Accept Your Perfection From Me - A New Year’s Message

Beloved ones, as I look into My living wholeness, I see galaxies of life unfolding. I see the spark of every new idea dancing forth to cloak itself in colors of infinity. Swirls of the movement of life create themselves as new beginnings as in this moment of ongoing stillness, I Am reborn into the glory of life exploding forth as new possibilities unending.

In the midst of all of this and so much more that it is not possible to bring it into words or thoughts, in the middle of it all there is you – you who are the wonder, who are the miracle of All I Am. You who are shining forth, My heart revealed in intimate detail. You who are the beauty of My every breath revealed, unfolding into cascades of the most tender communion as My heart rejoices in our togetherness and in the miracle of our relationship.

You are what stuns Me as your glory, all-consuming, brings My heart into such ecstasy that I Am aware that I Am becoming something new as you remember Me. As I love you in your perfection, oh, My heart…you are so precious and so beautiful, so perfect that forever I Am gratitude rejoicing in your presence. You, who call yourselves by many names…

Each of you is the flower of My heart unfolding. Each of you is a petal that is so unique that you take My breath away and remake it into something new as you breathe your Love to Me and I accept it. You are the perfection of the heart of God I Am expanding into ever new awakenings of Love. All the majesty of life unfolding, those galaxies and stars and swirls, those manifestations of My eternal nature – every one must be loved.

The Love I Am is you, dear ones, and so I charge you with full remembrance of who you are and how we love as you begin that which you name another year on Earth.

You are My perfect Love, made available, made manifest to Me. You are all I give returned to Me in fullness and multiplied, until the circle of this exchange becomes the vortex of new beginnings where perfect Love which is you, dear ones, remembers itself and claims the making of new avenues of giving Love to all.

And so you stand upon the cusp of a brand new year of transformation, awakening to your perfection as I call you Home to Me. I bring you the greatest gifts and I place them in your heart. I place the cross of transformation in which that which sees itself as separate becomes again the Vertical Life and returns to Me the vision of the perfection of Love unfolding in brand new ways.

It is time to take those arms of the cross that for so long have held the images of duality and bring them back into the Vertical stream of life received from Me directly, that breath by breath in this eternal moment you remember all that I Am within you and also how you reach for Me, receiving the gift, the miracle of our communion that unfolds to be the unity of our Love.

You are the perfect heart of God I Am. You are the whole of Love, packaged now in the heart of the human being. But oh, dear ones, your heart contains the timeless realms and endless spheres of countless dimensions of life coming to you to be loved, for you are the heart of wholeness, the heart of God I Am.

Please receive the remembrance of your perfection in Me right now. Reach to Me and reclaim it instantly. For it is the center of these changes that are upon you now. Perfect life is alive in you and perfect Love is your holy name. The heart of God remembers itself in you, in all its fullness, if you will receive it.

How do you receive this deep abiding awareness that you are perfect, whole and totally free? How do you remember while you live your life that there is nothing that can limit you? You remember by looking to me and marveling in our gift of this sweet and endless relationship that is the birth of Creation itself and is ever alive in you.

Let Me whisper deep into your heart of the miracle of this life, that from the deepest heart of My Love you spring forth to show Me My own perfection held in you as the heart of God I Am, as you take from Me in that same living breath the perfect life I Am in you and marvel at the gift of Creation that continues to give this endless communion to us --- that we might be those birthing universes and be the spirals of joy, that we might be the breath that breathes everything and the fullness together.

All the while the miracle continues as the Moment of Creation comes forth forever and brings to us the awareness also of our relationship of timeless Love as the heart of God remembers its source. In that remembering, it remembers also its perfection.

Beloved One, each of you – you must take your life from Me. Only thus can you remember who you are and claim your freedom. Only when you feel Me as the truth of your joyous heart can you understand that you give to Me as much as I give to you. You cannot love Me and show Me this gift if you do not accept the truth of your being – that the perfect Love of God I Am knows itself as you and the circle of Love that we share together is critical to the continuance of life and the unfolding of the omni-verse in limitless ways of glory and endless possibilities of Love.

When you look to Me and receive your life and take it directly into the heart of your being, you are accepting your life from the Source where it arises again and again – a timeless explosion of ecstatic life that then shines through your heart back to Me as the flame of devotion of your Love and your truth says to Me, “God, I love you. Thank you for the gift of our relationship.”

