious opening for the River of living Love, you can amplify Love’s remembrance in those hearts that you care for, those hearts that you choose to focus on and to amplify their Love. They become also the diamond lights that are part of your whole being – that with every Now Moment forever you deliver this River of Love and amplify their remembrance of their communion with Me through the doorway of your heart. You are the living opening into the Real of Love for all who now begin to remember the great breath of All That Is and the truth of only Love.

So with each pulse, each breath of the whole, as the Love comes through your Twin Flame heart, as you amplify and send it forth, you send it also into life on Earth to amplify the Love in all the hearts that you choose. Can you see those heart lights shining now? and feel your connection to them? Feel the vastness of your awareness, the power of your Twin Flame heart and the depth of your connection to the truth of only Love and to those hearts that now remember in the pocket of reversal, that Love is what is Real, amplified for them.

Feeling the great communion, the oneness that we share, you are lifting them into remembrance of this Love that we share and you can see through eyes of the spirit, feel with your glorious heart, the vibration of Love remembered, changing life on Earth. As you watch, as you continue to amplify the Love, you can see the light penetrate and change life in the world and those hearts that you have chosen and lifted are shining, shining like suns in remembrance. You lift them now into the Real and bring them their own connection to Me, that they too remember each moment that their life comes forth from Me forever.
They now remember that they too share this great communion with God I Am.

And now, beloved ones, holding in your heart this tender Love that we share as well as the great remembrance of the unity of Love, I ask you to shift your perspective and open up a great corridor of Love that encompasses your focus as your life on Earth, as well as the Real of Love. Feel our communion. Feel how we share each Now Moment. Feel the depth of your Love, the peace in your heart and your connection to the Moment of Creation completely open every Now with nothing interfering.

Receive your light and your identity from Me, beloved ones, and as you do so, know that your life in the world will be a reflection of this light. Your focus need only and ever be your connection with Me and receiving from the Moment of Creation that pure and perfect Love that is power as well as innocence, glorious crystal clarity. Now to your heart comes the great rush of Love pouring into the world. You remember that you are amplifying the great connection every Now Moment forever. Your focus is on the living spirit, on the Love we share.

As you breathe in, you are enfolded in the living whole. As you breathe out, you feel our communion and you rejoice in it again. Your heart now follows the River of Love out into the world and lights up the hearts of all the others and amplifies their Love. It is not only your own Love that you amplify, beloved ones. But with the power of your focus, your open heart and our communion, you amplify the Love in every heart, every heart and every consciousness in this whole world as it opens back into the Real of Love.

As you live in this deep communion, beloved ones, remember that your life in the world is a reflection of this Love that we share so your focus remains on the Real, dearest one, on the Moment of Creation itself and your life in the world will flow forth in perfect reflection of this.

You are the opening for Love to flow in to the pocket of reversal, and by your “Yes” you amplify every heart and open the world to the Real once again.



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