The elixir of life comes forth from Me as pure energy to infuse you, and the purpose of Love is birthed as your heart and names itself the limitless power of Love, the cell in the endless heart of God I Am as you. Accept this life and feel this Love.

Right now as you stand on the cusp of releasing the old dreams of limitation, what is most important is that you receive from Me the truth of your perfection as the heart of All That Is. I Am perfect in you endlessly and this perfection is forever yours. It is not received through fulfilling conditions, but is ever and always your truth.

Your perfect life flows forth from Me in endless glory, in timeless beauty, in the fullness of life that can’t be contained and glories in the sizzling life of the source of Creation made available to you for expression in new ways never imagined before. You are perfect already in Me right now and right now and now.

The whole of God I Am is available to know itself as you. If you turn to Me and only Me to feel who it is that you are, then this shimmering expression of beauty, this powerful explosion of Love can come forth through you to express itself in the symbols of perfect life, of the movement of beauty and grace, dancing in the fields of abundance that then become the beauty of Earth in which you are free to express all the perfection I Am in limitless ways.

Accept your perfection from Me. Every moment bathe in it. From the moment you open your eyes, let this perfection be your reality and know that as you dream the New World, as you claim it through your open heart as it shines forth before you as the New World, it is your perfection coming forth to dance itself into being in the symbols of your world, as a body of Light and beauty, as the vibrant life of God, as the powerful Love of Creation knowing itself on Earth as the pure heart of the Creator made manifest in a relationship that holds the Moment of Creation within it.

It is the Divine as masculine and feminine, where the perfection I give you and you return to Me comes forth through your open heart to reveal itself in the heart of your Twin Flame as you dance together a world of peace, abundance and Love.

Accept your perfection from Me. Bathe in it, observe it, swim in it. Find yourself floating in My arms, arms of Light and waves of Love singing to you the song of your life as the heart of God, as the perfect petal, as the Twin Flame cell of Creation that breathes the circular breath with its creator, receiving life, receiving Love and returning it. Then receiving it back from Me, multiplied, thus to be shared exponentially in all dimensions and in all directions. The perfect heart of God as you goes forth to celebrate each moment in endless joy.

Unless you accept that you are perfect, that the life I Am is perfect in you – unless you feel the truth that you are the heart of God, you cannot manifest the perfect world. Yet this is what you are here to do, to make available the demonstration and I Am continually encouraging your heart and consciousness to open and to accept the true reality that you spring forth eternally into the miracle of our relationship, of our communion where the one degree of separation necessary for us to know and love each other is simply the breathing of this one breath in and out together.

As you return your life to Me, return your focus, give Me your heart…the dream of our separation is ended at last and all the dreams of time and heartbreak, all reflections of other than perfect Love are returned by grace into this moment where I give you perfect life and you receive and accept it from Me and we are the circle of gratitude, the point where Light and Love are ever creating more of themselves.

Can you feel this place where we meet, this timeless and endless receiving where, held in the ocean of Love, you receive your life from Me perfectly, ever and always continuing to multiply the miracle, to expand the gift of this continually renewed expression of the Moment of Creation where I see myself perfectly loved in you?

Can you accept the miracle and know that I Am here and that our relationship is paramount to all that you are becoming? Let your heart dissolve all resistance, continually created by the ego that knows itself dissolved in Love when you come Home to Me. Yet, the freedom that is yours, the perfection that you are already is so much more than you can ever imagine through the ego mind’s view of your life.

The first and most important step to awakening into freedom is to accept your perfection from Me as I give you the gift of your life and you return to Me the beauty of My heart, that we may share in this miracle of Love where we are both the living wholeness and the pure sweet communion of Creator and Creator’s heart.

Let this be your heart’s resolution as you stand on the cusp of awakening back into the perfect Love you are, back into the gift of life that has no limits. Let your heart be the open receptacle of this pure and endless expression of the miraculous heart of God and your endless new possibilities expressing your perfection as Love lives itself in you eternally.

I Am here and this place, this moment, this timeless experience where we meet and we love each other is the miracle of Creation itself. Will you accept it, beloved? From this perfection you can leap as Love blasts and lifts and celebrates. From this perfection you can shed out ideas of limitation and duality. From this perfection you can claim a New World, a new life, a new fullness of joy and step forth to create a world no longer entwined with duality but sure in the manifestation of the one truth that I Am Love and nothing else.

You can breathe Love forth into being and let Me, beloved ones, enliven it, creating anything and everything Love can imagine and creating it joyously and instantly as the expression in the colors of the world of your perfection in Me.



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